So I hear it is said to be a matter of anxiety and fears that are all over me which is utter nonsense; there is anxiety but not of the fear kind i.e. they are a gang that have other bigger gangs somewhere beat them up all the time and are now everywhere wantonly seeking somebody smaller than they are whom they can bully. I mean I speak of prejudices that are vital to them for their health and well being but that is the outcome in actual fact of an involvement concerning every stupid thing they have time for and want to play out on other people’s property – most popular people love and hate, so if the owner is love they are hate and if he is hate they are love and it does not stop while they keep their jobs and careers safe somewhere and have no principles or religion so they might be free of morals and for me the involvement continues along with accusations they make up to ensure they never stop it which accusations make no sense whatsoever as it is largely essentially all about telling lies – lies that ensure each time they appear on public places they are handling my Intellectual property and my company before anybody does anything to prevent them from making money with it, lies which means when their girls feel like it they can pretend to be my wife and enjoy feeling like princesses, lies which apply in the same way for the men because they need these things like a pill.

So time and again people will speak of a serious issue that can be measured by the age range of those that are going off to join ISIS in Iraq but I don’t know why they do it anyway – these guys are not fighting for Islam nor are they fighting against people wearing Miniskirts or even Micro miniskirts, what they are fighting against has something to do with the white man’s gang and his bullying and now the black man’s one as well topped by Mr Obama who runs the FBI and CIA like it was the creeps and the blood and the anus and penis insults are everywhere of course as it were building this global sense of embarrassment they can deploy to ensure people are always in some filthy errand for them after another after another like only they usually can, so that when there has been a shoot out what they will do is immediately involve me because they know where my books are to do so with as it were and my case is simply that they need to stop involving me if they want to start ending an outcome where they complain about it, besides which is the answer to the question as per whether they were thinking that where Muslims are concerned it is the elderly people that will go off to join ISIS. Its gang stuff and I am not in a gang and gangs breed shoot outs and in shoot outs people die period, it has nothing whatsoever to do with me. They do speak of the things I have done to provoke them as well but it’s a matter of writing books in service of the Church which is concerned with social order and then others pretending you wish to discuss the sales with media and popular culture and cannot understand I will rip up absolutely every single thing that constitutes an identity of theirs or homosexuality and popularity and so on which turns up here to ensure I cannot get around in my own world and get around with my own people in peace and yes they always brag I talk like that and they will ruin my life again and it is not a matter that will end very well either because when they speak of their popular culture in public the only thing we do not hear is that it has always been all about their evil and their wickedness and their destruction and a need to see religious people grovel for money, what we hear endlessly is that it is about lifestyle and culture. So it is gang stuff and I am not in a gang and their insolent involvement continues and we are not mates. I mean if you are famous for the right reasons you still have to worry about bad people buying your products, these idiots are rich for being notorious and are waiting for politicians to set up some good person for them to pick on and cannot keep their hands off me like a pill; so they seem to pretend you can never have enough of them the young people joining ISIS story then we hear them talk about winning public opinion back on their side. It is quite common to hear I am an old fashioned git that ends up complaining about life because I never listen to what I am told but there is nothing new about their neo modernist racist nonsense concerning which they expect me to talk about main issues apart from killing people bit so their stupid children can push their insults to that state where they want to see what a knife looks like if it cuts the flesh of a cunt, hence the intolerance of the City identity thing for a start. I mean the reality is sit at home and watch some story about how old buildings were made and you have to deal with that legendary abuse from them that is concerned with the fact unless everybody becomes an ant and lives in high rise buildings in grid style planned cities, there are those who are inferior enough to be picked off that they will not hesitate to attack and it is the guy that is going sign language for the programme that gets through riffling my penis for the two hours in which it lasted; so that when they do get to claim my obsession with history is uncivilised and disrespectful of them it leads back to that old case of English toy boys who are not sleeping with Canadian and American and Australian female millionaires anymore these days hence we understand each other perfectly.

Just like that other story of there being a blaming victims culture that has arisen because of me which is utter nonsense; what has arisen because of me is realities and facts and somewhere in the middle actions I have taken to ensure anything pertaining to the evils of women and money is destroyed where it involves me in anyway permanently and if the Politicians are right about their insulting democratic freedom, they will stop me but if not then they will not period. Like the other old story similar to it about my lack of respect when I am The Royal Prince and these fools are the nobody that I tend to respect at financial cost as well; I mean most of what I deal with here are largely pressures The British Head of State has put in place to ensure I get out of bed and chase the Office of the duties thus assigned and it is never clear why these idiots think they need to bend me into painful and difficult and unnatural conditions in order to exert their own as well except we explain it in terms of democratic freedom and where the wickedness of riches and women fits into the picture and I cannot tell them enough we are not mates just in case a time arrives when it blows up as well. So it is an old case of the second path when they and their offenders have been considered since nothing bad tends to happen these days without an involvement of me with media so they can spend my income on themselves: they say when they see men like me they have a desire to get me into a fight so they can feel alive and free and comfortable whereas we know they have husbands at home to desire in such ways and I am not half theirs for it as well – another example of violent and abusive prejudices that are fundamental for their health and well being of course and in terms of me they know where my books and livelihood is to enforce it with and turn up on media to show I cannot catch them which is why they like to regularly bring up the winning back public opinion to their side story especially for the American ones and their friends, it has been 13 years of this story running completely out of control with results for the men such as actions I have taken to the effect of more women having anal sex in matrimony while I make them nervous as well when they are homosexuals because it will make the anal sex painful and for the women it is the victims blaming story they have begun to tell too but the insults and involvement continues as it were and that stupid civil rights is still turning up around my Business empire to destroy everything like insults from their men about my lack of respect story which is how they get to wind me up all the time. So in the end the victims and perpetrators story is always a matter of one person in pain and another person in shame and nothing else but – the issue is a case of how you feed a child but every time you turn your back he will swoop in and take the food away and he cares not if the child screams and cries all day long as well along the assumption that if you kill him the law works in such ways as there will be no understanding for the reasons behind your actions and that the outcome will constitute injustice. The media ones are the lucky ones, they are the ones that can do it all day long and then change the story at the last minute – the popular culture ones are the gangs who show exactly what it is all about i.e. set out some 2 thousand girls that will get famous to the tune of petty millions which will work for them to ensure they sit in an entertainment industry office to rake in billions that nobody is noticing they are making with what they can find in your house so they might never work for such money without being questioned or restrained or stopped and so to do it they will need to line up those music CDs in a certain way all day long and to the effect of being able to change the story at the last minute like the media ones do as well: of course I have heard the Politicians behave towards me like they do because they are being discriminating but in the end, my academic work and the Royal Office and the Books I write being the three main matters of concern for me is not exactly going to become a reality with them enforcing the hunger of popular culture idiots and a need to spend my possessions they seem to have at high levels of Government Office anyway - when they complain like they are at present it is usually an indication we are making progress - I understand it serves an opportunity for their incredibly stupid women to feel like women having somebody to take their fury on pretending to be scorned on the money but I have always been blown away by the stupidities they have time for and regularly mark people out to work on their lives and do not understand if they complain because they suppose what they want me to think about myself is what I do think about myself - never the less of which their actions are barely criminal and I will never stop handling them in like manner for it as well. I do not have that much of a problem with plans Politicians have or indeed when or where they intend to start playing offensive - the reality here with them living in dream world is that they will never ever say their plans are based on what they want to do with themselves and their Political party, they will rather generalise it and handle your possessions and expect you to spare them the consequences of criminalism because they are so far superior to you but that is never going to happen here, for example Mr Cameron and his games about getting us out of Europe due to plans he has to run British Economy alongside Australia and New Zealand and Canada and the US using a piracy of my literary empire which is why stifling the earnings along with his civil rights idiots have been so important to him but at the end of the day there are so many ways a person can go out there and decide to be a sales man and get his products sold and pay certain bills he may need to, these guys are never comfortable unless you are setting one up on them otherwise the alternative is to chicken and live the way they have laid waste to your company which will never happen here; so I want to go out and look my best as I tell a customer my products are all that and if they and their idiots cannot keep hands off my penis and anus and tummy and head and chest and so on, they will be dealing with a problem really soon indeed; I mean they do ask how I know which one is doing it but I know alright depending on which one is grooming me for it as if; you may elect people into top government offices if you like but it seems what they are more interested in is where the possessions of their family and extended family is and that of their friends and how they can have more which is why their idiots feel they can do whatever they like and make money from that, so why they cannot tell the difference between their own and another mans royal estate here is not exactly clear but then again can be a matter of their community idiots with money to show off alongside a very loud mouth and destructive character which is really intrusive having access to media to determine what people are thinking with, which has in turn given them the sense others can never have enough of them as well but I believe I have made myself clear too - if they cannot keep their hands off my anus and penis and tummy and chest and head and cannot keep from distracting and embarrassing me violently there will be problems enough for a life time.