Of course there is that increased desire to get to know what the depth of my actions really are but as I have before mentioned, the fact of it is that they are now fed up with politics which is a good thing, no more idiots getting to tell my parents to tell me what I am supposed to do with my life to suit them, which is so insulting I have no energy left for anything else, while they turn out in public to exhibit themselves. I mean it is clear I would have been fed up with life itself because they have got so much power: such nonsense of course of which they never explain when they complain that they wreck my finances in order to find things to copy and pass off as their own for their self advancement, besides which it is supposed to be a matter of their wickedness and how much power it has got which is utter rubbish too since it is something that Christ himself expressly warned his disciples about i.e. those who torture the body but can do nothing to the soul and why you should never ever be afraid of them – the whole fear thing is clearly the key to making sense of the means whereby they claim ownership of all I say and do and own and then have and then have their various sects tell me when they argue their rubbish in parliament they are protecting me. Its like the vision I saw and the process where people explain my actions as the real me when it is just a job i.e. what I saw was a very ugly creature with a shape like an egg and just a head and little legs for a form, its skin was yellowish beige and it had three big eyes, two on the sides of his face and one in the middle but also had three little eyes on its wrinkled forehead and people were touching it and playing with it and not actually moving it from its place as such. This time passed and another time came and I saw the creature again and it was as was before sitting on a mound of earth and then it moved away and what I saw it was sitting on was incredible; something else of a more dangerous serpent than what was a rattle snake which was treated by it like an outsider in that hole but what actually kept it from killing the rattle snake was the ugly create that had moved and then I considered that the rattle snake is a creature that deserves to exist as well and used a stick to separate it from the other creature, it was not the rattle snake that attacked me you see, it was another create that the rattle snake was sitting one, it looked like a Centipede with four tentacles, two on either side with which it squirted nasty stuff at me three times and I woke before I could find out what the effect of those nasty stuff were. It is never true that I like them as they claim, that is just a desire they have and make up on media for the purpose – I am aware of what might happen if squatters gained access to my house and my safe and in like manner what will happen when pop stars and popular culture goons have access to what is most important to me. In the end I am aware they do not like the idea of this job I have and do over them which they have not given me permission to do or indeed a mandate and I do not give a toss about what they have given me or not, all I know is that everything good they get from me it gotten from me by hurting me whether or not they need to hurt me to get it and they cannot stay away from me and not get things from me either and it is the same way I handle their industries and media and politics and money madness; this is what I mean earlier when I said it is the Politics they are fed up with and they do need to be flushed out. These revelations do not reveal anything about me like they would make out that it does: I mean for example the media thing started from claims there are women whose fame and beauties as a journalist I have stolen and then those women put up a fight and realised they had done the wrong thing but it changed onto the process of claims I sleep with peoples wives and that those who do must pay with all they own and all they are and then when that was over all the way to the US it changed yet again to claims I am articulate because I want to steal jobs from journalists and all the while of which makes sense therefore of a justification that it was okay all along to wind me up and get a reaction with respect to racism that can be presented before racists that will kill me so they can have my life all together. Much the same with black people and that old idea when I speak as I do they get to make claims of ownership of all I do; rubbish – the fact remains that some people like Kofi Anan and Nelson Mandela continue to think they run the lives of black people in this world and turn up on corridors of international community to make noise and create problems, they will never be caught dead returning to their country to put their foot down so the white man can travel there and do what he wants if he wants and then get protection from them like they get here over racism which they stir as well even when they are black because it does not hurt anybody until it really does as it were. Much the same with black people in the UK where you check to see about popular culture idiots and their fascism but football people are equally fame freaks as well and therefore a need exists for some process of setting out clearly that people need to stay away from everything you do which serves the British Government and thereby stay away from any means by which they might incur your wrath; they have excluded me from their society claiming they own the UK as a turf, they have fought for my civil rights before I was born and they have stirred racism and tagged it to me, nobody knows why they continue to follow me around still and what it is exactly they want. This is what I mean: those they cal terrorists and extremists probably can do a better job of running the Politics of the country – so what people think I am doing with these things is precisely so, enough of these fools, they need to be flushed and more so all across the west as well; I mean when you say let seek strength in democracy and the American ones especially invent some means by which what I said about law liberty and morality must cost me all I own so they can be the boss for example; I have had enough of them and I can see it unfolding too i.e. the industrialised USA and the rest of the world doing their localism, it appears they will not trade therefore on such an occasion apparently.