They say the UK is moving in on US Backyard of course which is utter nonsense; republicans have always been good at playing stupid games with people, that involves a process where people’s livelihood provides not a service but something valuable to the owners which can be handled to secure their attention and make them service those who would be more superior if they had the money. The Democrats version is more in keeping with giving word to crowds to help wreck peoples livelihoods like an open secret and then getting into government office to set whole communities that will make fame and fortune on the public image of such persons. It’s not a concern for me considering the Russians for example have their own gimmicks they like to play with smaller and less wealthier countries and so do the Germans and the Chinese and so on but they really do expect me to lose sleep if they unleash stock market people on me while reality is that stock market operative has 50 very destructive people he leads and feeds with knowledge everyday just as a pastor has a congregation of 100, so it does not make me lose sleep – I simply do not want them doing their trading on my Books or anywhere near the concerns of this Royal Estate and I want to put a dead them to the involvement of civil rights abusive scum in my concerns, who have now gotten to a stage where they think they control me and their stupidities might be amusing as there is nothing I can do about it with that big mouth. Eventually they say I am unaware of how much the Monarchy has been hurting me which is utter nonsense as what happens is that HM is very well aware of the bottom hurting characteristics of politics and so is one aware it actually does not affect me or hold any sway – it’s like that other illusion that I have the same character as the Queen whereas the Queen is more the grab peoples career and do stock market and fashion abuses type of person, who does not actually engage in such things but positively dislikes it. They speak of the matter being at the heart of the disrespect I show towards others but we all know the blacks especially have taught them how to handle me like they were my mothers, looking for trouble that can only come through their insolence and then we find them whispering around the Prince of Wales and securing themselves a Guy with a body type that deals with all the things that cracks them up, to show up here and tell me I can take anything they throw at me because I am looking into me to deal with it and that is something that will never run out but will likely resist them and risk everything including my life, with that cracked up out of my league big mouth I have to put up with endlessly.

They say I claim my bottom is not hurting but that is not actually true; it is true - what is hurting my bottom is the civil and criminal disobedience of the Liberal people especially and their media and their popularity goons and they like to tell me they are not moving out of my life and I cannot make them and that they can abuse me watch over my Body which they like to abuse to feel good as much as they liked and it causes me to make references and that leads me to the clubbing and partying lifestyles of the 1980 and leads me to Aid international alongside the corridors of International community stuff and I am going to move them on my way or their own; I do not want them in there where all my valuables are, I just want them to stay, making fame and fortune from my public image and cannot move on until I drop out of University which proved that stupid girl that likes to say I am a boy picking up talent that the men should have was right all along and my whole life is not going anywhere until they get respect looking for trouble - I want them to simply stay, so they do not carry on to a stage where they claim I have been stalking them whenever I try to sell my Books.


Point scoring 

 The Arch Prince has no Political powers, just the obligation of managing violent bigotry and the many forms in which it comes, from Fascism to Republicanism, his opinions and demands can be very important in Political circles.Which must be well distinguished from the violent campaigns and abuses of Godless people who have been whipped all through their childhood, not just by their parents for mentioning God or suggesting he exists, so now in their adult life they seem to realise when they say God does not exist the whipping stops and when they say he does it happens and continues to no known end, hence deduce that God does not exist and that they are atheists. However will not give this a rest and so set about finding Christians they can attack, whose lives they can ruin, whose finances they can spend on themselves, whom they can force insolent abusive errands on because of their obligation to be nice to people and to lead people to God and Salvation, which makes their problem the fault of Christians because they can make their condition the responsibility of a Christian with the help of Politicians and then attack them for the purpose of keeping them unemployed and cash strapped in order to turn them into the Christian beggars that respect people that have money(commandeering fame with media for example and coming round to abuse people in order to make them answer the questions of their problems in life, use other peoples products and market place to sell something else, in order to get rich and help people they want as followers to it too, claiming their powers can make people rich, knowing HH is a writer but to him do these things because they do not wish to buy the books but to get him to talk, so they can cheat him out of an income have followers doing so). This is an issue but it is not what violent bigotry is just physical manifestations of it in its evil products (so they always ask people what they have done for the world exactly and my answer will continue to remain the same: do they want to choose a side? I have you see, a better idea for people to choose a side with which involves insulting me less and is even more effective and it is called attacking my books).