Naturally there is always the top of media bullying on the suggestion government Policy in the UK is not favourable for businesses and they will use their media to ensure the business go somewhere else unless I let them have what they want in the form of attention and controversy to get more attention and so on. Its like the old story of claims I refuse to recognise most of the problems I speak of are created by black people when they are given money to get around to it, especially on the bit where they want to claim to have spiritual powers to make people rich or make people poor or bring about electoral success by white people who don’t know I have the fundamental right to go to work everyday without having to deal with dog whisperings for racism which makes them think I have been dominated, they have moved into my personal life and now some body needs to do something to stop the fight in a condition where I will never move on with a big mouth and guess which party they always come from but its Labour of course naturally.

Then it comes to a head when they tell me they are onto me because I speak of why they need to get the hell out and stay out when in actual fact I have first of all always been aware they are dunces that like to bring out of people with their bullying the intense desire to cause them pain, so that when they do violence it means they can recognise damager and are not so stupid after all, which is how they like to tell me their stuff did not look like mine and so I should be sharing none of the things they get to learn from what I say and do, whereas as early as 5am they on my case to get rich and famous as it stands with the help of their Labour party idiots. From here they tell me that if I continue in that way they will know enough and take away that royal estate that gets to my head and that is why we have already ended up in a condition where I want the media as an entity to be a royal property of mine and will most definitely make history with them before it comes to an end like it should. The other side of the matter of course is that they are weed smoking drugs taking idiots that spend all their lives in narcotics and crime and violence and therefore think I should be scared of them but I am not of the opinion that I would be the first to have decided that when you deal with that their stupid power of revenge where they cannot let you breathe because they know that you can only end up attacking one of them and the rest of the gang will have revenge, it will lead to other things like rubbish about how you tend to show you are really clever at the violence which encourages and builds gangs – I am simply expressing here the fact there will be no such state of affairs of escalation when I am finished with them for my part. In the end the point is that I am the boss and they are not and this is why their insults are lucrative however the idea that they have found this person all be it a Christian that they get good things from each time they cause harm to is a prognosis of genocide and I wonder why any body would act prognosis of genocide at me when I have never met them before, except they have been targeting me with whispers for their purposes at their local communities where they conspire for these things, which as I said I have the right to go to work without living with a condition where people do such things to me and this is why I want the idea of the entity of media as a whole along with that stupid popular culture as a royal property of mine for the violence that goes on underneath will be ignored whenever there is any talk about it as well. The last part is that they are all criminals who have spent tax payers money on themselves to become barely criminal and so the idea is that they are barely criminal as a state of affairs which suggests that they are being nice because I am co-operating which if I didn’t would provoke them and this is why their insolent MPs like to get on Parliament to build up confidence to fight me and harm me every single say because if I act they can dog whisper for racism on account that my actions will have created another state of affairs that racists think is something I do to involve them in my problems; so we all try to get along with these kinds of provocations and insults in part, so that we can live in a multicultural society, it does not mean that when I speak about tolerance we have settled in on that end to the fight where they move into my right and sit around to tell lies and I cannot move on; they need to stay the hell outside of it. This is the part that explains what I really think of them i.e. they are criminals you see and to secure a win, win condition for their criminal activities they must secure somebody to practice them on who has property that cannot be quantified by law; so they are crazy about young people for it and in my case think that one thing will happen and when I say something about it society will believe another on account they have hatred for me from black communities to play with, which is really nothing but the fact they think their civil rights robbery works with everybody and when it does not with me tell me I can never escape them like I can never escape my skin colour with that left wing rubbish.  So it is getting worse and worse too and we all have to live in a moderate existence as it were.

As for the part where I should be scared of them because they are on to me; they are always onto me and I find it complicated where exactly I need to start being scared of it. It is either they think they are my parents so when I work for money it vanishes or I ought to be scared because they are onto me. What I really think of it is that the real me believes that these Labour Party goons needs to be led as a matter of fundamentalism i.e. when somebody tell you that each time you build a business you need to stop earning money from it so that they can share it with their stupid children who have confidence issues because they have not got a business like that, you really do realise there is a lot of things they need to be taught and educated about and when they do not wish to carry along there needs to be a ring in their noses to drag them along. So its all very well to say I need to be scared because they are onto me; no body will ever figure out why they make animals of the skin heads like they do and why they are so keen on making me sick with OCD in order to turn out and mix spirits to get rich with that their left wing retarded and violent rubbish that gets attention and concern from people all the time, which they make out is a process of getting rich and famous and important. So in a nutshell this is me; clearly even when you do not want to lead them, you are in the game anyway and I am not really of he opinion that I am the first or the only one either.

This is usually the point at which to tell me that I speak the way I do but all they do is really a function of what my supporters do to them; however everybody knows I have more friends in the Common wealth and in the US where people like my work, than I do in the idea that my entire life revolves around the operation a certain British Government. So these are supposed to have been repercussions for telling me how scared I need to be and how much they are onto me as well which tends to happen all the time.