It’s nice that cyber threats have now become a real issue for western government, for of course the message that comes from Washington especially every time you mention it is always that of how much of a threat to freedom and markets you are; now intellectual property pillaging and developing economy banks have cropped up and it has become an insurmountable task for the Politicians. I do not think that it is an insurmountable task either, I believe it is no task at all; I mean until now only the Politicians have known that Jaguar is banned by Chinese Authorities from selling goods in China while the entire UK economy is dependent on Chinese manufacturing, no idea then what seems to be the matter with Jaguars goods anyway, except that it is one of those things people do and dust up before the facts get out in public because they know that the owners of the markets they have closed off and the governments of their countries will not give the markets up to you and that it does not make any sense for any government to close off markets that companies have expressly worked for, especially more so when some have like the Company mentioned all the way to people management. The other side of the story of course is that of easy cheap and money spinning spoofs that the Chinese are very good at but when they see how it is being made, then they ban it; allegory of seeing the pig and calling it a swine and seeing the prepared banquet as pork. I am not talking about Tories and Western supremacists and I am not talking to those here or on any other occasion either – their insults of those they can order around and how I am so trapped by problems there is always somebody out there who owns a prerogative over everything I do on grounds they want to be rich has led to a process where I have taken half of their business equity assets and half of their communities and half of their societies and half of their Politics, one more move and I am at it again and this time I will take all of it. I mean this matter of British company goods being banned in China was something they were meant to iron out with Chinese authorities but have done nothing and from what we can see it has been like that for months if not years – only insults in my direction they are good at as it were. This is a simple issue of competitiveness and economic blocks i.e. I can find another china if the existing one is not playing my game etc but the big offenders are the Germans and the Chinese these days, while the Chinese wait for companies to create markets and then shut them out of it and hand the assets and equities to their goons, the Germans want to do things with people’s money that was people’s money that was their money that was people’s money and so it ends up in a situation where the whole matter of being responsible for those smaller ones around you means most of the countries that have been dealt a hard hand are simply split between the UK and the Germans while the French tuck tail, run and generally spend their time on expensive drinks and intellectual property robbery based fashion and trends, to produce stupid media influences whose insults never cease to amaze me and like to think they are sharing my Literary empire with me which of course as I have mentioned need not be said twice that if I give away things to the millions of people in the empire it is none of their business nor is it any of their business if I sell anything to them, I have taken half of it and will take whatever is left once I am made to move off my comforts, so they can talk even more rubbish when they can in a pragmatic and distant violence of problem transfer thing they never listen with respect to how I feel about it, concerning how they will spill my guts to have everything in there with a big mouth endlessly.

The part about getting into trouble with middle classes does not apply; I mean you do notice some good things about the middle class like 60 year old pensioners who like the arts and theatres and so on but as soon as you turn around you locate idiots on media who like your income on the other hand and talk too much with their big mouth too and cannot stop ravaging your personal happiness for good measure. It’s like when you meet a girl and she has money to throw around but that does not take your fancy, in their case the part that you are supposed to take a fancy to is so tiny or none existent that any sight unusual behaviour on your part will completely ruin it for them and so nobody understands why they cannot see that they would never be in charge of a relationship with a Prince, that a Christian who is a Prince wants nothing with girls who know what they want and how women are stupid etc and nobody knows why they cannot find men that fit them or live their own lives without noticing that such a Christian Prince exists, not that I care since it will end badly and then it will end as well. I am aware matters come through on what I did say about the Cypriot economy but I believe I made myself clear anyway; first of all the process of bailouts works as per money circulating in an economy, so it is assumed that when taxes are placed on + or – properties such as savings, then it must mean that according to calculations, the savers should recover that money over a certain period of time in which the tax has been deployed, it might be phased out at some stage or it might continue but the bottom line will remain that savings are taxed because the economy works in ways by which savers get returns for the tax which matches the tax and that is why the tax exists – hence we can only assume they know what they are doing since we do not have any evidence from them that they have established such a link before they decided to embark on imposing the tax on savings that they have now created a precedent for. The other side that I took steps to mention directly had more to do with what on earth they have been doing as a government all these years while people were saving money, thereby a condition thus existing where there are too many savers and the economy is not doing what it ought to because the quantity of savers had rendered other customer sectors unfit for purpose – the last group of people who should pay for such an outcome is the savers themselves which is what I expressly mentioned with examples as well. The part where I get into trouble with media is very well understood that the Cypriot economy being an example of things that happen which mean my income is in trouble, only always leads to a process where I hurt them for no reason or purpose; since everybody know now that I hurt them for reasons ranging from claims that I sleep with peoples wives unto the creation of publicity for me which I do not want with their blockhead media which runs because the previous one that had been created and runs to stifle my book sales has run out of efficacy. I know if I wanted to act to sell my books I could run a campaign to clear it up but I am not their mate and so it is always the threats of violence and the insults that lead to it and we all know any trouble my book sales get into will create another one of such an occasion, we are used to it in this country at this stage anyway. I am aware they do these things of having a hold on my income to make me do things for them because they feel they are Kings and Queens and that it is what the Queen does but as I mentioned before about women who know what they want who need to find men that fit them and leave alone the Christian, it will have a sad ending as well. It suits them when they complain but have defaming and deforming opinions of my relations with the royal family, when they complain but have no regard for other people’s communities.

The part about how the Royal family does not want me to get around with them is more of the problems associated with my being seen to do anything outside of my position which is a rather personal relationship with the Queen but for them applies in terms of trying to change everything I do into a prerogative of a member of the royal family which they can blow their top with as I do not recognise it. I do not think I mind when you look at a girl and the part of her that can be liked by people is so small any behaviour from you is likely to destroy it and I don’t mind if all of their existence is about protecting their richer friends but they do see the damage they do to my finances when they attack my book sales of course and that is what I want them to stop, not lot more stupid incorrigible middle class balderdash. It’s much the same with black people and the idea the thing that winds them up so much about me is that what I do is so uneducated but of course fools have finally found a way to cheat their way into academic success, hence they are on a roll which then makes it surprising I have decided they will not be doing my stuff. It reminds you of those days you wander into female quarters at the University to get around with a friend and find them showing off their academic lack of performance and having lesbian sex that make them hot points of power sex for lecturers and older men and for the boys it’s a matter of your style which was their own and how they are surprised you cannot tolerate raster goon telling you he wants to deploy your personal life to do riches and fame which he deserves to as your contribution to society because yours is big enough; of course I am aware that if they are able to show off their stupidities in public and avoid being nice and normal to people while having popular culture with which to own plush and lush and luxurious living environments like they do in the US, then that talk of having things they did with me in which they were the boss that gets worse on my earnings which is actually criminal will get worse. There is no such thing as power shifting to developing economies as such in anyway, that must have suggested that middle classes there are richer than middle classed in developed economies which is utter nonsense; we have our problems here and it is largely to do with Politicians always having something to say in public which wrecks our profit margins – hence for conservatives and Liberals it needs to result in social and political and economic bankruptcy each time it happens to make them behave, while for the socialists there will be a process of detaching them from government property to shut them up. I am not saying I do not have an issue with developing economy goons, I do and it has something to do with using my property and income; each time they do and you get through to them you cannot get in, they do not pick up and they will not speak to you and they will not shut it down or stop. I mean there are five men older than I am with whom I have business over here and a black idiot turns up to get involved and tell me he is an older man as well, what does it mean; it’s like some people ask the question of their rising riches and what it means for the poorest in their societies but they are already off to the power games which will end like it always does, same old story that will occur again and again and again and again through every generation and they say it will not if they have me which is what must change and I always think that there is a vital nutrient missing from me if I do not cook it up and stir some violence to it since I am still young enough to be that bored as it were. I am not suggesting developing economies do not have their problems but banning companies is one way to get about them as it were and I bet once the models had developed through some four cycles they will want some and then their people will pimp the models without any questions asked, however which the companies are banned when they are not yet at such a stage, what does it really mean? I mean I might want to get involved with the issues if I have a market foothold in china because it is how I must protect my patch; it is not the government of the business that the property exists. Reality of my lack of regard for developing economies is best expressed by the fact they currently have a one –up i.e. their idiots are free to pillage our intellectual property without question but none of our people are yet taking away satisfaction derived from consuming our products to make them want more, so where does the lack of regard come from then?

I am aware Americans hate British Monarchy but it is entirely normal; we like to think of Popular culture as something they just do over there along the lines of things they did with people in which they were the boss but in actual fact it exists entirely to ensure that those who no longer have royal offices are not better off than those who took it away from them, hence the idea that it is the process of leaving a royal office and getting another job which pays just as well that winds them up the most. In my case they like to say I was not born into it but got into it to wind them up and will move their rudeness off my book sales too, since we all know the process of addressing me removes credibility from my work but worse still means that everything I have done to prevent that bad habit of making people nervous taking effect seems to have been obliterated because of my Fathers in Africa and their stupid girls and an obsession with my television, so their hatred is entirely deserved so far and will get worse too. Racism is rising and if not why are you being so intensely bullied until it is a sub culture, always works of course with those who think fame and fortune is the same thing as the Church – does not work with everybody hence they are so much better off at present.