The idea that Tony Blair is the inventor of ethical British foreign policy is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever had to listen to. They could talk about what they did not do during their time in office and what they are not doing now to fix what they did not do but what they wish to talk about regardless of whether we have yet found out what the Liberal democratic will likely do with their friends overseas if they get into power as well is how one of their Prime Ministers invented the ethical foreign policy that the country has.

What they have done in fact on the other hand is help these their idiots with mobility who get around seeking out to be and claiming that they should be the upper classes of the poorer countries in the common wealth that they come from, however the way it works is entire suites of communities built to create a certain lifestyle but sustained by the idea of people they love to abuse being made to exist in a condition where they have no argument which supports the idea they do not like to be abused and will want those who do it to stop and technically like they also gather up money and travel to the UK to do it as well, people who live like that are lower classes, hence instead of talking about how they invented ethical British foreign policy they could always see that they have got problems and more so with their friends and allies over seas because of course the reason there is not a lot of reaction to what is seen by most cultures are evil and wickedness which is what they do with all their time in the UK is because we have a class system in the UK and so they have their own classes and tend to bug people less, however in especially the poorer countries in the Commonwealth we are looking at military dictatorships when these things have begin to hit the vein and that is what we will have to deal with when it becomes wide spread as well – so they might want to think about getting on it first before that is the result of their invention of ethical foreign Policy that the UK has got.

I mean in a long shot this matter is more widespread than it is given credit for i.e. what does it mean to be a diplomat or to work in a diplomatic office or to be a professional diplomat; how do you ask the UN to sign away millions of currency in aid when you have done nothing to looking into a sustainable way of dealing with criminal, internationally criminal and international criminal communities? How do you send such money when these communities are free to move around and to do whatever they like? Even the opportunity that was presented by the economic crisis has not been taken, what we have gotten out of it has been complains that because people wear suits and work in the UN, some kid in the UK who writes books has been getting involved with them when they are not his mate and something needs to be done about it, what we have been getting in addition to that as well is that people want perfection from them and so the way to correct the problem of the recession is likely to be the last thing or the last route that they will be caught dead following up the matter of the economic problems that are also creating social ones as well, hence it is completely mind blowing when about a decade ago somebody must have invented ethical foreign Policy for the UK and no body had gotten to notice it.

The purpose of the diplomatic community is basically people getting together to stop the run around and mobility of criminal communities and organised criminals, the rest is paper work that has to do with each diplomats portfolio and is no body else’s business but the diplomat that owns it, hence is irrelevant. Now the question is that of how many of that exactly has really been done and we can see that there is little or next to nothing of it and the only one we get has to do with speeches and career piracy on a grant international community scale. I should be a rich man I am aware, if there was good diplomacy going on due to the contents of my books and the Intellectual Property administration company but I am not, hence I am one of those who knows there are no good diplomacy going on anywhere, so if somebody must have invented an ethical one here in the UK, I am certain I would have been one of those that are privileged enough to be the first to feel its impact in a good way.

I am simply going through the overview of claims of ethical foreign Policies invented here and I know there is argument on the other end that I say there is no ethical foreign Policy invented by Labour Party and one of their Prime Ministers but Popular culture and popular music has rather gone off the roof; this is the usual stuff of course because what the diplomats have done is give money to criminals – I mean if they did nothing like they do, the criminals would have gotten around anyway but they had to finish it off by giving them money as well and the industry they like best of all is of course the popular music industry, where they can decide to punish those who hated the idea of their criminal lifestyles and you cannot get your head round how that would be the case if the idea of stopping them from doing crimes was supposed to have been a bad thing, so the purpose of that industry continues to remain what it is i.e. they earn legitimate money and then use it to get help from their Labour party to take revenge on those who got on the side of law enforcements to hate their criminal activities, so that they can make those people suffer like they used to when they were criminals with the help of the oratory of their stupid Politicians, who are also hoping to get successful career piracies out of it too.

For me personally it is a matter of the fact that somebody has prevented them from putting their wickedness which they conceive in the spiritual and pit to plan mentally, out somewhere into reality and normal life and so they have resorted to insults and abuses to make up for the power that they should have had, like I mentioned before, most cultures like that of the UK as well see those activities are wickedness in high places and so they might want to get after the military dictatorships before we have to deal with them when they materialise into government arrangements.

For those that are royals however it seems that their case has more to do with how I do peoples things for them so they never get better off with what they have but I suppose I have made facts about it very clear, that when people mess with other peoples offices in such way they should expect them to put out something in public or sign an important deal that will make their lives hell as well. I am here anyway and it is not as if I have got a huge mansion with body guards in them. In my position whether or not I have become upper class as a result of the commission I got, is not to say I will not be trigger happy to kick some insolent upper class arses, so they had better not leave me alone and make themselves available too, it is clearly my liability. In the end it appears they are such a pain even their parents want them dead but they have instead of change the attitude thing decided I am their bully’s way out.

As for the idea that there are those relatives that are my biggest problem, I think the relatives always want something really spectacular to occur before their insults and attitude stuff takes a turn for the better, otherwise they will feel invincible with it and mess with my career and then when sure I can do nothing about it do what they do to make me angry over the matter of respect as well anyway i.e. take care of anything that could aid me in being a threat to them when they harm me and then be a threat anyway like a really funny version of power that never ends until it does badly as well. I don’t have a problem with it, I continue to mention that I do not go to the communities of those who make out I simply came round to a country that was tired of Monarchy and wanted change to be on the side of it because it was convenient when of course it is easy to say so and they are not complaining that success in the UK is difficult, who like to make out also that there is a real barrier to everything I do in the sense that my fathers feel insulted by it, so I do not see why it should be an issue either – I do know however that it seems they know nothing about me, nothing about the fact if I want them to do something they will most certainly do it. I mean they are very evil people who like to think their ambition is to see that there are things about the principles of life itself that you have omitted doing something with or something about with respect to which they are the ones that should duke out the punishment in which you stand up in the middle while they gather round and decide which part of you and your body they want to carve up and own, so imagine telling them to do something and getting the response that they are older than me and find it insulting, I mean it would have become a matter that has to be settled and we are not talking about ill health insults yet, with respect to that it does not seem like they are having their orientation with people realigned now that they are drawing their pensions or close to doing so as it were, so it seems when that is the case we will have an improvement too.

No body by the way understands why they cannot get off my TV screens as well. I mean you see a croon you have never seen in our life and for each time the out come of such encounters has more to do with trauma and extreme unhealthy unhappiness because she will raise her voice and tell her community idiots she cannot get into that space of life itself because you got into it first and will not let anybody else in, which is an example of the ill health rubbish their community idiots turn out to enforce in order to get rich over my work, property and income. Can you imagine what I would do if I told them to do something and they told me they are older than me? We are not talking about the media here and their quest to destroy my personal life and securities with no respect for the fact people depend on it on account they believe there is no God, about which years down the line today it appears I am stuck with problems he media do not mind creating for themselves having access to my personals and then fermenting to affect them, so they can better adjudicate to make me solve them, all I know about that stuff they do where they think they are the antichrist is that when I handle the media contrary to popular notions all that will emerge from it is a world will accepts what they have become.