Now we hear talk of how I do what I do and say what I say because MPs fold their hands and sit around and let me say and do it; the reality is rather the question of what I have between me and them exactly – some friendship, some enmity, some friendship that has gone sour? It is an old story of course of how many more of those pile-ons I am meant to put up with; the weed smoking idiots that must make me commit sin because the sight of me is abhorrent to them having their will enforced by people in parliament whom I have never provoked but do because I look the part, then the wrecking the finances with government funding and property as a means to doing so in order to maintain the need to exercise these violent habits on me, getting off to create funds trust systems that is used to supply idiots with money to deploy for their ends everything I stay up all night to work for, getting out of parliament and Downing Street to chase me around the streets to apply these wickedness, talking nonsense of a plan they have to wreck my finances for the rest of my life in order to be powerful; I mean how many more of these pile –ons?  And just when I tolerate it I get told MPs fold their hands and let me say what I say and do what I do and hence it has blown up as well – gone beyond the limit of making sure you should not be the one to attack those who work in parliament because they are there to talk and not fight, gone beyond the limit because they cannot leave people alone as it were and it has been so for 12 years such that people can point to a personal problem going on as a general public but there is no diminishing, only lies and stories and a master plan that will ensure they never have to stop it. They speak of course of how I need to supply a view on homosexuality and how my views are never definite because of what I am scared of, the reality rather being of course that they are never definite because I am at a loss of imagination as to how to understand why anybody would think that I attend church and they see me do so because I have a view on homosexuality. Hence most of what I say is largely hypothetical as it were; supposing I was a homosexual, supposing I walked into a gay bar with a Bible etc what would people think about that? It does not change the fact that I am fully aware that homosexuals are not paying with their own dignity and self respect as much as I am paying with mine and my finances as well for their activities – there are corrupt Christians and corrupt homosexuals of course and both and really, really similar as it were; however somewhere in the middle of violent and corrupt homosexuals, popular culture and its already been done after years of suffering inflicted for having something others do not on account you created it to earn a living with, which gives very foolish women a lot of evil power as well, is homosexuals enjoying their decadent sex, so that when you go to Church it is all divided up; what the women fear all the time is the society that wants to stretch their bum hole and then there are the men that are divided into several groups and there is one group along with their wives that will never make a living wage in their lives and if you want to make a stereotype the reality is that they like football but will never be able to afford the attendance of a match in their lives and then there are the other men that are armed and can take care of themselves but apparently it will take a toll on their finances anyway and why the question is of course that it is the finances that is always affected and the hurt always homosexual in nature as it were, not withstanding of which as a younger person my own pain is more about how all I am thinking and doing has already been done and when it has not must be enforced and cost me everything because they cannot leave people alone as it were. Hence in the end you have these men that homosexuals have hurt for years and years and years and decades and decades and now they are off to marry and get back some of those too I suppose otherwise I cannot understand why an opinion of mine could be needed. It’s the same old story; like it is in society, you need to leave alone older people and work out the fact it is up to you to ensure popular culture idiots do not use you for a plaything; the reality of my case is as simple as it has always been – throngs of parents who have a case with my right to earn a living and their stupid children and their Pop stars waiting for the pop stars to sing their own first and then they can buy the music CDs otherwise they will get some of mine and there will be competition that is be fitting, as I have always mentioned I intend to split society between capitalism and theocracy so we can see what we are doing. I have told them I am not a salesman but they can continued to pretend they are deaf as such so we are looking forward to naked pictures and videos on the internet with diloe in the vagina because people did not sell anything. These stupidities have grown completely out of control and become even more expensive than before but most of all it has become very daring and limitless too; all they need to do for me is stay away from my books and then there will be no problems not make noise about other idiots like them in Church who are rightly angry the chances of trapping me there to get rich and famous and fulfil their dreams with is no more – they on the other hand continue to make out they are the evil ones that love my books so much I will never sell a copy until they fulfil all their dreams and I have had enough of it. The idea my actions do not involve any consequences for these things is not actually based on reality; of course it does – I mean they do not hate me so much without reason, what happens as such is that I put up a persona that suggests I am homosexual but will never be and it was not my idea of course as it was rather that of their stupid girls who put things through to people by throwing it into the air like their foolish fathers in society do using the media, that they had found a man that will be homosexual so women can be powerful having been he is a Christian and that means he has taken himself away from men; so I became the homosexual in appearance that will never be in real life and people can therefore have sex with him somewhere in hell and more so if they have got it as it were, since it is clear that people will never do such things in the classroom but assume they can in the real world which is clearly a more desperate place. Yes they say I am in a lot of trouble of course but I wonder how it so happened that they might have societies and cultures but I control the heart of it and the heart of their girls as well and am still alive to brag about it, except that I realised I am in a lot of trouble and need to round them up and keep an eye on them so that I can kill them first; same old story of what if they were murdered at random because another person’s sense of hatred and discrimination was associated with eradicating their culture? Now they are scared of something too and have to be apologetic for their views of their civil rights – Nobody is beyond repentance, if people do not change mine I do not have to change theirs. As for the issue of seeking women that are beyond my league, the main issue is of course that I do not believe they are a major crisis, just really insolent people since I am a really god looking person in a world where people normally think they are tough to take our stuff and do it for us as it were, hence I do not want to get around with any foolish woman that knows what she wants and therefore believes she can do anything, they are supposed to be seem mostly with square jawed men in suits who know how to get things without working for it so they can abuse and insult absolutely anybody on grounds they think themselves the perfect couple etc not me – they have their type and it’s not me. The other issue on women is of course the matter of racism, utter nonsense of course since the main problem is rather that they really like to create a relationship between me and their wives at the backyard and then get around fucking me by fucking them and provided they continue to do it I will never stop kicking them and especially so on media, as the media and fame ones are the most notorious – about them I will soon had given the go ahead to the violent mistresses and then we will find out who will get sodomised too. The part where they have access to my government provided security and it means community stupidities that has nothing to do with them or with me used to give me give it to him violence every single second and over everything I do is something about which I intend to put it to them in a condition where it will not be said I am mentally ill and that I bet when it had been settled will take time, just like we know they invent these issues that are not easy to settle as it were all the time and so am I aware that there is good chance that by the time I had settled it that way a process where they are caught in some violent secret service mess will meet at a point where I have set out I am aware of their activities publicly and put it to them therefore, hence I intend to kill them for it as it were; reason of course is that everybody does the part where the stupidities of society that have nothing to do with them and have nothing to do with me or who I am or who or what they are etc exist to whip me with but when they do the purpose is to remind me not to stray far from the Royal  family and then when I had not done so for about 6 months, I will be in a place where nothing can touch my books etc but they I have no idea how they got involved so that they can do and undo and make links happen between them and the Prince of Wales and so on and need to get out. The other ones say they like the women that are responsible for my security and like to want to know if they can have them; I personally don’t know which one they like anyway, the part where she gets killed which is the one I am supposed to like as it were? The answer is no. There is always some plan or another with these guys especially their Pop stars, which has to do with hurting people to get rich about which they are immune if people were to hurt them as well and I am tired of it and do not want any nonsense about working together being talked anyway, like wrecking finances and stuffing working together down with throat with a big mouth. They say I talk too much as well and I am not the one that talks too much anyway, they are; they are the ones that know how my physical appearance annoys them deeply with a big mouth and I know what they see of me is what they have put there, so I know they made my physical appearance into something that annoys them so they can get annoyed at it as well with a big mouth, hence I am also good at setting people up as an attractive target for racism and got in there first. To this they always like to say that either way the reality is that I am here in the UK when most racists do not want Black people travelling to their Country, the reality of course is rather that they are the ones that get off to their connections and idiots in Africa and bring them here to play I hate the Queen and love your income until I feel there is enough equality to like the Queen, wreck my finances and talk nonsense in public all the time. To this they will say they have been brought into the UK on account of me anyway so it is my problem, the reality is that I am not the on getting their votes anyway. So the important thing is that I got in there first to make people attractive targets for racism as it were and there is nothing more to say about it, except of course if we were to indulge how I made out it is easy to be successful in the UK which started off the problem in the first place, when the real issue is the matter of the most insolent idiots in the world which we have to deal with here that are completely convinced of the importance of their arrogance. It happens all the time and I mean in any case there is the Question of how racism becomes an issue in the UK barely a decade after the first and second world war had ended. It happens all the time and the idiots cannot leave others alone as it were; you live in a rich country and need to get off your arse and look the part and then others will like to know what will happen if they don’t and then it starts and never goes away until Machiavellian attitude is connected with academic work and pays off at employment financially and then they think they want to mess mine up as well claiming civil rights and how it has to do with me as well on account I share a skin colour with them that is so guaranteed that I cannot change it without hurting myself and it carries on like that. It is here they always show signs of seeking to see me stop and yet here we are more than a decade since they started and do it every day and how the temperaments of an Arch Prince needs to end up in the company of racists who have clearly informed them as it were that they want to know about all that stuff, now it’s their turn and it’s time for somebody to stop something, they had all that time and stopped nothing. For me it is the same old issue; something wrong with them seriously and we will get to the bottom of it as well – nothing like a talk too much as it were and of course what I say is perfectly secure too. They need to live in a world where somebody wants to murder them at random because the person wants that culture eradicated as it were, since it is not enough that I am living well while I live in such a world hence they live here now too. I am not picking up things that are bigger than me which are now creating serious issues on security for young people as it were, the reality of such stories is rather simple as I have mentioned it above; they need to live in a world where they stand the risk like the Christian who might be murdered by those who want what he has faces all the time which they like to bully him for as well because as I said there is something wrong with them and we must get to the bottom of it, they need to live in a world where there is a chance people might murder them because they want to get rid of their stupid culture and watch their mouth as well since blowing it off increases the chances I might be one of such people as well; hence I have gotten hold of them and made them targets for extremism and racism as well. It is not a new eventuality, it started with homosexual culture and that became my property and then pornography and that became my property as well and this is where it has ended up all together anyway; that one sleeps with peoples wives, hear say I say it is but they say it is not on media and threaten me as well, I mean with what? Hence I tend to take it up and do it for them and earn the part where it is said I do not live like a Christian but profess to be one all the time and yet have no prove of how I do not live like a Christian anyway since it is for me to beat up myself when my thoughts are impure and not theirs as it were, hence they have seen things with their eyes for my part too. The part where it is all about my people from Africa and claims of how the white man uses me, it has always been about that and of course you walk around the streets and get insulted by black idiots intimately on grounds there is money you are supposed to give them from your penis because they intend to see that you enforce sex and supervise it in their marriages, which will ensure they have no money as well unless they work really hard in very difficult circumstances and turn out in public to test the waters to find if the UK is so devoid of religion that they are that free, as though this was the gates of hell itself. What I mean is that there is no excuses for those their cultural violence and if I do not have my revenge for it, that is not their concern or business but it is advisable they do not assume that I will never do so. Hence the main idea raised is that I talk like that but I am in peoples lives still which I do not dispute because I will not tolerate the squander and the abuse and the republican sentiments and since they have made attrition out of it, regardless of offering themselves as tools that can be used by the Prince of Wales to control me or harm me like they have at present, I will make their lives into what I want, to suit my purposes; it is a fitting revenge for having a process where every nice thing people do to me is collected and deployed immediately as a means of provoking me, which they claim is meant to push me into a fight where I will get beaten up for things I say that I not right with that big mouth I want to silence as well because I have really had enough of it too. Now the story of how scared I am of social power is not based on fact; what I have been most preoccupied with is the setting out clearly of the reasons that laws are made on the basis of morals because that whole story of who made morals and why we live by it is too much of a rallying point for idiots that break and divide communities and are now threatening the very geographic boundaries of this country as well. To set out that laws are to be made on the basis of morality because there no point making laws on the basis of what you will not do to yourself but will happily do to others. That the idea of being scared of social power is based of the misinformation that allows people to think that immorality is powerful, when in actual fact all the evils they carry out are a product of things you should have done to them while they were brewing it which you didn’t – I will not be prepared to take that chance with them in my case and if people cannot make laws they ought to stay out of the business of getting involved with the business of doing so. We all know that the reasons social power goons complain about anything is a condition where somebody else’s master plan was better than their own, otherwise mostly it is rather a matter of chasing grownups around to ruin their lives and then remember that they are supposed to get jobs and pay their way in the world when it is way too late, thus the prognosis that their victims are supposed to supply as well, which politicians then enforce for them in return for making such a person’s personality available to build political careers with. There is no such thing as a process where I have been tied down anywhere as such; the reality as I have mentioned before is that I am already notorious for being selfish on grounds that when people see my books they get in touch with the characters I criticise in it – bearing in mind that you can never really pay the real price for a book when you buy it commercially, it is those that buy it and its history at a later date as an antique that get to do so, hence seeing my books and doing such things to turn up on television to manipulate me was always going to make an animal out of me; so I have shut down their futures and those popular cultures and am now actively seeking to get my hands on the finances of those who bankroll it as well. The reality of it all is that I have tried to live alongside people whom I know are stupid and cannot be seen around any of my work, office, academic or otherwise because their very presence there will damage it but the Labour party specifically does not seem to respect the fact that whilst some people complain of ignorance and violence as the problem of society it does not help to have a political party that is ignorantly violent climbing up my finances on a daily basis like they do, which will continue until it blows up as well. It sometimes comes right down to the issue of a culture that turns a blind eye to abuses of women, when we all know that just eight years ago women had so much trust with the police that a mere suggestion that you were stalking any could get you cautioned whether or not it is true – it was abused alright but what they have been up to in the last seven years at least has been off the scale all together; we imagine things like when you ask them what they do on their phones mostly and divide it up to find that over 90% is spent on rounding up men they hate to see and spreading rumours among themselves that creates a tight community that prevents such men from getting a job or earning money no matter how important – so imagine that at some stage the men they rely on for muscle turn on them suddenly, do we assume therefore concretely that any distress call will escape into the outside world from that sort of environment? For my part it seems that I groom female journalists into my estate and they groom me for violence that will make them feel safe and comfortable and I bet it is those things the general public do which expresses that they check up on me all the time to see I do not do anything silly or violent and of course we all know that female journalists are grannies as well and know a thing or two about sex based abuse of young people as it were, so the warnings will not be enough due to the fact I give away secrets of life for a living as it were, thereby open and available and vulnerable for plunder. The Politicians in like manner always speak of laws that can be made for social power whereas we all know that it is either there is a problem to settle by law there or there isn’t any and that laws cannot be made on the basis of what people do not want to do to themselves but are happy to do to others, just because a collection of people set out to attack me on grounds I am a Christian, only to later determine that the goodness required for them to have their fundamentalisms of democracy can be found for extraction from my Christianity as well which makes no sense of how I could be a threat to civil rights thereof and then they become so detached from a processes of earning a living that they are at a loss as to what they must do to earn a living but not for long because a Politician that cannot mind his business wades in to spend tax payers money on them and wreck my finances because they want my personality to build their foolish careers with. For this I have chased them around the world to get hold of them and bend them up the other way as well – it will not be that way the next time, I will not allow it spread that way the next time. I am aware it is said I am on some vendetta to destroy democracy especially idiots in the US that take a look at other peoples books feel they have got a means of playing around with me to become powerful on grounds I have left royal privilege behind and set out to work for money and then decided they want to view me with distrust and suspicion while their stupid girls and stupid children and women get all over the media extracting an income from it which of course has created a complain at this stage on grounds that other peoples master plan is better than their own. I am only on a mission to split society between capitalism and theocracy so we can see what we are doing clearly. I am not of the opinion that the issue with HRH The Prince of Wales is a major crisis either - it appears every idiot that sees what I own and wants it always against all odd pull off a process of being a friend of his, so he was good at it when he created conditions that drove his ex wife to her death and now he marries his ex-mistress on a platform which suggests I do not have the right to have a family life and proceeds from there to other things, which means that his idiots basically tend to think that living involves a process where they own what I own and own anything I work for and so the prognosis is that when you play government government people like to think they can do whatever they like with you and it is important they stay away from my book sales as I am neither being sarcastic nor bluffing when I say it is not a major crisis and HRH Himself does have an ability to tell them to change that perspective as well not pretend this is a huge and terribly important or destructive matter.