My relationship with My own Court (women in the media affiliated to me) has always been a matter of many controversies and the reason for this is that people do not wish to respect the fact that I want them all to myself. I had my operational and Professional and otherwise etc relationship with them because of the fact I might be required to go to a particular place in the world to gather facts with which to work on a certain issue that specifically requires my expertise but because of the State Secretes that reside with me and my work as a UK Chief of Staff I cannot attend, therefore they do it and use the relationship with me to hold out or solve the problems all together reporting news which is what my un-negotiable career relationship with these group of women I selected is about.

Over the Years when they fight for me selfish Men will take over all the gains and get around the world getting up to all sorts of nonsense, making even more diplomatic mess with their new found fame, getting rich, having revenge on their enemies who have legitimate cases against them, while returning home to goad me on media and finding out therefore they seem to be having new secrete society powers, which is the same they do when I fight for them invariably or fight for myself and of course are now using the same media and their Mad Politics for the sole purpose of confiscating my maturity and Manhood which leaves me with the personality of a child, which of course is fantastic when I do it to them as well after learning from them as it were, especially while they are pushing me into Fascist violence which most of the time they stir to make a statement (after what I have done to ensure that when famous women move away from society violence to protect their sex lives they make out I did it for them and move onto intimidation making friends and shelling out money to these society idiots) every time they do to guarantee that when I get into a fight I will be beaten; hence the confusion and the creation of notions I live in the same life as they do, lies and insults which suggest they own me as they call the shots because their pay packets get to their heads, there is the confusion there is today.

It does not apply either that I don't like Americans, rather the fact remains I am a Statesman and Americans love to get into a habit of hurting my Fans and stopping them buying items from my Office while dispatching the above described trouble makers to ravage my income, in order to make out ideas they are more powerful; therefore the result became that I liked Americans but in actual fact my Empire was never for sharing, much less  in the sense of I doing the low down community while American Politicians do the world ; the result therefore is this condition where they seem unable to stop the stupid process of making a bargain with a single man using the future of their entire country, in order to show they are powerful, where they require me to do something democratic in the world that they can take over or consider themselves to be big men moving around taking over things-when they can take nothing from a rat here, which will lead them to no good end because although I will recover anything of mine they take from me, I will waste the Nation and its identity that does not interest them any more because they now prefer my income, more so as they have already shown they want none and are not interested in doing their country because they are more interested in splitting my empire between me and their Country.

It is one of those issues that gets people confused all the time about bad men that grab stuff, as we all know that when people have great ideas, they will loose some of the money along the way to society because of people making use of those that are always doing something to ensure there is integration to take advantage of everybody else but clearly when they have gone too far with it, then the things people do to ensure there is integration and tolerance will make no sense in a big way as well; thus that they are big men who will grab things off me is just to be tested over the matter of whether they are stronger than I am or not or whether being a paltry American Republican or a Useless Democrat will do in terms of what they are proposing. These things do not just come from no where as it were; they don't believe in God and the reason the process of grabbing peoples’ wealth used to work in the past was because they had to play ball as well for their part; when they have driven people low enough, they are supposed to leave them alone, or when they have made enough money and whatever their believes as compared to other peoples believes do not matter any more because it has all become a matter of opinion, for which they are supposed to give it up and take the money.

Here they simply think they are going to grab things off a Royal Prince who has a world wide reputation, which has no real means of happening and I am not sorry for this.

The Prime target has been making sure these fools do not gain access to my income and with that power exploit me and make me do things for them and more so obsessively, which intentions they express of doing so every time they get on public television, which these days is about reporting my life instead of the news to spend my income earning perks with their own jobs and is engineering their undoing and that of their silly Western leaders; besides which I have always been hated by very selfish men together who know a lot of about freedom with their selfishness that is always better worked over knowing better what other peoples property should be used for and then working out no body else knows what it should be used for like they did, when all of it has become theirs, with their Godlessness and problem-transfer abilities which operates on the premise others work and they don't or if they have worked before is something they intend to stop into other peoples faith and believes, taking over peoples personal lives with powers of the majority, the mob and democracy and the devil, which is always enough stupidity to invite a beating except those it happens to do not care to do something to defend themselves, worked with media and their laziness that makes them rich and this has been because of the damages I have caused them; combining these two things of the targets I have now and the damages I have caused them of which means I am one of the things the West does not want to mess around with but it's leaders continue to think playing around with my income is the best way to go and I am not sorry for this either.