The current government is not the problem in the NHS either. Yes it is bad policy to create more competition into the NHS but which is the lesser of the two evils in a world where you must end up with a problem if you have a situation that has no name because a socialist Party with quite a large following, has been creating problems to make itself necessary? We all know that for every fixed [problem in a country the new system that emerges comes with its own problem, so have we always known about the problems associated with Politicians that create problems to make themselves necessary, why don’t we ever say something about it?

For my part the reason they got into trouble doing it on my career and finances was that they could not have enough of mentioning it along with claims I have been violated along the lines of sex. After they escaped what I had done to them, carried on further to start again claiming its about integration and now having been where they are today want to set it out along economic lines, which I am expecting them to make too much noise about in public as well.

So if they claim mentioning these things mean they have won a great victory we must assume they are squaring for a fight and so the way to it will be competition into every public service in the country because 70% of its workers now owe loyalties to Labour because some 35% that owed loyalties to all the other parties had been carefully dislodged from their posts in the lat 6 years or so. Otherwise they shut it for now and let people do their jobs along the lines of choosing the lesser evil of the two, of going into office on the day to give orders to members of another self harming party and getting them to obey it.

They can ask the electorate when the next one comes up I am not the right person to ask.

It is an old question; do they have a job for life in the civil service? For which answer is no. And how come then they have gone off to ensure majority of its employees belong to their party? They obviously don’t know, they are just looking for power.

The ace card so to speak for the NHS is supposed to be that bearing in mind it is a Monopoly, it should be able to play the advantage of having the most secure jobs in the medical profession, even though its pay package is about average; medical workers understand this perfectly and that they are fighting for the NHS is the extent of the perversions we have going on there. The fact as it stands is that the Labour Party has destroyed this with its quangoes and managers who take home above £300, 000.00 PA; instead of about £90-120,000.00 befitting of the most secure jobs in the medical profession in the country, which but for an act of misconduct on your part leads to changes only in the direction of promotion and higher pay or even more rewarding roles, based on your choice to accept or reject appointment when you are given them. Hence in a world where it is better to have a problem than to have a situation which has no name, it is clear that there isn’t one answer to the problem.

They tell me I speak of a world where it is better to have a problem than a situation which has no name but wreck people’s society and therefore guilty of doing the same things; whereas the truth is that what is really happening is that an Arch Prince is having his Human rights abused by Politicians. What do they suppose I am meant to do, go to the International community or make sure I over work the men, use the women as shrine for wealth and glory and make sure the kids are always in one fight or another; Bloody clowns.

What do they mean by getting help from my parents and back ground to gain access to my private income, which will then be passed around the blocks and blocks of men who will determine what it should be used for, while the delay for me is kept up forever? They were always going to back it up at some point anyway.