All it is about is ageist idiots supported by Officials of the United States of America rampaging around the world grabbing other peoples earnings and seeking new beauties for their part as well. I on the other hand make my money without having to join a secrete gang so they always seem to want mine all the time. 

"We will hold you down somewhere by rounding you up over a period of years and then because of our desire to climb the social ladder using you, we will ensure we insult you on a daily basis to ensure you are attractive to fascists on the premise there is something they can get from hurting you because their life is fucked" in order to deal with rejection from you and so far I have not messed theirs and their Politicians badly enough yet-even thought they talk nonsense on public media all the time, especially over the getting involved with my stupid evil mother and her black men that does not want to find her level yet bit; personally of which I still think there is little damage I can do for it is the latest bragging from them anyway. 

However I think I have been clear about the fact that the day I will do my worst is when I walk into a News room and beat up a stupid reporter anyway so this is nothing but me getting by.

They are always making some money by hurting people, which they cannot account for; next they think they will start a fight with those who build an empire without joining a gang and win somewhere in hell, courting problems to every aspect of my life in a condition where I can do nothing about them all the time.

Just because they can claim people are stealing from their history to get rich, which they think really scares people does not mean they can make such noise, we have been there before-them their insolent women and me; the one about stopping people getting inspired by my work while stopping me earning from it, which Americans help them with then complain soon enough for, and keeping my confidence to write my books making sure no body has ever done anything like it anyway as well altogether, without falling for such gimmicks either through my Christian faith or any other means and their games with the State of Israel.

I think they understand me when I say they come to this country to eat the most exotic foods and chew the most exotic snacks, then sleep with girls and unleash fascist idiots on others and think they will go from thieving middle class to stealing my fame or indeed Royal Estate.
Of course for most of the time it is about having problems in their offices and then picking on me to get by; so when they say I cannot protect my income from them what they mean is that they have got a person Jesus in their backyard to persecute in order to please the evils of the world and have promotions in the work place and so on. The reason I react to it is because of that idea of getting away with hurting an important person with which to feel good and confident and I have no idea what Washington and Westminster feels is not possible to take revenge for on this.

It is written when a person is saved from a demon and they keep themselves open for it, when the demon returns it does many times as powerful and returns with 7 others as well. So why do they get involved with me when they are not yet prepared to make commitments towards salvation? It is not as if they can deny God exists these days any more, since when they attack me they get punished for it by the God that does not exist.
When I avoid them so my life does not affect them in a positive way that they can then blame me for because they did not ask for it, then destroy mine with their problems, they think they have won.

This is what it has come to; becoming familiar for the purpose of hurting me because their wickedness cannot do it by itself, claiming it is a matter of making me fight for people, as the man who occupies an office where he can be made to do things for others, and when they physically make sure it happens they will be punished by the same God they claim does not exist for it. 
The issue here is that it has moved to setting me up in order to do it with my income as if I was born yesterday. 

They think I write a book while they play democrat /republicans games in the US and I told you what to do in the UK, then I use their ISBN for it and put it down as published by them, which means that they have become my business associates because their stupidities continues to extend and extend, with a habit for getting on the media and spending absolutely everything I do anywhere for any reason on themselves-using stupid girls they are certain will get away with it unless I offend God with sex.
It is still the same old I don’t believe in God but since this guy wants to be good guy, then good must run in his blood so everybody can make use of it as if this is their own life routine and some of them are no more than tramps.

I mean these people have my books and no matter how much they attack it cannot take it apart, what they are doing instead is gather little facts about me with which they can betray me and be friends with rich people, like stupid Americans. Now the problem has progressed to the issues associated with following me around everywhere I go with notions I have become their property, which started with notions I have become their associate because they are trying to make sure they have what I have as well while making sure I don't have it all together with a big mouth (something I knew will emerge from all that excuses people make about how good it is for them to destroy my life because they love me and want to look after me, which they no longer want to suffer for with as I say a big mouth since there is anything they can do), something they will soon have to live up to once it gets out of hand.

The fight for everybody nonsense is just the insults they need to do those their stupid evil filthy witchcraft nonsense of "hurting you is happening and everybody can see but the only person that know it is you and I" rubbish, which Politicians seem to think they have some kind of organised right to move into my life to do, except I want to get them out and hand that kind of life to the leaders who clearly deserve it with a big mouth, supported only by filthy society scum they have used and dumped in the past.

I just want to earn from my books not have a Royal estate and get told by idiots I have everything and so it is time for someone else to have something too, which seems to have become a new story to them for the purpose of keeping em cash strapped while making me famous for having everything and the problem here is that they are not doing it on their own money but on mine; hence I clearly cannot defend my income as it were.

They are not my boss of course as the Queen of the United Kingdom is-none else will give me any kind of security or monetary payment-the problem with them is that each time I do something about the evils of society, I rely on the fact I am gathered to aid me along the path of creating the securities I sell and it is what they love to climb up on public places and spend very quickly mocking me and asking for more on a daily basis. So when we get to the point where they begin to tell me I flatter businesses and expect to get rich from it because it is good for their confidence, it is obvious my world has gone to hell at their hands and it is always where people cannot go home and move on;  but we need not a matter of extensive education on the matter American idiots and their friends here in the UK always feel they are invincible; their latest game of which involves crowding my life with enemies I can attack all the time and then as time progresses forget some of them making myself more vulnerable in the process, while they find ways of tightening some strange noose on power they do not have over other peoples property based on stupid society based kindred population power.

One such stupid excuse that annoys me so much is claims I am in some kind of competition with them for being good at what I do, hence always some trick by which I have my work attacked because of that and always some competition in a place where they can be famous; I as I said just want to earn from my own job not get told I have had everything and somebody else will have the money.
There is no friend bashing issue involved here; I have two structures in question-one of them is my printers and distributors with whom I have programmes to work with where I get my books sold and the pattern of work identical to me is that I sell my books on line and so therefore we know our biggest problem is vcelebrity writers who most likely have no reason to write anything, The other is here where I put files from my Office on the Internet: none of it concerned them and it is still not clear where they got involved and in terms of the media, I did not ask those to take up a top job anyway besides which they do not share their salary with me and I have been clear I have done nothing to hurt them and my so called worst would be when I walk into a new room and severely beat up a stupid reporter.