There are no such things as new breaks, for I have never allowed peoples evils and wickedness to grow with the use of my faith or religion nor have I taken any breaks off my Royal duties over the years.

They have always known that I am neither part of their White or non White evil cultures and have always been terrified that evidence shows I don't like being insulted, bullied and goaded by them at my heart which is very bad for my health but to them due to media powers means they are superior and that my reaction to this has been to goad them for the purpose of job creation, i.e. make them find people work which operate as jobs, which they carry out whether they like it or not because I always get it out of them and or because their Politicians are obsessed with it on account they always want to be the leaders and then having realised I will take all the praise from the job creation and so on, limit it (limit the fame and big breaks and career piracy bullying-never before heard of course) and do it with my income instead, which is where the first problem with big business and the attitude of extraction of equities from my market place to sell rubbish and be rich with happened, which was just a warning but they think they will fight back with a big mouth and have recently begun to square up for one which gives chance to real politicians to Govern the Country and hence give everybody a break from idiots that pick a fight with others and want control of the treasury in order to win, when it has nothing to do with government, supported by another group of idiots that must always be seen getting on the right side.


They have always been terrified that as a result of the fact their cultures have no sway over me and they will never be able to push me into Tranny with the use of work based oppressions that will apply on the basis of all the good things I have done for my people, which they steal from them and make out ideas I did for them hence am their slave, done with public media insolence, violence and attacks and lots of Political bullying. My concern has always rather been that if I want revenge for it they are completely relentless and there is no alternative argument, therefore the Price those stupid businesses especially on the grounds of the stupid health destroying enemies of freedom girls they unleash on my income all over the place- whose recent obsession being Tabloids especially, will pay, will be gigantious and the main concern being if they had commandeered the entire economy for themselves and the purpose of their blackmails-in search for injustices that go in their favour as I will not care who is in government anyway hence doing it here has always been a bad idea but they are not interested because I am inferior.  


To me, only a fool would believe that if Housing was regulated according to income and qualifications since it is true that being on Housing benefit is supposed to be transitional phase and therefore you cannot live in a Home that you could never have afforded under normal circumstances, it will lead to some kind of rich and poor divide when there is a government in place to make sure that regulations are created such that it does not, except they are being corrupt.
So is it completely gratitiously insulting the notion that because I check them up on their latest game to squander my income with the support of international businesses that are really looking for a fight here, their stupid insolent children now need to be protected from pornography by their parents that are Whors with alternative jobs and own the violent bit of the culture by which it operates; for the purpose of attacking my servants who protest I work which puts them out of work by which means they attack me with work based oppression using media because they can do it to get rich with adverts. 

The part of their stupidities that really worries me is that their Stupid Labour goons, Wishy Tory and Foolish Liberal democrat nonsense where in the case of the Tories they make sure peoples income are available as plaything for stupid Labour goons and then begin to confiscate aspects of such persons properties, which specifically have to do with money and comfort, claiming that it is the fault of Labour and thus up to such persons to do something about it as well by which they goad and bully, which each time they do leads to a condition where the victims have stolen somebody's beauty. As for Liberal democrats, they are just the workhorse of the Labour Party for the purpose of keeping people out of jobs and getting off to talk all kinds of rubbish in public places about those who have done something to deal with powers women should be having and they are al banking on Royal idiots that have never learnt they cannot manipulate me, hence if they want to have absolute Monarchy can get it done themselves.

So we are ready it seems and I will be waiting for them at Church (again).

As a footnote: My job and the income that comes with it belongs to me and to me alone world wide, it does seem there is a certain way media (and their I have my personal Jesus I can abuse and betray everyday to seek favouritism, 15 minutes of fame idiots that are still completely obsessed with detaching me from my income as it were) and Politicians and big business (where people have children that don't know their level and use media power for lots of violence to talk rubbish when they wind up an Arch Prince as well because they made money doing so) want to understand this, then we can put in perspective intense abuses with financial impacts meant to embarrass me until I loose my Royal Estate (the things some people love to do with other people's time and resources).

These people do nothing but spend a lot of time finding people with bright and good futures that they can tie down somewhere in very difficult financial conditions as a community, then try to influence politicians, with the resulting process of suffering for such a person that will last a very long time. So when the victim tries to get out of it, each attempt pushes them higher into influential positions worked with media corruptions, while they make more friends by slipping more and more insignificant people who are too arrogant to ask others for help, below them to be pushed by the same process higher, claiming they have got power. Now it is clear the only way out is the Politicians and there is something seriously wrong with those especially over other people's tolerance:-In my case I am an Arch Prince but from a race that does not matter (the absolute cheek). So that their 'other people's employee bullying' nonsense clearly coming to head and so the business and supposed high flier ones; they had sworn they will never leave me alone, they had sworn they will never respect my human rights and they had sworn they will never fear me anyway.