Those who make such claims are the ones that are always in a sport of separating me from my income and then from my own world with distractions and calls to violence and the ability to get anywhere with media and Politics, as they show that their women and their stupid children squandering all I own relentlessly is invincible and also something I fear deeply, in order to exasperate me with media as well, which of course is destructive to my health but means they can claim to be superior when they are finished. It is the sort of corruption they will take time off other peoples' lives in years to ruin them financially so that they can extract and abuse them to enjoy and it is never a function of offending them;-in fact the more innocent the better; making me live my filial responsibilities out on public and if I don't create perceptions of it on public media everyday without regard for my privacy, while they want more human rights. Of course these things do not happen to everybody, I am not stupid as well-I know when I am being persecuted by very evil people whose evil I had completely destroyed, such that it is difficult for people to believe they are evil any more.
They expected it anyway seeing I was never trapped by the world through my faith but needed to be seen doing something daring, as though no body knew they are Cowards who are afraid of the truth. So when they see people find it difficult to believe they are evil, they must be laughing their heads off after being enabled by their evil Politicians to.  

I hear them claim I am a communist-I know it is a prelude to what kinds of evil discriminative corruptions they can carve out from there recently, I am not a communist: I destroyed all and every single structure of their wickedness that I can no longer tolerate; My financial circumstance, the state of my Academic work, the state of my career and people copying my work for perversions instead of buying and reading my books, the state of my Country's civil service is evidence as to why did; I am not their equal and they should not seek nor should they be trying to have sex with me or turn me into some kind of shrine for wealth and glory.

After destroying every single structure of their wickedness and every idea and ideology of it in order to create my writing career, their evils have now become something that only I understand, so even if I tell people they are Satanic no body would believe me; first because I am in charge and then because they do not look so dangerous enough for people to be bothered with because I am. I like them this way too, so that I can hurt them to determine the future of the Country because they can never stop practicing their sadomasochism, Satanism and sociopathic trappings of power with my body and with my income, my health and my sex, at me as though these things belonged to them, boasting about power thereof on public media and any means they can through Politics. As I mentioned in other instances, only violence will do as it were.

Now we have reached the part where each time the rest of the Population who use by books without buying them (you know after fighting for all those freedoms of society, I can now never tell the evils unto rest because the people like my work on account they prefer to use my books without buying it or love to delay all chances of its success to exasperate me and make excuses, that there might be no truth-as though I am stupid as well and then thereafter get some Political idiot to force me to do something about the violence that such nonsense creates), which they do because their girls are invincible. I spend their law because they clearly do not want any.

These things do not make me communist. After all I cannot stop their media and Political sodomy based insults with my body all the time-which sodomy they do on me or get such feelings without my consent when I am a Christian, then go off to seek more rights from Politics based on it to provoke me in such conditions as I can do nothing about it, which I know will gradually lead to disrespects that end up with disrespects for my right to live; they are just too familiar and too insulting to improve their chances of survival. I personally wish to find out how deep their insolent (big mouth) rabbit hole goes. 

What we are doing these days is a process where each time people tell me they hate me because I am a Prince, then spend my income on themselves, they say good bye to fame and fortune and this will get serious enough to affect those idiots of theirs who control the industry and send out threatening nonsense get rich quick insolence at me all the time before it stops.

I will not be the first person to suffer abuse and wrath from them because they want to be rich in this life but I will probably be the one they will fear to the point of making a written history out of it.