There is really no such thing in actual fact as a process where I have forced people to seek out a vocation for life about which I expect to go scot-free – reality is the question of what they mean by new civil rights and more so at my expense and how the stupid bastards expect me to stem losses at a company that is created as a result of people using it and or its products to create new civil rights? They never listen until they force people to do things that people will regret for the most part; I mean they like to say it is a factor of a process where I am not seen to go away when people do not want me around but of course even when you write books to develop your equities for those you do business with they pull out the stops to wreck the finances because they want to be able to use your own property to be better off than you are, hence there is really nothing you can do after they have damaged your finances and academic work that will prevent them from defeating and dominating you and humiliating you in such ways. Then it gets better still because this complain of theirs about not leaving them alone after I had taken over that stupid left hand side so that anybody who handles my property will only do so on the basis of a matter of opinion, only comes after I have had to put up with 12 years of unemployment that is maintained by them and their insolent popular culture idiots and foolish infantile back stage media idiots and is therefore maintained everyday to force me to like their cloths and cars which I am clearly not interested in because I am a Christian and need to be poor so that such an interest can be extricated on account they need it to get rich. I mean you can tolerate 6 years of it but by the 7th year you have begun to ask them questions about their compunction already and by the 8th you must have had enough certainly – some say I give too much for it as it were but it is a matter of provisions when they have begun statements like how I walk around their City as though I am superior to them and need to be cut down to size, how much they hate my faith but of course the real problem they have is with the idea I am allowed to earn money, so it is never clear why they could not just go after the faith they hate so much and destroy it since they are the destroyers of faiths as it were, hence the provision of 6 years and it continues only with the understanding that it will begin to affect wider society and therefore call to question their young idiots moral sensibility, however here the reality is that 12 years on they get worse and continue to get stronger at it as if we are mates on account they have worked out that they can manipulate me into doing something about it and manipulate society into abstaining from buying products I create from doing something about it because such products are useless, so that they have this obsessive desire to get on media and handle my products to explain it as something which fits into this category and I therefore cannot make it clear enough times that they need to move on as there is really nothing they can do about me; it is the idea of using their own to do a job they are paid for that is the biggest problem that these foolish bastards really have you see. It’s like the old story of climate change and how it is all scare mongering of which either way it is or it is not, the reality is that the government always chooses the cheapest proven way of looking after the National energy needs because every grid is always heavily subsidised and so if there isn’t much cost difference between current energy system and renewable energy system, the government will have to go with popularity; they know this so I always view their attacks on me as propaganda and each time they do there is really no point complaining because they will certainly get some of mine too. It does not apply to make out I am going through some strange great self inflicted punishment that they do not mind inflicting as well either; in terms of that I am not, the reality is that on a scale of one to ten they are ranked among the most stupid people on the planet; career wise I have blocked off the left hand side and stifled anything which suggests that any process they handle my work makes it their own and am currently still waiting for them at the jobs market to make them do things properly – reason being they have damaged my academic work and my finances and of course it will be armed soon enough too because they continue to seek to extricate financial domination of me from it and cause me distress everyday over that because they are even prepared to make it up and win by media perception which will be held together by determining where I am allowed to go and more so if they must by force with that big mouth and I am older than they are in the first place by the way. The other side of course has to do with the faith where my religious believes are screwed up but since I am respectful there is no reason they should fail to respect me; I mean what I say as a result of my faith is a factor of having had everything I want out of life and would happily pack it up and get it ready and pass away but I am still alive and therefore as a result spend time to secure normalcy for other people for the most part; so when he says my religion is screwed up but he respects me because I respect him you get the sense that there is a sensibility just like seeking a new country allows the idiots to find ways of making sense to people of their stupidities with offered up incentives at other peoples expense, a sensibility that my faith creates which they believe they can deploy to communicate with people if they want; so yes on the scale of 1-10 they rank among the 9th and 10th most stupid people on the planet and being angry at them is good because it means being angry at evil. As for the part where what really happens is that when people put things I am supposed to do inside of me, I do it and then try to keep it to myself, I have made it clear I have become really intolerant of male journalists and that their stupid children especially the girls now know who among us all do not know when they are being hurt so far, while they need to stay out of my Court, example of the issues being how people have the right to attack me because I let women do it none of which would happen if a condition where they do not turn up where my Court is were to have been the case. They never listen you see until people do things they will regret and at the moment they say I mention being intolerant of male journalists because I am finished with them but yes next time people see a war going on in Iraq they will certainly make sure it is intellectual bankrupting for me because they want to be rich and famous and are not just the biggest bullies but also the world’s worst envy freaks; as I have said before it is a process where these idiots get out of bed every day to do their jobs for which they are paid, with their own energy and their own thinking and their own stuff in general that seems to be their biggest problem and I think that any normal person would perceive a process where I have mentioned I have become really intolerant of them as a warning. So let us begin with the basics where I would say they need to grow up but it is rather in my interest that they are kids and remain so. It goes right into the heart of cautious business heads being teased at their markets and so on, I always find it so laughable of course because they like to tease because they do not want you to be aware to a point where you can interfere with the fact they use your cautiousness and level headedness to ring fence their risks whenever they take them which is everyday and all the time to make more and more and more money but it is when they have begun to deny you an income and a job and so on because you have not given up the essence of yourself completely that the fight really begins as they have crossed your lines as it were and I for my part simply want to get rid of them completely because they are manufacturing their own versions of level headed people who own what belongs to me due to the fact they need it so badly and that place where people have never before heard of what I do continues to grow and eclipse my company which they handle without permission to keep me away from an income until that is done and they are so rich that they are superior to me – the male journalists never listen and it will all likely start off with them too as it were.