The story festers endlessly that I am done for and finished, which I suppose does make sense to people who have now gotten accustomed to the effects of their own lies – it has caused them to be disillusioned, they are now tangled up as much as those who are victims of it but they have got money, so this puts them in a position of dominance, as stupidly as possible. The question that must be followed up being that of whether starting from their need to put themselves in a place where they can mock and abuse me over money problems due to my moral public standing, which propels them to wreck the finances and academic work and in due time show up with a Media presence to dominate me with salaries and savings, is a threat or not, especially now that their favourite past time is talking to people on public media on how I am completely finished, done for and none knows what to do with me? I would therefore fancy the same old case where they kept off my Books and their big mouths off my case, keep it shut, if it is not reviewing something I wrote. Normal people would see this as a warning as such, especially if they can see these stupidities are causing me a lot of distress; I am not finished and done for in anyway whatsoever and I do not write their Books around here.

They do claim they have reasons for targeting me but of course they do since University drop out Prince was what their own lives looked like – I had no feelings, so there was likely to be no response to this business of three perspectives where one is the way I handle myself indoors and the other being the way I handle myself outdoors, while the third which is the way they share my personal space takes up 70% of my time at least with the violence their stupidities want to work with it being something that happens every second, complete with communities built to get imagination up my bum – the way that the Heir to the throne continued to insist he wants to form a government with their ageism and sexism and I was a character that should be held down somewhere until he was King and not something his mother the Monarch should be playing with, which is what has really made this matter incredibly difficult to deal with, shooting off at the precise point where it was clear they wouldn’t allow me run a normal career and I had to work from the Royal Office entirely, making a living from the Bookshop and taking up another three years of my time – then there is my favourite which is the matter of spending time with me until they lost the popular culture, of which continued process of doing so will never produce an outcome where I wrecked it all together. The threats are usually all good but its impossible to tell what sort of career allows people to get into their Office and spend time ripping up my livelihood, instead of the parts of activity that actually pays the salary that gets to their heads, it does go without saying the next time I find myself hurtling down a rabbit hole into that world of Industrial backyard, I will be showing up here to perform destruction.

The other story where it is said I pretend they are irrelevant and have no purpose being something they understand well it not based on fact, especially when they garnish it with statements to suggest we need their money and of course we need their money – I have been given Crown authority to work the liabilities of National currency; we need their money to fund the civil service and the Military, it is very vital that they understand what their place is and stopped making a mess of either two – this matter was meant to have been cleared up before HM Colours are trooped this year and I have no idea if their persistence at making trouble is to say we do not know they spend most of their time making a mess of their civil service and getting off to the Monarchy to fight my battles. We understand US influence concerning this nonsense is not lacking to say the least and I believe I am doing considerably will with currency liability too.

They do claim I am poor and have nothing to show for being me but I was never going to run a Hermitage on the premise of spending time with Celebrity goons either, it has always been as simple as getting involved with a Bookshop according to the purpose it was set out, not to make a mess of service processes and products and or screwing with the writer – the part where I am poor was the history they wanted to have with me and it suits them well obviously, its not what my life actually looks like. So if I do mention it like that we find another Media is well positioned to run off their own gimmicks on the kinds of greed wars they want to engage in and the kinds of greed peace they want to settle up on, such that the German Economies and Japanese Economies which encourage it wouldn’t point such things out, we have to wait for a stage where we can tell them they believe its okay when British National interests are debatable while their own is untouchable, so they might explain it as something which occurs because their economies are bigger. They speak of how we deal with such things by picking up Brexit but I have pointed it out before that Brexit was a National decision as people responded according to the way their lives were affected by events in Europe, not something I wanted personally, as equally as they have evidence which suggest that if I performed such activities on their valuables I would get away with it all.

The point being that it is rather quite stupid as I am not finished and done for in anyway, expressed by the constant complain that I want to control them while it’s a qualified kind of control i.e. each time they get involved with business at the Monarchy they are able to make more trouble, so we want them to get involved with business at Parliament, we want them to get involved with Politics, bearing in mind they do not have the intelligence, the skill or he personality to run a career which is about law making – they have explained this is a matter of the way I describe people as idiots in my Books and I suppose it is fair to point out that since what I have written in it is not entirely what my whole life looks like, they might want to read it if they are interested in doing so and get involved with a Bookshop according to purposes intend, not hang around somewhere with their unfathomable stupidities hoping I was finished and done for because they fancy they have some academic qualification in the art of bullying of sorts. I should imagine that based on complaints they have been losing money for these activities instead of getting rich on my account, they now understand what they spend their time doing with me is not a form of employment but it now needs to stay away from me if it wants to be free of a sense of public control that wants to keep its stupidities out of the Monarchy while making sure it does not get involved with the Business of Parliamentary Law making each time it gets involved with Politics and keep the comments and insults off my public image and Books.