It is no said that I have always thought I can handle the Media but its now quite clear that I cannot, which reality is rather more that I have not wanted or been trying to handle the Media as it is such a waste of time, which is why I have not – however recent events show that they have become very determined to ensure I lost career and money to the problems of ‘the weaker sex’, which used to be something inflicted on those who get off sleeping around and familiarising with crowds of people whose characters cannot be couched for readily but it is not anymore now that they have got a digital age to select their victims by. They do always boast that I am savage who needs to be stopped from behaving the way that I do but reality is rather that women have always been the tool by which they get off at a work environment selecting what they want to do for a living which mostly has nothing to do with the job itself – it reaches a point where they select my friends for me because they were selecting the friends of those who share an office space with them and it gets all violent and career vandalising and municipally abusive, which they have due to a lack of response on my part transformed into a bully tool for dominating me, claiming that the response when I am dominated is exhilarating   enough to get them addicted to the behaviour; so I am convinced it is all going to end over a fight with the media as I have warned them the threats which are due to the fact they have made enough money such that if they got hurt or killed they will be remembered well will not work on me is very distracting for me, as I am unlikely to cut the money to pieces and call them out for the fight as well the last time we checked. When we say they select my friends, we are looking at unleashing their popularity idiots to get around chasing my bum while claiming it makes me give up the secretes but at the same time wrecks the career and academic work because it makes me smell, then building me a five year history of insults to perform stick gestures whenever they want to take things off me by which their hoodlums that want to perform activities the boss does at work on people randomly on the streets, have fallen in love with but to top it up, I end up discussing my Books where people do not want it and spend all day talking about Celebrities social issues with that energy they want like a drug. So obviously the politicians have now stopped having the ideas as it were, about nice people who just need money and how I am a threat on account they can read my mind and in my head I think their barely criminal activities were uncomfortable and the suggestion is that my mind has been conditioned and altered into something that cannot breathe without responding to their gimmicks and we have these statements made about people not getting me out of it to avoid trouble, looking for more of what they are complaining about. So I do get told it’s a sign I of all people got manipulated but it was never manipulation as such, its just insults and lots of insults associated with the fact their Liberal stupidities think Conservative young people should be sodomised for picking up cultural disposition their parents would find greater than the one parents have and therefore insolent – the primary purpose of the way we see them behave towards my Books was always associated with the sense of what would happen if a Christian wanted to preach the Gospel and was prevented from doing so, such that what God wants him to do piles up to a point where he ends up with a personality people can always take a scoop at, it was meant to develop into something of me showing mercy to a point where it was a habit, leaving them an opportunity to do whatever they liked, such that a Man would not have to reap what he had sowed but now it is becoming something of a direct handling of my property which is going to end in my view over a fight with the media, as we all know these activities are not linked to their job description and would not cost them money to stop doing. In the end I have indulged these insults to my own gain in the sense that we are now at a point where these is nothing left for me to indulge that they could invent, so since they have ended up with a terrible reputation that accompanies them when they put a name to their faces and make a living from a Public image, they now have the two choices of either giving up the Media jobs that gets to their heads or expecting me to keep their secrets of which handling my Books and making comments that turn off consumers for another day while telling me describing them as idiots will get me into trouble is not doing their stupidities any favours.

So they say I think people have heard what I say and do but people have heard nothing; what happens in terms of what people have heard being the amusing aspects of picking up my work to give others pleasure with that allows them build their own connections and wealthy friends gone completely out of control like we see them give their own to the frugal, so badly it has damaged the part people hear about my work and allowed them tell me I must become a public place vagabond to make a living which will likely signify the end of all things. I did not think that when people show up to build me a history of involvement with criminal and hoodlums, then set off building me publicity that suggests its what my public image looks like, somebody will be disturbing me to churn my tummy while I am at it; I did not think if it happened it would happen everyday and one the once in a blue moon thing I could discuss with family as a learning curve – the same idiots are complaining about the consequences of these sorts of stupidities at the end of the day and I have enough of it too – especially when it becomes obvious what they are saying is that the same way people who are bigger than they are decide which part of society they ended up in is the way they will get to decide mine and as I have mentioned before, It has always been about what their boss did, about their boss doing something that suggests what they are thinking is to get through their heads and down their throats and in their tummies and make a bad smell that mist cost the job as well being channelled at me - the hoodlums do it, the criminal do it, the Media does it and does it everyday knowing the criminals and hoodlums are doing it as well, it has even cleared up a space on their left where they can be free and rich with my personality and if I said they were stupid I would face violence with a big mouth - it does go without saying that it will stop over a really bad fight with the Media obviously.

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, March 28, 2013, In : Readership Community Finance and Mobility 

It’s nice that cyber threats have now become a real issue for western government, for of course the message that comes from Washington especially every time you mention it is always that of how much of a threat to freedom and markets you are; now intellectual property pillaging and developing economy banks have cropped up and it has become an insurmountable task for the Politicians. I do not think that it is an insurmountable task either, I believe it is no task at all; I mean until now onl...

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The media do have their own talk about it too but that always detracts from the facts which are that they are protecting me from the evils of their society and therefore know where everything I do to earn a living is and how to handle it to do that with; which of course is a formidable argument for people who ensure they squander my finances because I am being chased around by old idiots that have found somebody who has the kind of glory that will look better at gangs and wars and needs to ha...

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Now I Know I do not have a sleep problem, however when problems with sleep is mentioned on media reference in direction of me and my work continues to be the overwhelming prognosis; the facts of course are that these fools are always at it everyday i.e. that I am introverted and they love to find ways that will upset me in such frightful ways during the most unholy hours of the day which takes time to come down from of course but the sad fact remains however they stay awake to do so, hence th...
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Naturally there is always the top of media bullying on the suggestion government Policy in the UK is not favourable for businesses and they will use their media to ensure the business go somewhere else unless I let them have what they want in the form of attention and controversy to get more attention and so on. Its like the old story of claims I refuse to recognise most of the problems I speak of are created by black people when they are given money to get around to it, especially on the b...

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 Now the information they think they want to hear when all they really have for the purpose of black people making sure I have no choice but attack those who have hurt them or I will be attacked by black people and that noise making we hear all the time which is supposed to lead to results where I am oppressed if they get oppressed and there is therefore need to keep everything I do completely destroyed to make such things possible, is whether or not I want to oppress people on account they have realised what they have done is create a need for me to protect my work and possessions with patents which means all they really have to fight me within a condition where I want to oppress them by using their lives to get things done and making sure it is not done for them as well because I control their lives. They speak of how I mess things up by telling my secretes to people who should not hear it which creates the problems I then think I want to solve but the old case has always been at all times that I am experiencing some kind of education on the fact the world is an evil place and they are controlling every aspect of my life to ensure it is used to get things done but only for others. It is not a new or serious issue either, it’s just that the fact I want to oppress them since my warnings never pay off and they cannot stop their vandalism they think will make things work that way since people just get royal commissions out of the blue as it were, seems to be news, news of something they want to find out and this is why I need to make it clear the information they seek as well because we have had to listen to their rubbish for years now and those vandalism of my finances to ensure their purposes operate is such a good use of my time and property as well bearing in mind that they will lose their possessions if they matter does end up in Court thereof as well. So yes I do give information to those who should not have it because those who think they are telling me what to do are convinced that my job is a plaything and of course it is a job and not a toy and the matter will not end well either because they are so stubborn – they are supposed to have been the fifth factor besides the general society playboys and the media and the violent society and the Politicians, what they think they are is other peoples fathers to basically take up their property and deploy it to their own ends by winning peoples sympathy for how much people hate them forcefully but the outcome is always that they use it only for themselves and the owners lose out – so the information they wanted from me was to find out if that is what I am going to do to them and the answer to that is a yes – they need to stop playing with my job and playboys somewhere else, it is a job and not a toy.