The men the men the almighty men, that is the most recent issue these days but the last thing they will tell people is that they use my books to wipe their bums, then get around making publicity on that to ensure people never buy them and tell me to give the books up because they intend to use it to clean themselves up and because they have no respect for anybody or anything, they have turned out on public TV to solve the problems that the books dealt with at my expense as well. This is not even the main the issue because the main issue still is that they interrupt my conversations, such that even if it is a book they will interrupt it and we will find out as well.

They always start first of course; when I say I do the things I do because I must do them they ask me who the hell I think I am with their stupid wives making their children better off with my income with as much insults as required to condemn and consume my entire life totally with feeder insults that make them better off the more they get my attention for it and stupidities and violence that means they have got a lot of power. Hence we do a bit of details. It is important their children stay away from anything that belongs to me and stay away from me and it is important they stay away from my books as those do need to get sold.

Now they claim I am really troubled by how smoking weed and Cannabis affects your IQ and the fact that those who do directly have something they can share from my income and my work. I do not believe it is a serious problem either, only the question of whether they want me to take it straight to the government so their complains of inequality and wealth distribution might fall firmly on deaf ears. Otherwise we stick to what I do with respect to the fact that they get on that TV to do their insults like that which is bad for my health such that beating up or having somebody do it is good for my health which becomes a place I don’t want to find myself in, while the fact I don’t want to find myself in such a place means they are successful republicans and also rule me with power and violence and gayness.

Next we hear them claim I say things which foster the ideology of racism when in actual fact they are the ones that see other peoples children as people that can take it; the ones that they want to bully and the ones they want to use to bully other people alike, then sit down somewhere and plan it all to the last detail and get on that stupid television to do their violent power on everybody to enforce their stupid plans and make noise about the modern age and the idea they are in charge because no body has yet violently done anything about experiencing distant fascism from them. Of course the racists will clearly obtain payment if they carry out the service they want for them and that is why they believe that in my case even if I wanted to, that I cannot with a big media mouth.

As for being definitive about where I stand on racism because people keep reading rubbish into what I say and others around my office complain of claims I encourage racism, the fact of the matter is what racism is technically; and racism is what we learn from school to be an ideology fostered by a section of the German socialist party sometime in the early part of the 20th century which was used as a means of dominating other people. So what does the government mean when it says racism is frowned upon except the fact that either as a means of getting by or a means of bringing in a foreign power to help you dominate people in your community or society or wherever that might be, it is as an ideology and a means of communication against the law to practice it.

I have no idea where they attended their own school anyway, I was informed for my part that the demagogue happened somewhere around 1919 and the world went into a war that was the bloodiest in human history thereafter.

This Equity is Brokered between the Firm and the Spanish Car Maker KIA.