I am not speaking of the black people anyway; it is just so difficult for me to protect women from them to ensure they cannot peddle anybody’s matrimony, while protecting my faith from them so they cannot peddle it either, while I have trouble selling my books, which of course is the vicious cycle where I need market to raise money to market the books but it is the difficult part, hence my question of whether they want a piece of me from another direction all together.

When I speak of the idiots that gain from the secondary aspect of the implication of these things for which we all know they will either have become more modern than I am or popular fascists and discriminative idiots that have no sway here because the truth is that they are always trying to steal my books parents and children alike, they show themselves; I mean who is asking them? I am glad they came to this country to pretend no body lives here and the whites that were here first have the right to pick on blacks who wait for somebody else to come along, so they can fight for civil liberties historically and I can come round when they are finished to find somewhere really important to occupy; if they wind me up they will fight it again but this time they know they cannot do riots because I already have an addiction to educating entire blocks and neighbourhoods when they wind me up as it is. So who asked them anyway?  And I am just going to do them again.

I wonder what their judgment of people really is anyway; I have a tendency for grabbing entire estates and city blocks and then educating them when the people wind me up so they can really feel like killing and they are still doing these things when I don’t want to know them and it will get worse and worse until somebody does something about their utility bills for example to get respect from them.

They like the beautiful woman and or the beautiful man that has to live in squalid conditions so everybody might like to hit him and slap him over the head and pick on him and when you hit them too you cannot stop hitting the civil liberties self harming bastard really hard.

They love to show off that their stupid bad upbringing with relatively tiny achievements and then use it to wind people up all the time, pretending they are the only ones that appeared somewhere on a playground.

I mean what would anybody do if an idiot wants to peddle him, he gets to say no about it and gets told he cannot do anything about it when he is still single at 30, so they can take it anyway using peer pressure-besides which they say it will be alright when he see how well he have done with it? Of course it will not be alright. What am I to do; peddle them and their society and county and life and everything  and make sure that the racists who naturally never mind their own business are peddled as well but remain superior?

In this they will tell me the reason is that I pretend what racist do is done for me and get off getting better off on the things they do but in actual fact the truth is that first this is not their fathers property and this is not their fathers life, second; this is not their mothers property and this is not their mothers life and third; what they are suggesting has more to do with attacking me over things I have grown out of with their white insolence and when they are steeped in their culture because of it, they will make me deal with the problems with a  big fat white football hooligan mouth and for me they are too fond of it because their insolent Politicians like them to be and I have had enough.

I am a Royal prince; it is my talent for winning my battles and my talent for defending people that makes me one; why do they like to unpick my things if they are not looking for trouble with that stupid football hooligan rubbish and their black friends who also have white friends?

These vandals and hooligans especially the media ones are not my problem, what is, is the fact America has its own problems most of which has to do with greed and its related evils and its government officials should stay in and let us deal with ours which involves messy old idiots that move into peoples personal lives and all related evils. which is how the middle east and Africa become as turbulent as it is in this direction today-or stay out.

So I am perfectly aware that Washington thinks I will deal with our problems and then they will dominate that before they fix theirs and rule everybody, which has no place in reality actually. Hence the problems we have still and conditions emerging, the answers to which we do not have-thus since it is imperative that media idiots especially who use the problems of American power in the world to try and rule people in Britain, which makes it that the way my office fits into the special relationship is making sure all they get up to is making Americans rich, when this problem is being dealt with in a British way, it will not be to serve Americans and the US will have a problem, part of which it saw after the beginning of terrorism and the fall of the Twin towers but have refused to change because they think somebody else will just suffer for an alternative.

So if they still have American Presidents that are prepared to lead underground for them good, I will not take any rubbish from them for my part, so their Ministers and Politicians can keep fighting.