The idea my problem is that I attack my own people especially when they are trying to help me is such nonsense and completely untrue. I merely put structures in to ensure I do not take any of that nonsense from them where they get on public telly to betray me, then return to offer apologies into a habit. I do not forgive the things they do because they are so good at the apologies and if in a world where many people want to be the ones that know me and they are the ones that are actually chosen, something has got to give too. Especially if they want me to be responsible for the future of their Children as they can see I had put the security of my own siblings into it as well.

Those that are not my Court or any other affiliate and but continue to pretend they are will just get twice the punishment so they can ask me how people know which is my Court anyway when I fuck-all, all the time, which is precisely the point.

 I mean they were going to get off and do their little people picking on the upper class routine by which they get rich and famous but first had to dig so deep into my life and expect to come out of it better off. They never do anything with their time by the way; except make money, spend it spoiling themselves on the right to be violent and on the left to be decadent and incredibly insolent and when finished, they seek out people whose income they will tie to behaviour issues and go to the Pornographic industry to make penance when sex is no longer working and its all gone wrong, which whenever it does they prowl the world looking for peoples lives to destroy, to turn up here looking like they want to have sex with me all the time.

It does not bother me so much, it just makes me do horrible things, because first they say their culture is something for which people die if they change or destroy it but they will be the first to get off and change the rules doing things like; get involved with me and then do so against my wishes using perceptions and abuse that are so intense on public media that they become real, claiming the purpose was to make me fight or bring me down to their level, the end result of course being always that I can do what I like with those stupid cultures and societies as well and since there are no more rules there is nothing they can do about it.

In the end they make their excuses and launch their attacks in those their stupid dramatisations quite right but in actual fact, the truth is that; the Queen had given me this thing which has made me famous over night on a global scale, now I will want to cash into it and they will be waiting; they took my own time off-not theirs, to get around the world to corner me, then took my own studies-not theirs, to ensure I was in a desperate situation, after which they suddenly remembered that they had their own lives and in it they want to be known, they want to be famous and those of them that are want the world to know them. How is this possible?

They always tell me my title of Golden King is offensive as if their foolish women will ever have sex with me in their stupid lives because of the feeders that the Political trouble makers who tell them I have been given as a gift to them surround themselves with, especially the Royal ones; usually the reason is that the Second in line to the Throne has blond Hair but the way it operates is that I wake up everyday to find that whenever I have tied huge bundles of equity in the hope of making a living and selling my books is being questioned by somebody who thinks I have grabbed his stuff and the questioning will never stop until he has it or grabs the income or the market; in this case I have tied huge bundles of securities over the years to my name and title, which is now being questioned because of somebody else's Hair; the person in question by the way has millions stacked away in the bank for his future in the first place and does not need them to collect my property for him.

 So it must be racism and prejudice which will get seriously wrong again. Personally there is nothing wrong with other people's racism and discrimination-I just feel it is not their usual discrimination and I am not paying for it (Yes I know; they have access to my personal life and can decide which safest place I have tied off equities to sit back and sell my books and make a living must be questioned because of the colour of somebody else's Hair)