The media do have their own talk about it too but that always detracts from the facts which are that they are protecting me from the evils of their society and therefore know where everything I do to earn a living is and how to handle it to do that with; which of course is a formidable argument for people who ensure they squander my finances because I am being chased around by old idiots that have found somebody who has the kind of glory that will look better at gangs and wars and needs to have his finances wrecked so he can be manipulated by those who need that glory to end up doing what it was meant for; then we hear them talk rubbish all the time about how much they can provoke people and look for trouble and intend to handle me my work to provoke me and wind me up until there is a fight and of course the fact there is nothing I can do about anything according to them. So it is always in view that despite their complains I need to get off getting around with people who do not want to get around with me, of which for now it seems the bees knees is how I get around with them but if I actually do there will be a clash at all times between what I want to do which is go to Church and what they want to do which starts from binging, so they are very well aware I do not want to get around with them and there is no such thing as a process of me trying. Hence considering the realities and facts that if I were to have been having arguments with anybody, it is likely to have been one with for example catholic people and the relationship of the Catholic system with Wall street and if such a thing were to be the case, none of it would have gotten anywhere near media or journalism, then detached from work for the Church I do to earn a living writing my books and selling them, is work for the state and for that one I will have been serving the government which again has nothing to do with their media and journalism, so they know I want nothing to do with them but handle my books because it is a criminal activity that is meant to wreck my finances and help evil men to ensure I use my glory to do gangs so that they can have their trappings of power and of course they never listen, you can never tell them off no matter what. The black girls are always unbeatable of course because I pay little attention to them; the reason I pay little attention to them of course being that I know the way to handle them is to make my own personal take on globalisation obvious, so we can find out whom they want to kill for money and their madness with it soon enough. It has always been the case that this is how to handle black girls and black women and African idiots, so I am not suggesting that it is something new either – their entire lives are perpetually built around stifling another person’s work to get qualifications and get jobs they know nothing about and so you go to the bank for example and get the worst service ever but the bank manager that employed them employed them so that he or she can locate you as the person that can and should do something about it to avoid a process where they have to which will incur them the wrath of civil rights and those always do until you handle them as well but for the black people it comes to a head when it appears they have found the person from whom they will learn the cultures for their jobs, just like it does for the white ones when you protect your customers from the wickedness of your race and they take it away for all kinds of very violently insolent semantics and you have enough of them too; so I do think that when they see what my take on globalisation is they will recognise it and they will know I am responsible for it without a doubt. I am aware of course that this matter has come up on account that people want to ensure they no longer fear me when they employ women that are affiliated with me in any work of life but it is not necessarily surprising either; after all we see very little of those their insolent girls who know a lot about culture on Utube with up skirts and stuff and of course I am aware that they always make it clear to every one of those women they work with at the fashion industry and media and everywhere else, that they do not want to know or hear anything about me, which is just as well and I am aware of this reputation of mine too, it’s just a fact I will get fear from them when decorum and regard for my person is not forth coming and I know they do not mess with those women because of this and would like to be able to have an otherwise situation to be in too; there is always a female version of absolutely everything I do to earn a living in their view, so the bar is high up there for anybody who marries and settles with me and so this insult and all its benefits mean its them all the time around my work and around my finances and around my House 24/7 – 356  every year. They ask what I care then about the up skirts thing but of course the fact remains that a journalist earns around £80,000 and does me favours of publicity for my work and royal estate everywhere she goes in the world and so they feel that my Literary empire should be cut in two one half for the up skirts fun which wrecks everything or contributes greatly to doing so and the other half for their stupid insolent cultural girls to show themselves off doing advertisements and selling everything in the world that leads people far away from God while leaving me penniless so I can be manipulated. I always say I want my Court back the way it was and so the next time they feel like using it to make popular culture and pornography and stock market profits they can give it as much gusto again. All I want is a process where things work as normal i.e. they travel around the world with the securities of my company and my world and my authority if possible and leave me the publicity to manage things with; like that old stuff where people think they are more important to me than God is, or we see an opportunity to get rid of terrorism when a collection of people who think that they should go somewhere and kill of the tribal chiefs and take over and impose Shari a law like Mohammed did, with respect to which the rest of the world which opposes them is as corrupt as the chiefs they get rid of, knowing that we can only imprison them for the rest of their lives and give them the essentials and their holy book, in the understanding they do not see themselves as criminals, when we do not see them because they are hidden away in mountains in desserts, we corrupt it with media and bombs to create conflict and tell me to get up and find a way to get gutted so that I might fear such stupidities talking about terrorism and a better way to deal with crisis, which media idiots then get to play around with. This is what I built and so it is clear when people damage my Court they do because it is easier to damage it to get rich and their company is clearly too big for me to have my retaliation, when in actual fact mine should be so easy as theirs was as well. It brings home the issue therefore of children I am responsible for as it were and the fact that wealthy women who get involved with me are not necessarily in charge and if the relationship these women have with me is so consummated and more so much more consummated than they give it credit for, I find it impossible to work out what part exactly they themselves are playing in the relationship anyway.  On the matter of men that work my renaissance as well, that will be people digging into the politics of the UK Union and men that do first contact with the world and so on; so fair to mention things like the fact they are doing blasphemy against the economy and have got American Express platinum with unlimited credit – they have got that thing that is used to beat up the mother. So it is the case they complain all of the time but such facts remain as a need to reiterate that I do not want them telling me such things as their stupid children whose actions I should not take to heart because they were bred for an evil purpose which helps them to preserve their evil secrete rooms and shrines from which they get rich and successful and powerful and of course over people like me with a big mouth. I never can tell what they usually want me to do about it whenever they tell me in that way knowing I am a Christian and am supposed to preach the gospel to anybody I want, which of course is what currently constitutes their biggest problem and the second being that noise making of how people need to tell me to get out of their homes and you cannot make out what devil drives them to such insults either – I mean technically I should have those homes available to me because they cannot stop making sure I work many times I hard as everybody else for what everybody else gets and there is no other way of making them work many times as hard as I have to as well unless I can do whatever I like with it but on this occasion the provocation remains that they are peddling my house and personal life to get rich and famous and are doing such things because they are covering their insolent tracks; how many times really do I have to tell them I am a Christian and do not want to know or to be corrupted in such ways or my sanctuary defiled in such a manner anyway? In the end when you say talk is talk and fight is fight and some things are insufferable. By the way of which they seem to feel as though my work should court me enough hate which makes me an assassination target but I have no idea therefore why they need what I own to make their plans to put me on the run is all about if they were so powerful - only a typical example of the kind of things I have to warn them about seemingly all of the time, while they have media to start themselves off with all of the time.