As far as I know, people are largely still Clowning around over this matter; they really love to dump their cultures on me all the time, especially in the night while I am on my Bed, as they work their evil spiritual powers with which they progress and get rich unsuccessfully except they are having other peoples money, which I cannot convince anybody is a work based oppression because there is something I am good at doing that I need to do for everybody and this has successfully helped them push me out of my studies, laden me with some psychological issues and targeted cultural abuses at me that will last forever because of what Publicities they have been creating for me thereof, which I can do nothing about since their powerful curses has clearly taken hold. All of which they did without provocation and for absolutely no reason but the extraction and having of new beauties (which is my own prognosis because of what I have actually seen come out of it). So they refused to do what is necessary to sort out the social issues associated with their academic work and career when they have graduated and not only pushed me out of my studies with this laziness and claims of ignorance, which is also violent but they are still fighting to grab my career, making out they own my life and if they fail use the entertainment industry to earn my own income. I worked out if this was so important, then I needed to write a book which helps them deal with matters of career and academia, which they have come to the deduction they need to abuse and therefore destroy my income and earning prospects as they batter my career with powers of the people and vandalisms they think they can work in places and from positions where they are safe from consequences over the years. So I have no idea what is strange to them about the fact I need to get back to University and this time without cultural violence, cultural filth and distraction, actually finish my studies which I am determined to have in a public University and get on with the rest of my career before they Clown around, especially now I am in danger of loosing my career because they control publicity, popularity and money, without respect for what copyright means and what I can do to them with it. Their parents; the instigators of these things as it were, are more concerned in any case, not about dealing with issues of career and academia for their kids, which they claimed was their responsibility, hence government aids and churns more and more of them fools out of Universities; they are more interested in making sure my career is spent on other people to have democratic revenge because I refused to be their slave.

 The way it all works in their eyes is to have things that need to be done to push me out of my studies with and when I fix these matters of academia and write the book about it, they make sure they never buy it but instead choose to have the future I should have been having now that they have their degrees first, as instructed by their parents who made it quite clear they do not need my help as they are planning to fix matters of academia for their kids by themselves but so far have rather come through with a habit of using my work without paying for it (and have gone further to organise a social peer based way of getting copies of it to read without buying it, which poses huge security problems for me as well), while attacking my customers to ensure no body buys the books (whatever this was suppose to achieve); so civil liberties they say.

 People naturally feel that once they have brought up the issue of limits to what they can achieve they will watch all the arguments of those who resist being oppressed by modernisation fall apart completely but in actual fact it does not; there is a limit to what people can achieve in the United Kingdom (and I am one of the most notorious individuals for enforcing that way across to the West and the Far East) because it is all a factor of new democracies built out of other peoples' personal lives, which is now being followed on with a scrarmble for peoples personal lives in order to make sure if they cannot have money made from it such persons cannot have a personal life too, as those they had on standby for the purpose now claim those personal lives belonged to them (the only difference being that of recent they do after I had gotten them to build up all that world wide publicity on claims they act the way they do because I abuse their personal lives; so no body knows which is which any more now).

It is what happens when people apply their secrete society powers to abuse other peoples human rights temporarily, which they feel is something they deserve and thus did to me hence I acted on the matter, which they do over a period of years without paying for the service before or after getting rich with it (so we can know there is human rights when they are the ones demanding it if and when they have, otherwise assume in their world there is none).

98% of what an average person thinks about is that they will wake in the Morning and do all the tasks they need, some do 'the school run' for their children and get to work, 98% of what these fame seeking television hugging fools think about when they wake in the Morning is that they are going to have a bath, get dressed and go out and grab other peoples things; they act this way because they belong in violent gangs and really really love asking the kids to do stuff until it gets to that point where it becomes some kind of bullying that cannot be undone, the millionaire versions of them who are millionaires by obvious means, cannot stop buying and driving around expensive cars, talking nonsense on public media at just about anybody, if they do not own a media franchise themselves that is. Some times you end up empathising with them and thus creating ideas which suggest they are doing a good thing but even if you do, it is never enough. There is no such thing as arguments from anybody falling apart over the matter of limits to what people can achieve.

I for example know about how people limit themselves by living in the caves of culture in order to avoid them and when they have been trapped by these same people, it is my securities that provides them a means to making a living; which does not end there because these people are managing their lives, integrating into their communities to bully me with civil right struggles and work based oppressions and use my own fame, income and securities to hurt me as well, getting better off than I am with my own income all together.

So from my point of view it is not a matter of stupid Political threats they make but a matter of what they are going to do about it now that I dispatch society-especially the secrete societies for which those who do things like I do must die, culture and community relations and sometimes do for a living, in order to raise that question itself.
So is it obvious that they always think that when they have their hateful faithless fascist arguments they present with the help of public media at that person that is some fabled and mystical creature that they like to pick a fight with, who does not even know their names, with which they make money at my expense, which prompted me to do it in the first place, then they have reached and achieved all the power they can possibly have but does not end up impressing me at all.

They really believe that the way to grab all I own is to get me to work for the government with it after which they conduct a revolution. Of course I know that if you attack people's secrete societies you will die. It is the reason I attack it (to ask the question of who the hell they think they are?). There is no such things as arguments made as to why there must be limits to what people can achieve falling apart when they raise their civil rights and freedom issues. 

 In the end their revolution would have been successful so I find another job to do with my holdings and property but they had decided they will keep my holding and property, while having a revolution anyway, so that I can understand it as the revolution of irresponsible fools. I do wonder if they feel they have not made their point.