I do not think that it is such a huge problem either, they are simply incredibly destructive, especially the young people and when I say so I wonder where people get the conflict sort of destruction thing from anyway, these are a bunch of really stupid cowards. I mean what do people suppose social equality and wealth distribution is about but a convenient con? How does it feel to be rich, how does it feel to be courageous, how does it feel to be a tyrant etc, bad things could happen where and when I don’t pay the price so I can see what it feels like and it goes on endlessly and my right to earn an income is being taken away when I progress too far for their liking with a big mouth; so I go after the culture and will be after the money side as well. The idea I will get into trouble with them is based on the notion I don’t know what makes them so prickly and if they arm themselves against me I will find who supplies them weapons and I will dig that their stupid rabbit hole as deep as it goes and if they tempt me once I will kill them before it goes any further than I like to. It will become a life they can no longer recognise like gambling civil rights to wind people up when they have it. We all know when they have no more of that stupid revenge you do get a breath of fresh air for a change in your life; whether or not they claim it is a tease and besides which it is never clear how you tell the difference between teasing and bullying bearing in mind the monumental scumbags that think it is okay to tease people at their finances and their women who think it is okay to get involved with violence and use the personal lives of those people to do something about it through rumours and intense familiarity based insults and do not seem to realise they have husbands to go home to abuse and insult instead of me? They need to grow up before I get to use that their own to fix the violence as well – hence it is not necessarily a terribly difficult matter anyway. They say of course that I don’t share the administration ideas with the Politicians but which is so because they talk rubbish all the time i.e. wealth distribution for some people but even when they can see that damaging your finances has taken a toll and giving them money now means they have everything the wealth distribution can never apply in my case as well, first we imagine they are confused and disillusioned but when these idiots have begun to claim social equality and the need to have my personal life and make it their own as well, I am certain they can see they have money to throw around while I don’t, so I don’t have to take steps to ensure they don’t come round here to do that their rubbish anymore. The fact is that they have just gone off and built an entire generation of government policy on the needs and desires of stupid women that want to have sex with younger men who want nothing to do with them; hence the wealth distribution until I have nothing and then social equality on my personal life as well when I have nothing to distribute anymore and also what I mean when they say I don’t share administration and I say they talk rubbish all the time. Its the questions raised and the answers I give to them of course I personally do not think it to be a serious matter, just that a matter about that stuff I do to ensure society is stable like women do so that black idiots can tell me I think white women are angels but the reason places like Africa is poor is obvious as it were, which of course is the reason for those kinds of insolent plans where the reason they speak to me like I am a child is because they want something from me that will help them govern better, which I leave for them to do and find somewhere to relax as it were, sp now we are in a place where liaison with their media is a matter of how much bully power their media can have and we will see too about that one; I mean everybody these days can observe such things as the fact statues and monuments are ugly because the media is fighting me over seeing or enjoying the sight and existence of anything good in the country with their camera in order to maintain their power to order me around and make me do things for them which aids their liaison with their Politicians and so it seems to me that they have something to prove and I am determined that they will prove it too.

Now finally first of all is the matter of trouble from the royal family which is violent to me; for the record I should state my relationship with the top family as a whole is as smooth as anything, even mistakes I make are being overlooked like crazy and I have to worry then about suffering the consequences of my own incompetence and the absolutely shameful history of being responsible for my own downfall. However there are some that love to dispatch their media goons to have a go at me and most of them think that I am not aware of the feelings of HM towards me as such and that there is a lot of things that they need to do about that and more so to their own ends, which is very violent and full of rubbish too. In the end the old issue of buffoons with rich or privileged backgrounds who cannot leave other people tends to apply; with respect to which when their parents ask them to do anything or indeed they get public work, finances are always handled like its rail track times ten and over again and so because I make a living with my books as it were, it seems my position has become the threat when I have never mentioned it as a comparison to what they get up to, hence how they get to lumber me with problems associated with trying to be a member of other peoples family when you know it is impossible and then of course the other part where I have to remind them their parents never owned one like this nor has any King of England and then of course we have now reached the stage where I have to tell them they will take it like they claim only when the evils of their society holds sway, for only then will they have been able to tell lies that people become so disillusioned that they believe and when done come round to get it and more so over the fight of their lives as well, like well off buffoons and the fact they cannot let other people be and talk about violence all the bloody time. Now with respect to the issue of transparency that would do me a great deal of good when I do anything with people; the fact people overlook is that no body has ever ended up doing anything with me in a condition where they are the boss, whenever people do anything with me the fact remains that I am always the boss, they cannot be the boss; it is impossible to expect me to end up in a deal with you at a royal property from which I release equities and securities and write books on those to earn a living in a condition in which you are the boss while you need a favour from me. I mean which is which anyway and how many of the books do those that want to be my boss have ever bought around here anyway? These things I say are not coincidental, they are a plan developed after making public my life revolves around my Court and Consortium and Royal Court and a personal life in which I do diplomatic work with the aid of British Government and books I write to earn money from it and of course the declaration of facts such as that of when I do anything with my court it seems that unless Asians had ripped it to pieces they will never breathe for example, it is designed so because I am ready to fill my fame and personality and do not expect any opposition either because I have given people enough time over it. I mean they always say it is about money and I wonder which part of it really isn’t or have ever ceased to be about money – I don’t want their lectures or education on that for my part, I just do not expect resistance like the old stuff about being the boss when because I own an empire that is vast and very valuable I cannot release a penny from it and end up therefore having financial problems on account people wish to show me the various angles that can be followed when people do evil things on account they want money.