Now I Know I do not have a sleep problem, however when problems with sleep is mentioned on media reference in direction of me and my work continues to be the overwhelming prognosis; the facts of course are that these fools are always at it everyday i.e. that I am introverted and they love to find ways that will upset me in such frightful ways during the most unholy hours of the day which takes time to come down from of course but the sad fact remains however they stay awake to do so, hence the self harming bloody idiots are clearly happy to hurt themselves to such an extent.
My views on media on the other hand appears to be a sub demand but I have none; The facts of that are simply that these are not ordinary middle class family men, who have three cars on average for the family i.e. people carrier, wifes car and the saloon. These idiots are able to afford a wifes car, a saloon, a peoples carrier for the children and an extra sports car in case they want to go out alone or with their wives, so the bastards are perfectly aware of what privacy is to people and what it means, except that they decide that there are people they have marked out whose properties and lives they feel as though they should have absolutely no respect whatsoever for because they are trying to deploy it to their ends to increase their chances of making more money. Clearly therefore it is difficult to have a view about a situation when the state of affairs is that when you tell people never to do things to you that you do not like or is harmful to you and what you own but they sustainably continue to defy that, then you must decide on whether or not you do want to do something about it, not plan views and come through with regulations. While their society idiots who have a tenacious, intrusive insatiable thirst for violence think they can do whatever they like with peoples property due to connections maintained with them and their media appearances where they can easily help to subvert ownership of property, if be it for a while to make people rich which they are showing  signs of deploying as punishment against those who do not obey their will as well with a big mouth. The idea therefore I do the same things to them when all I have done is set out plans to harmonise them and manage them as a problem alongside my career which therefore like their idiots means I earn another direction of enmity over things they want to own through violence; the claim I do the same to them of which in itself is an expression of the notion that they really are convinced that all those things they do with my work and property has become part of their lives which is delusional as there is no such thing from this angle - it is dumbfounding how they reach such a conclusion and even proceed to make out it is plausible when the one seemingly big problem I seem to have at the British Establishment is that of claims I encroach on other peoples roles built up from the effect some of my highly rumours based misunderstood behaviour affects my state provided security. Contrary to Popular belief, I am actually not of the opinion that there is any such thing as just people in the world who believe that what you earn is what you are entitled to, these things seek a reaction, need to get one and will get one, no such thing as a view or a plan for regulations from this direction nor am I making any references to regular conversational nonsense about people who are said to be trifling with their great cultures, while they have really bad behaviours and attitudes that harm them, then think they can get kids and set them up for riches and fame to sing about it in a way that has much to do with me and make more money I am supposed to show a lot of respect for. Most of these activities do not actually trouble me half as much as is made out; I mean all I have to loose is Political idiots hounding me for these trouble makers all the time so they can take cheap shots at me until it becomes power for their society to attack me all the time, then they can get on media and complain about things that are missing from their lives but for them we have to look back at the numbers these fools like these murdered during the second world war for example with their collaborations and strange decisions, to see why they are not nice people around here and the start of the trouble for those who continue to insist on my work and property is just the part where happiness, health and normalcy is relative like they have claimed it is, otherwise if it is not they can force me to be a God they beat up into giving it to them and continue to complain on media for that. There are other matters too like when they claim I make rich people less excited about their money so they can get even richer which of course is not their real problem as their real problem is really the reactions they seek from me which will begin from the process of how they know what money is and the importance of money and I will make them into Gods I can beat up who will ensure it ends up in my pocket all the time as well - it will ensure I do not have to deal with their secrete society powers and its violent satanism they claim is linked to how they make money and that their stupid civil rights rubbish looks like it normally does.