I thought I ought to put this here to spell out what is really going on. So of course there is a problem with the Prince that gets on social networking as it were. I am a genius and this is why I can get away with it, nothing more to say about the act itself than that. They on the other hand should never break the rules so I don’t completely get out of hand.

All they really can do is use the things I have written there and my person to play both sides of society in order to get rich, nothing more, which does not necessarily mean I am doing them a good thing anyway.

In the end the facts behind it is that they wanted big business and big business is here but the problem they have is with the rules. You see these rules exist because if Mr A earns about 300 million pounds a year it means he is selling a product which at least some 200 million people across the world have come across, so it is always cruelty to presume you can steal his property and try to tell the world that it belongs to you, I mean how on earth are you ever going to make that happen anyway?

The end product of the direction their insults and abusive ambitions and greed, money madness and insolent wealth distribution they hope to get away with to fulfill their ambitions of strange wickedness is leading us is a process where people do such things to me and I grab their business and flog it for the price of my books, with no laws in the world to save them which will lead to a communist system and it is not as if we cannot operate a communist system, its just a new set of questions that need answering for which it does not really do to work so hard.


They want to be rich but have problems with the rules and this is the real problem, not where I put myself recently. I will never do any marketing for my books except in conditions where I am certain doing so will not change this status quo. They are always pushing people out of their own earnings which they must have used some insulting mob based power to make into an essence everybody can tap into, claiming it is what market wants in a free market system and do it without limits because whether or not it is happening is a function of what they want, all the time, trying to get rich has which no bearing to the way the real world works and the reason it is so difficult to police is idiots buying the products that such trouble makers put out because they want to be swept away by some change. I still maintain my Policy however; if I create a market for my product and somebody sells something else in it he or she will give me back that money one way or another; we are trying to recover economically for goodness sake they should know it means trouble. It is not manipulating your customers to buy more stuff or getting more of them to buy more expensive stuff, which is what business people can do if they are evil, it is the autonomy of those consumers that is at stake here and I can put myself on any social networking site that I bloody well please.

Now the above is just the job, what  think in my Heart of hearts contrary to how they feel anything I say means a perversion is that there are supposed to be a process of finding out exactly how that their evil violent witchcraft makes people rich; since they are still keen on fights that make no sense while planning to get rich at the same time and do so without working for it by using other peoples property. There are supposed to be clear cut technicalities that can be studied in institutions and researched. I for my part have put up with the abuses and a process by which they extract an income from my property for long enough, as well as I have with the insults of those who buy those their wares giving them money in the process of mess my world up with. So nothing is ever the way they claim it is when they have been messing around with my job recently.

The way it works is locate somebody they wish to touch and bully and ravage all the time with their witchcraft, tell their Politicians about it, who will start off lies and insults to create the person as much problems as will mean they cannot protect their bodies from anything and have no fortitude of mind for their thoughts either-so because such persons have been fighting so hard to protect themselves and the Politicians have taken so much of their time and public times and money to make this happen for them, they have reached a point where they can make money from it as well, then go further from there which is what we have at the moment and then they can touch such people with their powers as they like. So people ought to join this and get off my books and property if they do not wish to buy them.

It does not seem like it is stupid people that ruin other peoples lives these days, taking a good assessment of the economic crisis, who is meant to be deceived?