So they claim today that political leaders are becoming more of a collection of tyrants and that it can be pinned to me and my book, which I do agree with, however the reasons being where my position differs i.e. when I write a book, with my name and office attached to it, people do not see any reason to handle it with a sense of respect because there are possibilities that things may not happen as I had planned them to and that would mean lots of power for them. Now the Politicians feel they can move around rich and poor, leaders and masses and need to ensure people behave accordingly as well and it is my fault already. The other side being of course that the boys and girls that vandalise my earnings are said to have been good people by their Politicians i.e. good people doing good things for social equality and wealth distribution and now it turns out they have got savings as well and we have ended up with huge opportunities for society to work in a completely different way and therefore an end to the notion I am the one with something to hide who needs to be probed. I do understand that they expect me to pick a fist fight with people like the media but whilst I understand that as long as the media feel they will loose nothing if they got into a fight with me it will encourage them and therefore I need to do something about but they did say these goons who want nothing to do with work if they can have access to your earnings and savings, the Jezebel characters are a good thing and while they want economic progress we have not heard them say otherwise as well which means they still think it is all a bed of roses and I will never stop talking about and dealing with it with respect to the Bible either, so that if they do not like it that way they can get lost. Now for those of them that do backstage idiots who think they know what happens with my position of National defence for example; they always think that they are relentless and unbreakable in their quest for things, they always consider themselves to be dark horses who have temper and greed, I think they are the second man who need to find ways of running nude dancing clubs if they cannot do as they are told, so there is nothing to be concerned about. If they are linked with the Prince of Wales it seems that their biggest problem is that I will not sell my books because the Prince of Wales continues to believe that fame and fortune modern popular culture scum are his mates. In the end it seems that they want a reckoning and hence it is impossible to get to work on any day without being confronted by an idiot who claims to be the one that gets to bullying me, who speaks about being in some kind of rivalry with me in which he has home advantage because he is white and so when I handle the matter I will settle for good that stupid home advantage that seems to be my biggest problem. They also say this is all the talk of a man who is scared for his own life when he believes other peoples children should be dying in the middle east for democracy but the actual fact being of course first of all that you imagine that the purpose of their cultural filth they toss around is that you mind your business and let them mind their own but in actual fact what it really means is dirty work that you will do for them but the Muslim and middle east ones expect you to believe that it is poor and middle Muslims and middle east people that have enough money to travel to the UK where only God can help you if you have an office where you work in their neighbourhood. So when they say peoples children die for democracy I do not believe enough have died yet because I am still giving up beautiful privacy for reason of being badly beaten up using the doors of cars that were not built by a car company in the last decade among other mockery and defilation; so I am imagining that it is when they had finished this that they will get Countries such as Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. It is not just the middle east on this matter, so I do not see what I am scared for my life for, by the which if I was making a dent on the issue something would have changed by now. The issues that measure these things are matters like the fact I have a working Court where women who are journalists get by with securities I have provided in the sector of the firm which has to do with getting involved with my inner journalist and how it gets to mean I allow women do whatever they like with my finances then make noise about dealing with those who ensure all I do to seal the company as a firm is opened up and blasted off on media on the basis of their greed and demagogue everyday. The other issue is that I do sadomasochistic leadership which is utter nonsense because I am a Christian and if you indulge such things knowing that there are commandments in the bible for fasting, then one day you will be fasting when you have to do such leadership with a very big crowd, so it never works. The truth about it is that these are very evil scum and they do these things when the cultural powers they want to exercise on absolutely anybody they want is out of touch; in my case to put it in touch with me they have needed a decade of my time and we all know it will bring me nothing but social, financial and career failure as well as ill health while they use that process of increase their failures and make it up until it works and I am pissed as well and will settle for nothing less. So it appears when I tell them not to make a stupid video singing my intellectual property, they make an entire album instead, so that I might round up those their savage cultures and manage it for them then set out to stifle the fame and fortune at a later date as well. Hence the question these days about how I do not appreciate the American friends but I rather can tell a fame industry slicker from other people; like when their money goes into making a movie and they want to ensure word goes out that I get around making up stories about actors I have never met for example. For the media ones, if at all you have a problem with privacy and peace and quiet in the neighbourhood especially when you work from home and also have something that could make media scum and their news look good, the problem of course is heir agents and those are the people they get on that their stupid television to attack you for and tell you about a fist fight that you will not survive everyday. You might think it is easy to get around your own business but that will not change the fact they will find a way to sit somewhere in the posh areas of London sipping expensive drinks and talking rubbish about you that they feel people really need to know about when they have never met you either. So if there are any people that will have revenge on me to please culture idiots that run businesses which exist for no other purpose but to cause me suffering, pain and ill health, its the media and it will end very well too.

So does it mean that everybody that does culture is tarnished with the same brush? Of course not, its that we have a tendency in this country to get used to all kinds of rubbish and then when those who do it are done thinking that when they know it is impossible for you to get used to something and you know it is impossible for you to get used to something and they do it to you anyway over and over again and make up ideas you are used to it which they try to impose with media as well, they think they have big names for themselves like racist but it is the moderate racists I like most because those will be doing my democracy for me next we know it and I really like those their American friends that lie all the time too. I mean lying is not such a major issue its what they want to hide behind and make masks off while they tell their lies that is, things like freedom and democracy etc – the democracy one of which does not bug me very much except that it is the reason I will loose things and revolutions will happen. They say they now know why I never get bothered about what they do of course when in actual fact they are really the most insolent scum in the world who like to tell me most of my problems are created by my relatives; then when done make their insults up on media as something I have gotten used to as well, so the process of doing my democracy for me becomes the final piss taking.

They like their stories that this is war on people who are strong and imposing and it is always utter rubbish because the fact somebody is strong and imposing is not to say he is a violent person and the fact somebody is cool calm and collection is not to say that he is not a violent person, its what happens when we have Politicians stir their racism and speak for us about who we really are. Then they make out when some of these guys get corrupt and do the stupid things they do there is some injustice that has led to it as well, not to mention claims that they are naturally like that; separatists, racists etc – utter rubbish of course and by the way of which each time they the Politicians sit down to expensive drinks and food they do show that they know what respect is as well. For people like me they always say we start and then leave it for the tyrants but that is always only if they mess up because if somebody thinks that pleasure and power can be gained from using apparatus of state to wreck my finances in order to obtain means of making up civil rights powers by abusing a special Christian, they ought to realise that when somebody will not let me breathe because all I can do is kill him so he can get his people to kill me as well, I will be after the revenge itself so I can find out whose idea it was to set up gangs in the first place and if they do not mess my means of control and management of other peoples lives for them up, there is no reason tyranny should creep into government and we all know tyranny goes round and that people always die in the process too by the way, hence they have nothing to get worried about. I do not believe I have some overarching power over society like their big mouth suggests either; they need to live with the animals they create because the best must  be ruined and pillaged in this country so that the worst can take millions of years to get rich and show respect for the fathers. The fact I created a successful business and they had access to my privacy has now meant I have to sit back and prevent it from becoming the means by which every fools gains access to any industry of their choice on account a group of politicians are really insolent – why on earth would they question whether or not I feel I have an overarching sensibility over everybody as well?

My academic work is not a matter of major concern either, for as many times as these fools leave me very little time to do them, I will repeat them and get them done and for each of those times I do repeat them they will understand what I feel about those their positions of authority that is worthy of no respect whatsoever and if there is some kind of targeted racist activity going on at the exam board over the matter, they better bloody wish it does not at this stage. I mean what would they do anyway, tell me where I am supposed to be again? The others in the US think they have a problem with the idea that trusting them with the supply of products that I am to stock at the market place for those who pay me for the job of making the products available need to pick up and leave me with a job in the process, means they will determine how much I can earn and or they will determine whether or not I can earn at all because it looks like a possibility; so what it really means of course is that because of that phoney they put up and want to move into my right to run to get rich at my expense alongside their scumbags that can buy anything, I, not them, have completely lost a sense of what running a business is like; the idiots are my gods and I do like that idea where they get off talking whatever they like with communists and everybody around the world about which they make out that they are talking over me or talking on my behalf or talking the talk that I am party to – there are Americans I will handle like savages they present themselves to be before this is over it seems. Obviously most of these things along with their British friends were supposed to result in some kind of revolution in the UK, while there is still all that huge parity between what US government should do and what it is actually doing, which is not to say I am roasting their barbecue for them as such, just making it clear every idiot understands what it means to talk above me to other governments around the world with his stupid media, when secretly they do so because the US does have its own culture as well like everybody else. It of course brings up those issues of what revolution is for i.e. the removal of dunces who take up power and will not hand it to those that can run things better; on this occasion the dunces in this matter have jobs but do not like their jobs anymore because they prefer mine, I mean besides the process of realigning their sense of orientation with other human beings and making them do it all over again when they are about to draw their pensions, never mind claims of following that my books create which I deny, these fools really believe that there isn’t any place in the world that their stupidities are not entitled to be in or go to.

Now I want to conclude this matter with the issue of strategy over Afghanistan; with respect to which I am left in a place where I have to imagine the impossible, that the leaders are not aware Afghanistan not so long ago was governed by a King, in fact that it was so in the last century. So there is no social back up being created for the soldiers on the ground, they simply gain ground and then loose it when they move off to somewhere else; what I am saying here of course is that such problems as come from Afghanistan clearly needs to be crushed completely if it is creating such a huge stir around the world. This policy is however much better than the prospects of ending up in a place where the Labour party in the UK sends out the idea message that what the Taliban is doing is okay and they can carry on as long as they promise to do it without arms or killing people and it is with such rubbish that they like to pretend they know much about people and why they are the way they are, like they now have to deal with civil rights and social equality vandals because they have got their own savings as well and are therefore ready to. To which if I mention it their usual response is that they know of black people in their party who think I am the maddest ever goon they have ever known and of course I do not have a problem with this because the only way that I would not have been the maddest ever goon was if and only if they and not me got the commission I got from the Queen. All I want their MPs who are MPs my arse to know is that they need to keep their weed smoking, when I want it you give it club life rubbish away from me and how I live my life; so far they have changed the way I have managed it into something that these idiots can make money from on the basis of a process where I have been caused a lot of suffering to boost their self confidence but it does not change the fact however that I still believe that their bigger than me size if rigorously managed with a tight regime can be very productive for the British economy and of course they understand here what I will do to them if they tell me where I am supposed to be in a public place where it can be really insulting and embarrassing. Apparently I don’t want them anywhere near my office but they are there because MPs said they can with a big mouth; they are supposed to be out there with their trends from my personal life they play for people to enjoy life using DJ music with, where my wife and children are not and I don’t have to crush their stupid club life and homosexual activity therefore so they can complain and want more legislation for their alternative lifestyles, not in here where my wife and kids are or are meant to be – it seems to be the last thing their MPs who like to do things to people to make them set out means of handling their stupid children in unbecoming ways according to the things they show is possible.

As for education, they say when I speak of education I do in the sense I want others to muss out while I catch up, it has no connection with reality since I do my academic work in a selective fashion as I am not a teenager anymore. However being that this issue has been raised by them I should make it clear it is a matter of stupid things that some Politicians do to create confidence for their stupid children with my academic work and so it is now a bet for me and idiots that have a history of complaining about civil rights will not have to compete with me and win and win they will indeed. They need to get out of my life and out of my work and make their own fame and for that reason I am not giving back that stupid left wing or any of that media or club life rubbish. If this is not how they want to do it in order to return to compete with me and win, I will make them into damaged products like I did their parents already; it will not be the first time and I imagine it will not be the last – they are not allowed to be famous in front of me with all those insults and abuses and this is what is happening to their media goons at the moment, it will soon become a public matter too. Finally they always like to claim when my allies do anything on media with anything, I completely loose it; fact being of course that the Politicians are happy to get around with their advisers and spin doctors the media are happy to get around with their camera men and producers but when I write my books the crowd I mix with is short changed and all I say and do turns up on public media at the hands of my allies – of course it would wind up anybody. I am not saying things about me and or my work does not turn up on media, it does but that has to do with the company not the books or sales of it and I know with this they will be after the company forgetting theirs has already matured no thanks to me and that I like older women as well and there is still a debt of revenge for the vandalism of my court which also included their politicians seeking the best sex to have.

So the part where they claim I am in trouble with the royal family winds me up the most; these idiots don’t even know what they are doing and talk concept with their voters all the time and they will not find out how to do their own jobs, what they want to do is discuss whether or not I am in trouble with the royal family recently. The hung parliament at the moment is not enough bearing in mind their incompetence and the process of if you do this that will be the result while my career plans is completely different from your needs with voters, of which I generally always go after that stupid civil service whenever they think they are going to spin it out; it helps me to ensure I don’t breach their human rights telling them I beat them all the time because I have a more important job and the reason for that is that they are stupid and I am more clever than they are. They like their claims also that it is a system where people are unaccountable to the public whereas the public wants me to do what I am doing and they are the ones messing up the earnings, so that if the public thinks your talents might serve them MPs are so other peoples business interested that the opportunity needs to end up with those they want it to end up with and of course it is always their business all together generally. I am not the one that is being unaccountable to the public and it is why it is so easy to make society operate the other way round now that they have got their own savings as well. It is so annoying when they do such things at a point where they don’t even know what they are doing and for Labour I do wonder why people vote for them; I gather it was a state of affairs – where they get the votes each time other parties behave in strange ways but it generally seems that I am now required to behave in a certain way so Labour does not get out of hand which is a load of rubbish, it bloody will and they can go to hell. I am not in any kind of stupid tussle with them over whether or not they can do their civil rights, its like the old stuff about the fact that I am meant to ignore most of these things but because it all happens as a result of their desire for the trappings of power and cultural wickedness and I have been hunted for a decade so they can ensure such trappings of power are updated over me, they are not and need to go to hell on that too, the other side is that when I set up a company, people ought to respect the fact it is a persons property and not get around making sure each thing he does not see the company run like a firm is taken apart while they stalk him and make it so, in order that they might get off and sell music CDs and all sorts of rubbish that will make them rich and famous on it. They like their claims it is a business set up from messing up other peoples business of course because they think they are not connected; utter rubbish because I actually offered to securitize negative market equity for those businesses in return for at least an office in the UK so I can do the job properly and so the other deal I secured from them was that they will let it to me so I can sell books and earn a living and since we have been working to get out of recession while their MPs have been helping them to ruin it in order to build time gap between when anything is set up and when we actually trade, in order to sell things that make them rich and famous which they also think is funny; like the education system about which they do not like the changes the government has made so much – it was the result of another person waiting for the system to evolve of course and now that it is in their hands they have ripped it to pieces seeking people from whom to steal fame and do not want to have the one they are left with anymore. I for myself quite like education systems that are all about people getting clever because then I can have their eyes off me so I can go through all the routes I need in order to squeeze out the most I can from my career and do not have to advice anybody as well due to coercion so they can talk rubbish about my apparent prejudice and make me force it on them like their stupidities want me to all the time. So it is suggested as well that the way I work makes it impossible for the system to work with me and the reason for this is of course that the system is perfectly fine as it was and all that the people really wanted from me is my books; so that when labour part fools want to ensure my career is that of their party and people get to vote for it as well, they wouldn’t get to blame anybody for having a government which exists on thin air, however telling me to give up something to make it real will lead to a completely new set of issues. All we know about changes in the system is that most people have now decided to keep their good stuff at home and do the stupid stuff at work due to Labour party invasive leadership; so that when you go to apply for work they are more interested in teaching you how to write letters and CV et, so everybody is doing that stuff these days and I for my part am selling my own. They have been learning the hard way you see and I am not interested in what they want anymore because it is crime in practice; they consider themselves to be the real leaders who are not afraid to rule while I am a cunt and so now first of all they are not my leaders I am theirs and they will fight and win. In the end what I mean in any case is that there is only the concerns of this office and its diplomatic front, my firm and my academic work for me to worry about and nothing to do with parliament but clearly when Labour is determined they will make it happen; mess up civil service, do international relations, mess up MOD in the process and create even more problems for me. So it does get to affect me because it is all social, cultural and Political filth for me and if I want dirt I will get involved with my working court on the media – about which they like to say they will make sure all their filth ends up there so I have to deal with it, so that I might have to explain to them why they complain all the time that media is full of feminists and so on. So for now it is already in my books that they have got their own money and are good at dealing with the deviance that they have also made rich with tax payer funds.