The Hype over the matter of Banks becoming more willing to take risks is supposed to be the workings of the resurgence of financial bullying by a collection of expensive city slickers who swear never to work regularly. Those of them that have infiltrated the financial system for example were supposed to live off the cultural dichotomies of the Monalisa myth but they had discovered co-operation among certain Politicians and sought after ones among Royals to ensure that some people whom they deem do not matter are sacrificed for them to get rich with, so there is never an end to the positive bragging and cultural violence after they have located something they are incredibly optimistic about grabbing and getting away with to make more money than they already have and leave the owners with nothing; especially visible when the ones the media idiots versions of them love to keep up all the time, physically robbing people with the news and absolutely bent on making sure no body can ignore them.
It is not just a matter of a collection of drug addict anti law idiots in high places here, they are also completely crazy about running other peoples programmes, lives and jobs for them and there is nothing they like better than an obsession with the things media idiots help the public to make their minds up on which is incorrect, for the purpose of oppressing other people financially, then making up excuses after pervading other peoples faith to build up all kinds of nonsense that can get to peoples minds to play around on television with that serves as revenge for the powers that are being wielded against them when they are stopped by those they have harmed. I am personally supposed to be manipulated by the size of the bonuses their bosses pay themselves but it all comes together each time they feel that should be the case obviously. 

It is quite surprising how unwilling Politicians that seem to figure people walk round the streets stealing their beauty and want to be famous all the time are at doing anything about these thefts that are entirely based on the prognosis that if they don't, then all the wealth will simply lie dormant-when in actual fact it does not belong to them and no body has the power to tell or make them understand that there is rather so much of what they are planning to steal because so many people are working for it to make it exist; not that I am for one moment suggesting the Public does not like that kind of thing.
Especially when it is followed on with intense insolence from women that later serves as bullying; from finding out the details of my books by scrutinising every bit of my existence to making me the writer whose part time writing interferes with everything else, so he might be forced to write full time when they know they have total control of that part of his career and are planning to be famous, hence he can be trapped thereof financially and made to work too hard to write books, to the writer people love to bash because his books are such an extravagant display of talent, which is as though they did not expect it from their actions anyway which therefore makes it right that people should refuse to buy books that help them if they can use public media to usurp the fame of another famous person; it is a levels of insolence that cannot be quantified obviously and their problem clearly is that I want nothing to do with them, especially because I am a man and they are not which has now interfered with the kinds of powers that violent gangs which fancy them should be giving them over me, especially those of them that work on public television or appear on it, I wouldn't mention the Politicians that would be Pornographic, claiming I am so dominant I am vulnerable to insignificant people because of an inbuilt natural right in their being to oppress people which it seems is not possible. 

It is the same way that Fashion scum and Media idiots love to get on my market place and the perversion of my causes because they are appear on the Popularity of Catwalk shows and Public media and challenge me to a fight as well to get away with it, that Bank Bosses pay themselves millions in bonuses when there is no money to pay it with but are Politicians going to make laws and do something about it or going to sit somewhere and make out I am a Prince that cares about people which is good but they don't like people who are Princes because they feel only they should be important, making laws to protect violent bigots on the frugality of poorer and vulnerable people, while doing nothing about fascism, as though it is for them and not for my market place that I care about people? They might even become obsessed with talking nonsense about victories of the sex industry and Pornographic industry as well, which idiots feel means there are women I should be helping and saving while they use them for fascist discriminative and racist extortionist attitude with and on my income, after being helped onto that position by the same Politicians over the years but I cannot make out what is so victorious about the stupid sexual things that idiots who belong to a class that is lower than mine do in public will do to harm me or tickle me, let alone arouse or indeed abuse me. It is they the Politicians that are responsible for them not me and I will soon begin my war on members of their class who cannot stave off my income, intellectual property and equities on a global level for my part. Personally, its not as if and I cannot imagine they have any problems these days any more as it had been legalised.   

Of course they love this idea of making sure before I do anything they are taking it over and doing it for me in a way that makes me feel inferior inside, which displays the attitude that the system which supports Royalty is all about according to them, hence their revenge but in terms of a system which supports Royalty it is just unfortunate for them that this is not a country where you can make out new democracies out of peoples personal lives-it used to be until I came along and that changed because I was stronger than my assailants, now there is no love lost and I am not sorry for this.So they can go somewhere and see me get popular with things they are skilled at doing while they make out ideas they did something with me for which they were the boss somewhere in hell. So naturally there is no point dishing it out, the corruptions I mean, if you cannot take it and less and less people around here are not interested in the lies they tell and the discriminations their persons can make out by it, on the matter of doing peoples things for them. This is not their life or their property, besides which it is not just a matter of doing peoples things for them nor is it just a matter of seeking perversions which detach me from my faith from everything I do to earn a living, which then put them in positions of greater responsibility and make me feel inferior inside, like their insolent kids feel when they cannot do peoples lives or jobs too so that there might be equality, as though we all live in the same life or something but the process of making sure their Satanic culture and its wickedness has power over my life and it is a matter on which they will never rest or give it a rest:-obviously my punishment is still the fact I am observed at all times, so as I come up with it somebody else makes the money and they manage the person, abuse me and talk more rubbish in some kind of fame and fortune industry or some similar structure; which only ends up doing PR for me and makes them more violent but assuredly they will never get lost either.

I too want to wipe them out of existence because of their morals or the state of it, I tried to get rid of America and its Citizens of money obsessed, Greed crazed, wicked idiots since the perversion of my faith began to become the new craze and the people they influence all over the world and they are the thing that stands between me and doing it, just like they claim I am the thing that stands between them and getting rid of the Monarchy which is some stupid excuse to break my heart-therefore I want revenge which involves all they own becoming my property, as this is what happens to traitors.These same idiots that make lots of complains and promise to vote as much idiots as possible into government because they are unable to spend a decade of my time taking away from me with their discrimination what belongs to me and then giving it to somebody else with the use of media and Politics, were there and part of it when the attitude of pushing me out of a job so that people can each time they feel like confiscating anything that belongs to me to get rich with or manage somebody else who uses it to get rich if I am too much trouble with their habit of financial bullying, so they will be able to calculate how much money I have in the bank and therefore how much money I can survive with if I am homeless or jobless and for how long etc-at the time, they were on the right side of rich idiots and mentally ill loaded scum because they were sure they could bully me and use me if that option failed, until the same rich fools did it on my studies again with their help and this time directly, which has gotten them into the much worse condition they are in today because I decided I had taken enough of it from them. 
 At the moment they still think the civil service is their plaything which is why they are obsessed with destroying market for my books to keep the power up.