Now I am said to be a trouble maker and I would not mind what people wish to spend their time on as such but these insults are adding up; we all know the main issue we face a lot of the time is that their sex organs are male and that of other people is female – so they organise themselves and just walk down the streets getting random matrimonial services from the females that make them feel like the breadwinners that their stupidities were, somehow it extends to me because they desire to do it to me to such an extent they invent an ingenious bullying for it, like stupid Men. We have not once seen them sort out any of the problems, each time problem arise because these nonsense about controlling the females to have a future is fundamentally based on a need to stop me doing anything that is important like we see them chase the women around for and then complain about the problems that had arisen because important matters that affected their stupid selves had not been dealt with and it’s always garnished with incredible lies, softened up with stories and statements about fraternity of Country. They say that with reference to me I appear to be doing better giving up what I am thinking as bottling it in makes me dangerous and it does not make any sense to me either, since its largely a matter of the fact that as long as selling my Books do not get me crossing their paths, all will be well, as I do not have to contend with characters these stupid and insolent all together – as for what they are damaging not being quite clear, we all know that any person that has tolerated financial complications while idiots like these show up to hold him over a barrel, wrap him round their little fingers and get rich quick will be very unhappy, and that such nonsense about me being a trouble maker while they are still running off their celebrity and media jobs on Publicity I have built up to trade my Books by is something they actually do not have the means to back up, such that the main question will now have become that of whether they are being made to pay an arm and a leg for my Books being that it is so important to them all together – having said so will mean we end up with another gimmick in which my stress levels shoot through the roof on account that it means I will now be spending time with my fans and not looking like I deserve to own everything, looking like they were not in need of an exorcist, bearing in mind the first time it became an issue, it was because they followed me around like that at University until I dropped out and then when I wrote a Book seeing they were following me around because of what I knew, a mini war emerged due to the fact they had no wish to help me support myself financially by paying money for the Books, as stupidly as they can possibly get. At this stage naturally it will be said that the media has me and needs more which is utter nonsense – the media does not control me in anyway, what I say and do is meant to end up in the minds of culture and society trouble makers, lest I end up looking like a character they are convinced will always pay the price for their stupidities, dropping out of University so they might get to play with me; obviously the media gets involved because they are a bunch of Career squatters and unless those occasions in which law enforcement have been brought in to make them pay for damaged property had occurred, they will always invent ingenious forms of bullying that others cannot argue with in order to keep the lifestyle going. I then do get told I keep them hanging by making sure these sorts of matters emerged everyday and also making sure it is never closed and yes I do because they want to be able to join gangs as they wish and leave gangs as they wish, so when they are angry it matters and when others are it does not and when they have needs everybody is to put aside their concerns and deal with it – this is why those unexplained extreme violence happens with the gangs and the reasons cannot be mentioned or spoken of because somebody who was always trying to make their way in the world had perished in a moment of madness – each time they see me we find they feel as if I should be getting killed by gangs so they might get free and see their stupid selves all over my public image to try and make fame and money, so I need leave them hanging at all times to ensure they are neither dead nor alive for it. Its apparently one of the biggest assets that the failed attempt at being traders abusive twerps in the City have got and they use it for the purpose of making out I have been driven to the very edge which is utter nonsense; we all know that in the same way they speak of Armed Forces people when they do not work in the Military on account of their need to join gangs and leave the gangs whenever they saw fit; my work, what I do, what I say and what I write does not make me stressed in anyway, what does is their insults building up crowds to discourse about my body parts all the time and the one they love the most in my tummy but then as we can see, if I dropped out of University because I smell and find it difficult keeping a job on that account and nothing I do with my extra time stresses me to such an extent, its all due to them handling me, then its common sense to see that if they had not stopped it, it will get hay-wire at some point; it’s not that I do not put myself into difficult angles trying to rectify the damage they do to my work every day, it’s just that they damage it, show up in the city to talk nonsense about hoping a boy will co-operate long enough if they were done blabbing about what they do because of a push comes to shove situation that if emerged would have worked to their favour. So we find it’s a matter of people thinking I need to be stopped from doing the bad things but there is no bad thing for me to do as such as long as they keep away from my Books and stopped following me around i.e. it’s me and my career and their stupid selves in the middle; such that the one time we remember such a thing working in a greater sense was during the Nazi era and it was one of the main fundamental structures that gave them ideas on how to put human beings on an operating table and cut them up to work their insides without general anaesthetics, these idiots have invented the culture and society doing practical jokes between you and your career bits and if you harmed the one that is about your age they will say it was so brave it tackled the battles you were too much of a coward to deal with, if older they will say you harmed big things. 

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Sunday, December 28, 2014, In : Organised Crime and Institutional Complicity with bad Business Industry 

I hear I am always getting into one trouble after another within a condition where they are being paternal which then ends up on media too; it makes me so angry since we all know what really happens is that I was never tolerant of that stupid city identity in the first place where people are selfish and immoral and generally want to have somebody they control and use in order to make riches and fame and it must therefore exist in a condition where they have control of that person if it is to ...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, December 11, 2014, In : Public securities and the Media 

The men and Politicians stuff is really not half the problem here that they believe and want everybody else to think they are; the facts about it are that when you have become unemployed in traumatic circumstances what you want to do is take your time and during that time it will be financially difficult and pull yourself out but what they then do with government assistance is set out series and series and series of activities that are designed to ensure that there is this career they find ou...

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Now there is talk of course that I am crazy and mentally disturbed but of course I am really not; the truth is that having set off a publicly available sense that they spend so much time trying to make me so and I find it insulting and abusive, I can now do anything whether or not it seems I am mentally disturbed I will always get away with it unless my stupid parents think otherwise that is which does not bother me as much as they suppose it does; I actually learnt the process of how to maintain a status quo from the fact black idiots are not killing their stupid wives recently because they do not yet feel it is a problem they have to solve until their stupid wives and daughters kill me instead from my hatred of my mother; so it can only get better mostly anyway. The reality is that it has nothing to do with the Monarchy either; in terms of where the Monarchy comes into the picture, it is largely a matter of a lack of respect for what others do for a living and some insatiable need to make me show a lack of respect for the jobs of those who provide me with security, on account they wish to punish me for being a Christian and hence my sense and view of what killing people is all about – I guess it means they don’t want my pity but I don’t want them around here either and it should be easy to understand so too. it has now gone way beyond a lack of respect for what others do for a living in which case I would have been talking about the fact if I am not dealing with issues around the Company, then I am with issues that have come in from Government and if not then I am looking into finances they have completely wrecked with their familiarity and insults using media – so it is a full schedule of course and there is no time to put up with all that rubbish where people turn up to get pleasure from seeing if they can make me angry with their face on my television as a job thing: it has now moved into the game of collecting my work for their version of powers that be who will get them fame and fortune with it, moved into the practical provocation. So no matter how much you try black people first and then Politicians will never listen, they will ensure your finances are at a stage where these things they can do will create them a means of becoming intoxicated and then when bad thing happen to them we listen the stories because we want to listen to how we can improve on our general social wickedness. I don’t think it is a major issue, it’s just that we have reached a stage where I get to handle their own careers and what they do for a living as well and they have been telling me the millionaires have a certain view of me and it is apt of course since what I do is a legitimate business I opened up to broker equities during the economic crisis because I thought I could hold onto the publicity and sell my books to recover my costs – so the millionaires always have a certain opinion of you when they have discovered it is really not something they can confiscate and shut down. Apparently that is how they made the millions – get on media and become menaces and nuisances in order to drum it into people that they have already told the world what people own belongs to them and therefore in that circumstances it needs to be handed over with that big mouth; handed over or they will damage something and make up their own version of the same product and property with again a big mouth too. Their stupid children and celebrities apparently think they are a big problem and of course they are the ones that seem to have the most problem to deal with on the matter of the fact it is a full schedule here and no space for their foolishness; because of course the way it really works is that if you spend a certain number of your hours practicing mathematics you are likely to be good at it, so they spend a certain number of theirs practicing how to spend my income as I work for it, become good at it and call it fame with those stupid useless lives that  they wish others to reward with riches and fame over some problem at the expense of a chosen target they have determined is inferior to them; so I don’t play all day and wreck my finances and blame others in anyway and this is the full story behind it so one more go by them and we will dig bow deep it goes too.  

It is always important to do what you can to prevent those mass protests about wealth inequality from happening but of course the reality at all times is that it is those who propose and work the idea best that always turn out in the end to create and enforce the means by which it happens, I am not an exception to the rule and am very unlikely to co-operate with what celebrated idiots and black fools want since their contribution to this matter must be sorted out first; I mean imagine that people are out to read your books and share it with the world to occupy the applicable market and get rich, what would have been the best means of dealing with the issues besides crushing them and making a Firm management story out of it on the testimonials and the websites.  They were talking about competition last time we checked.