The claim I hear made all the time by some very insolent Liberal people who claim they want to be me in order to fulfil the dreams I was sent into the world to support have been experiencing threats from me, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that they show up with those insults and threats and I put my response up on the internet to ensure they were paying the Bills for the Royal Public image they love to show up here to handle abusively – besides which each time I indicate I want to be a threat to them by selling culture and society for a living, knowing all they can do is kill people, to improve my chances to shooting their brain as well, they generally do nothing about it. we see the same with the Muslims; they will never pick up their popular culture and other issues and get on with it without making sure I am intensely uncomfortable and yet I am not related to them and have no relationship with them, in fact there is no link between how they live and how I exist, it so therefore becomes a question of why it is they cannot pick up the one that gets to their heads and get on with it without bothering me.

They always speak of the Political support that they have for these behaviour but they have no Political support that is likely to scare me; what happens is that they are certain the Politicians will always support their stupidities and that is why they never think of the consequences of ripping up people’s lives and spending so much time on it that they have done nothing to better themselves all together with a finger up my bum talking nonsense about how much its stupidities has secured it’s foolish future – the outcome being that there is always a declaration that they are in league with somebody that can harm me physically, it becomes obvious that they are spending their time pouring money into organised crime. So how this plays out for the Politicians is one of building warehouses they do not have time to work on, with their Politicians salary they say is not enough for them to deal with nonsense that people who have the skin colour I have create while I have a good life and then somebody shows up to hurt my bottom all the time in order to make it profitable, as for the threats, there is really nothing that they can do about me as we are all aware the Liberals never stop these sorts of stupidities until the Nation is borrowing money from overseas to feed its citizens, so it goes without saying when I do not want them to have the economic separatism that allows them a head start on making money with blabbing about freedom which then gets to their heads even further because the government is expecting the younger adults to innovate and create means to enriching the country while they are spending their time destroying that to make a point about their relevance, mine will suit me just as well as their big liberal mouths shows up here all the time because they have been putting money into organised crime. That said, my position is still that I want the terrorists and organised criminals to do it where the Celebrity culture is so we can see what is really going on and this position has not changed, so their insults fit in quite well and suits them thus – in the end, I have not given them permission to handle my Books and a continued process of doing so will be their undoing.

I do get told when I say I am doing nothing about them throwing money at organised crime because people simply love to take advantage of those whose wellbeing has been affected by criminal activity, so when these low lives do celebrity culture to buy the latest expensive clothes by which they build themselves a Public profile which helps them kill off the fact they are losers and others are always doing what they boast about better than they do, while they can never stop telling people how to behave towards mothers, we find that they are able to deploy such a disposition for the purpose of public influence; so it is important to me not to do anything about support that organised crime gets from them so they might tell me I can achieve whatever I like but when it comes to it the need for the general public to feel safe through private security means somebody can take it from it and hand it to others – it does suit them well; as for the questions people have about this matter, I do not work for others, I am in the service of the Queen, they do not get to tell me what to do.

We all know it will lead to the same outcome that has come along frequently these days i.e. it will tell me I have no right to earn a living until I am doing something to either tackle the crimes its stupid bad children will engage in or am doing something to plead with them to refrain from it and then when I do its own as well, the absurdities it levies on people which keeps people out of work and costs the government money to maintain while they get their liberal sex will tend to mean that in a short while the badly behaved children want to teach me lessons by going off to the armed services to do the part I should have been doing and the better behaved children will want to get into it to take revenge on them and they will be the ones getting in to prevent all that and then we will find them get shot at by the enemy fighting my battles at a limit thereof.; my point being that they can support all the organised criminals they want especially when they are celebrities but it is quite serious that I have not given them permission to handle my Books, now have they ever shown where they had established a link between ripping up my Books and the money they have placed somewhere as a form of leverage that lets them influence people, relying on me not to do anything about it, an assumption I am probably as stupid as they are.

They do say it’s a matter of the power and influence of American Politics but this does not bother me in anyway as I am always having to deal with the insults of Multiracial Liberal America who appear to be in dire need of seeing me respond by taking away from them everything that supports the theory in their heads that they were important – point being that since the insults had started affecting my finances they were spending my time on it and it seems that when I get them spending more of their time on the job and family instead of me along with those lies they love to tell, I will have been performing a Public service that was generally preferable for the economy that I did; far to point out they are dealing with an equally destructive individual which their stupidities have not had as well calculated as they suppose that it has, relying on me to do nothing when they damage my Books as if that is what their human and civil rights actually look like. So it feeds into this case where they say my actions show I intend to betray my race in high places but I don’t mind the race Politics, after all they do say my Political allies in the US are losing but everybody else can see Mr Trump has spent time trying to correct the mess Obama made by being such a divisive figure who set up means through which social goons from the ethnic minorities can screw up the lives and property of hard working Americans are means of getting rich through Popular culture in order to facilitate wealth distribution, this also means that Mr Trump has not been doing the same thing with his White people Politics thing and the Democrats have come to build this insults on media that adds up to their insanity being the place people want to be thing that lets them do well at the polls – for my part, I am not allowed to deal with Politics but I certainly do not support the get people paying £4,000 to hear you speak while collecting a presidents Salary at the White House Mr Obama. So it’s still a case of democrats setting up their money as leverage to control an Arch Prince that was their mate which does not mean I do not have the right to dish out punishment when they had come to link it with processes of handling my Books to do some actual damage that they then rely on me to do nothing about until they had achieved their aims. The race Politics is still the one they cannot do very well, so when I start they soon get themselves killed by racists to show me I should be sharing what I have since somebody becomes an angry vengeful racist but a black idiot will not stop getting all over my public image to make a mess of something he is doing to earn a living; eventually their communities show up on my case to make me share and it has never really worked while I have since grown younger and stupid all together; in a wider sense it will still be an old story where the American ones speak of the size of their army but have not yet worked out what they want to do with it and it will soon lead to a case where they dish it up and I will be the one making them absorb it as well, the theory always being that I will not get away with it while history has shown time and again that this will not be the case.

When this nonsense started about a decade ago it was about telling me they would like me to become some possessed child that hung up under their desk telling their fortunes, so when I am told to express something of my candid view of them I have no idea what people want as there is no hatred here for them whatsoever, just some very twisted evil scum who are really good at harming themselves, if allowed to play with Government buildings will harm whole Nations as well; here the way it plays out is that they always want to show me that I am not in charge by mocking everything I do which is below the business of working for Government, below the business of making compromises as a Politician, below the business of running a Government and below the business of being a social acceptable personality, time again the outcome is that they soon pretend the organised crime violence that engulfs them tends to suggest I have a crisis on my hands to deal with, which I have no wish to discuss as I do not have a comedians career but they have been explaining their insanity away as something linked to my Public image as insultingly to ensure the general public gets to make sense of it; so having explained their position clearly through media and popular culture, that I will end up in a difficult position if I pointed out they were bloody idiots, they had since become quite convinced that it is what reality is to become – however going through such lengths to show me I am not in charge should have settled the matter, I have not given them permission to handle my Books and wish to see less of their stupidities show up around my engagements, I have no plans to support people simply because they have the same skin colour as I do. I have instability issues to concern myself with when I get the stuck in the cycle of job and family as every other practical joke is about an ego about which I am paying the price, it does seem that they will not stop tackling my finances which shows they are spending my time to facilitate their own stupidities, expecting me to respond so they might learn trade secrets and make their insolence profitable until I had tackled it so I might control their stupid lives for them if they cannot control it themselves.

It’s an old story we find exist at the heart of this case where they need to get everybody giving up secrets on how the discriminative decisions that are made at Government buildings are created and yet we know the insults and abuses wrecks careers and finances and the lowest earner in the Country like here in the UK pays about £4,000, in taxes, which the government loses so they might have their fun – at some stage which we find that the need of a Government to work in agreement with a municipal society soon becomes overwhelming and then we find them express their stupid superiority in the sense that their health was not affected by the existence of criminal activity since they were a part of it all along; but this is how Government decide they need to tackle some National enemy to pay back some of the losses for instance and then we find them claim that there is racism that forces black people to work in the Military. For the time being however they are at the pinnacle of their abilities when it comes to their terrible upbringing and the hatred of any process by which anything gets to depend upon them as well. they always tell me my main problem is money but it isn’t; they always damage my property and rely on me to do nothing about it while I regularly gets nasty surprises from them which says they have put up some money leverage somewhere and wish to be rich and famous at my expense – soon they end up in my accounting spreadsheet and start to complain I have taken the whole world from them because I am trying to sell Books and it is yet another easy route to riches and fame that I need to share; so it does make sense of those case where somebody has to be responsible for the fact their bottom hurts since it is obvious that when it comes to the fact they will break any rules to get rich quick, in the end when people have had enough of the Liberals and the Democrats, it’s always all about the little things.

I do get told that I say what I say but am still in agreement with the Liberals and Democrats, which I am not; what happens is that they have built up this nonsense that concerns the power their money will have over me like we were married and divorced and are talking each other up in Town, shooting off insults at me all day long; so the media needs to stop giving them a platform, the media is as much in the information business as I am, the media needs to realise I will never stop supplying them facts about claiming people who roll their eyes, look left and right over everything I do, pass an insult and try to build a crowd that will help them own my public image are in any way affiliated to me, one day I will end up supplying the facts which take their jobs from them and then it will stop hopefully. The rest of their activities are mainly a case of the fact that we live in a loose society now because of them, it means that we can no longer tell which ones are bad jobs just by looking at it and while it is exclusively the business of the Police to question peoples jobs, some people have appointed themselves to get on Media and do it for the Country, I just do not want to tolerate any more of their stupidities blabbing nonsense at me all the time as well. They love to speak of what I had lost at the Monarchy while reality is rather a case of my position as somebody who wants to see the lower classes get involved with Military and Armed services matters, meaning that they think when they had run a course and fought our battles right up to the point where they have been fighting HM battles as well, I will not be able to create a new one; it’s an old story – people are stupid, must not be allowed to build handmade toys which are really quite expensive by the way, it’s only clever when it builds tanks in World War two and in my case it’s a matter of looking like a character that wants to see Big Brothers and Big Sisters stuck up with War all the time and I do not see why not for my part anyway; since its hands are always up peoples bums while it clings to peoples income, in fact I have the singular issue with my Publishers which is to do with an understanding there are other Books I have drafted and they want to have access to the entire range but they have turned it into a case of who is facilitating me and what it will cost so they might have that thing that is rare and comes from history to peddle and get rich quick by and can make war on when I refuse to give it to them. 

So I am said to have come to clear understanding of how discrimination works but this is not discrimination, it’s about people meddling with my income by wanting to get rich with my work,  coming up with tricks and lies that ensure the damage was already done by the time I act; so apparently it’s what happens when one trifles with the lives of Celebrities but then again the theory was always that as they made more money the distance between me and them widens – it has not this time because they really want to push me down and step on me so to speak and this is what they are complaining about too; I am ended up like a character that was operated upon without anaesthetics while I was never ill, full of the social change experiences that these gimmicks ensure had become a main memory for me, what they are worried about is that I plan to spend everything they thought they could take from it to share it where they were busy getting famous – people can get famous on such memories but know how to create one, which is incredibly sad.

So eventually I get told that I keep saying they facilitate organised crime but I have; they buy Cocaine and Cannabis and Opium like their lives depend on it at Hollywood and set out those stupid girls they have sex with to show up all over my concerns and make my earning prospects toxic – those who have invested in these things want to keep the investments profitable and those who consume it want to ensure they got their fix, the need to get off their concerns and extract the money from me generally means that my finances have been affected and they are making use of my time which is completely unacceptable but it is the Media that has failed to understand they have no business with me that is about to get their own part in the consumption of these organised crime products resolved when I supply facts that contradict their claims about what I am doing which I have to clear out every day, set out in such a way that they lose the jobs in the process.

They do speak of corrupt Armed Forces people that I am unaware of but it’s an old case as such that we have Soldiers who get into the Armed services and had decided they were too young to die anyway, so their main thing is self-advancement; however the reasons my bottom hurts all the time because these things are happening in such professions in the meddling of Politicians and Media and Celebrities. So it’s never really a bad thing in terms of setting out those processes that allow them get about chasing damsels in distress when they are not on duty especially when the same Hollywood give up realities in which these women carry around the British Flag for nothing, the disadvantage is the strange sexual behaviour that facilitates the lifestyle and how sloppiness caused by involvement of Celebrities and politicians and Media can ensure one is aware they are doing those things which is what hurts because one is left on a high chair to observe one’s own pleasure in something that looks like some kind of Coven for the purpose, we can see the same people are complaining all the time but have no wish to stop it, it appears to have been their version of ambitiousness and social advancement, so it’s pointless discussing it, I only need point out the disadvantage of their behaviour too. It’s never a matter of corruption like they claim, it has nothing to do with my Office, it’s just a process of having found I am able to support them at such things and then doing it. Apparently the Meddlers have left me with another couple of years work to get what I am doing on social media on account they built me a history of insults that means my Book sales have been affected and I needed to acquire more control; so I have to start again, broker some equities and wait for people to develop that before we end up with a business relationship and then a process where I start to earn a living and it’s such a bad time for it leaving me angry all the time. Now they say that we are where we are because I make out I can handle Media and Celebrities, but facts are showing that I cannot. The reality of course is that no such nonsense is the reason we are where we are, we are where we are because the main problem I face is Homosexuals, City workers and Society goons, so they appear to have this need to be educated about keeping off Books I have written and not given them permission to handle and they already have a business of complaining about me all the time to refer to as a sign of what could happen if it got worse. The case naturally is that when I say it, they will then claim I am being discriminative but when they boast in such ways and show up to handle my property to rely on me not to do anything about it until they had achieved some process of dominating me, the question becomes whether Homosexuals, City centre workers and Society goons really are the problem after all. I mean it will just show up from nowhere to play practical jokes on me because it is homosexual and the City centre worker will get off and handle me on its behalf while chasing its bottom to make it give up the Public image and engage in homosexual activity instead, so the Society ones want to band with them instead of make enemies with them and have this need to ensure everything I do in my personal life is out there as the means by which they get around city centre underbelly, chasing my bottom to make me smell and have homosexual sex like the homosexuals and there has been no real reason for it save the claim they make that their problems and need to get rich is greater than everybody else’s priorities and they will break any rules to make it happen. My one rule which consequences they are always complaining about here is that it will not wash that while they are doing this somebody else has to pay some hard-earned cash for the Books I have written.

The origin is still the same as ever Hollywood wants to find sources of income that lets it enjoy its life of excess and access to organised crime products, so it has surrounded by writing career with a history of insults and while these goons had picked it up as well and the result is that I have not earned from my Book since 2013, they have not forfeited their salary in a single year since that time; but then again which it is a very vicious thing to do knowing what happens to self-employed people is that whilst you have not yet been paid for a job that you have completed, you had already taken up another one – so when Liberal America makes out my Books to be the stage for the next war that America will engage in and loves to show up here to cling to Royal property that will let it peddle some ancient history and get rich quick talking nonsense about how I work for them, I am sure they can see it’s not just as insult and will very soon secure a response in its own right. I mean presently when I do not want criminal enterprises doing their business by hurting my bottom, it means Celebrities rip up my income and take pictures of themselves on my Public image blowing kisses at them, as though I prevent Celebrities buying organised crime products myself all together – so obviously it goes beyond the reasons they take the drugs overdose so the Media might have a field day while they end up at rehab or are dead already, we are living with consequences associated with the fact enough of that is not happening yet as it were; for now I have not committed myself as per these activities and the comments are a damage to my Books that require a like response, I am continuously saying that it is a social issue which apparently just makes them think they can do it without limits. They always say their insults indicate that as a Man I am a low life but it’s an old story about how people want to live the high life which Trumps my Arch Prince’s Lifestyle and ensures attention is drawn away from my Books for something else that makes their stupidities comfortable all day long – besides which it’s all very rich claiming people are low lives but they are the reasons people do not want people solving problems for women because there is a tendency to create a war on account they got beaten up over their need to help stronger men who do not wish to make a good people out of themselves because they are hoping to take advantage of weak people to make their own riches and fame – the one about the ways women go behind peoples backs to defend themselves from violence being deployed by Men who are three times the size of their victims to help celebrity idiots get rich quick.