There are  few facts to consider when constitutional Changes to the House of Lords is considered, since we obviously have a condition here where the word constitution is not too big for some people to play around with, on account they think Politicians are not people-idiots to be precise, because having become Politicians they have become mystical creatures.

I am one of the most powerful members of the British Establishment and am a third Generation Royal, there is no point making up stories about beating up the kids while people are doing what I want them to do for a larger proportion of the time.

We all know there are Royalty from over seas; third world and developing countries in fact which have affiliations to Her Majesty’s Government, we also know that Labour Party MPs have been going to the native countries of these Royals to get titles by which they make the promises by which they return here to abolish the House of Lords for example; this they suppose will mean I had suddenly become African and therefore understand the kind of respect that young people are forced to give older people in under developed countries and developing countries, especially when it comes to Royal issues, hence know deep inside of me something I should be doing which creates a start-off fear inside of me for them but even if I did, I clearly do have a space in my heart for them; drawing a sword calls for trouble, carrying am empty sheath has exactly the same effect and of course while you are planning your war, your affairs is not the business of the enemy you are trying to kill. If old idiots want argumentations instead of laws, they should remember who will retire first and that having been a third generation Royal and they have decided the future should involve a process where others work and those in power take, they should be able to see by now that their insolent kids have spent their share already and next will be our turn.

As for black girls always making claims they know me, it has always been a matter I should well ignore lest I push myself into doing something really horrible because the outcome was supposed to be castration through homosexuality or having sex with them in order to throw away my life. They always make out this idea it is the corruptions associated with the Queens leadership, I on the other hand fail to see what it has to do with sleeping with their insolent parents and then chasing me all over the place with it for embarrassments which chase away my friends and make me poor to be abused, laced with insults that are difficult to deal with and another once one has been dealt with, that is laden on the previous. They never learn you see; at the moment what we are dealing with has something to do with idiots that are always suffering pain that makes no sense talking rubbish and naming important people their "great servants" who are too dominant so they are vulnerable to little things except their personally chosen MPs of course, after which we will move onto the matter of why Banks are not lending and it is at that point that all that black people bigotry will be harvested. The media ones are just the ones I like so much and even love to create a relationship with for my own fame because left or right their own works all the time and in any situation and of course if they made all the others like themselves, it would be good for the prosperity of the Nation all together, which I am still looking into as an option (for them presenters it seems only violence will do over the matter of insulting, goading and heaping on me). Yes they claim they have won as per more money for developing countries but I fail to see what they have won when all the money for developing countries was based on making them make money with those stupid evil cultures of theirs, which does not mean they will not be holding down the land for everybody never the less.