They do say people like me who claim the Labour Party is anti business need to be clear about what we mean and it will never make sense when everybody can see them hound somebody and wreck their business with apparatus of government claiming they find it amusing but explaining themselves away as something they are doing because the guy is showing it is easy to be successful in their society and when years had elapsed on the matter and it turns out they had made their point and people don’t think it is easy to be successful in their culture and society anymore due to what they have done to me for instance then the story changes to that of how people now expect them to back down for a bug they can squash. So when I mention such realities about their very destructive socialist nature as the fact businesses know the workers are just people they pay to assist but the small businesses are the people they actually employ to do jobs for them and that the very ethos of the Labour Party is to be nice to those who have money and meet those that are trying to make any with shocking viciousness and brutality – they always say I am speaking of these things in terms of battles I have lost which has nothing to do with the fact it might happen and always does when you start a business but at some stage leads to the development of an argument that avoids it and then the years after that had begun is where your success has begun but the story of backing down when faced a bug they can squish ensures that success is crushed as well. So if I had my way the Party itself would be in the dock at Court so we can find out how amusing they find it there because my reactions pleases them and I am the kind of brother they love to tease in the family and all that nonsense that hides incredible wickedness that you can only find among weed piping, marijuana smoking and cocaine pushing scumbags like these, whom Politicians have continued to think is a good idea to help to everything they need including hate figures they can pick on to look like they are passing exams in school – now the fools are paying taxes too and can never be wrong. So the personal side is that they cannot get off my book sales now due to the fact that they have targeted me way too often for their own good claiming they have a problem with my means to an end but have continued to believe their means to an end is based on how I am to fear them and how that is to be the basis on which their lives are built so they can look like powerful and important people, that are getting a good due for fighting for my civil rights – where it translates towards the business community being the bit where they now have to convince people they are business friendly because they believe it is that simple as being friendly to money and destroying it at the other hand if it helps them have big personalities; for them it’s as simple as confidence in your compulsive laying getting you through all the time becoming the answer for everything especially when combined with using government office to target others with leverage and lots and lots and lots and lots of lies and accusations, so that in the end they are not making any money or employing anybody, what they want is treasury money, hence if they wanted it nobody knows why they destroyed it in the first place and made you work as hard as you have for what will not turn out to be as good as was originally planned but the biscuit is actually the reality that these socialist idiots think it is amusing to behave in that way; I am aware these are people you ruin your life with if you wanted, so keeping the Labour Party out of a Law Court on my account will have to be paid for by the problems their followers and fans will face in terms of the direction my means to an end takes too. They rip up my books with their bone head stupidities and make up excuses they think means they have so much power over me that I freeze and cannot do anything because they can give to the frugal as it were. It’s like the issue of radicalisation of Young Muslims; always a simple case of people living in the UK but wanting one rule for all Britons and another for them, so they can damage your business and push you into a condition where you need to be successful in their world so they can copy and do even more damage for the rest of your life which they might even find amusing too and it’s just that case of asking you for what you have an accepting a yes or no answer being something that people have invented to make them inferior going hay wire but when I mentioned it years ago everybody thought it was trivia now they have a problem with the path I have chosen for a means to an end as well people expect me to make compromises so they can turn out in public to measure out false confidence they wish to propel into reality with a big mouth. Everybody save them have to work the system in order to ensure salary is greater tomorrow than it is today – they can always rely on equality and civil rights because they are not allowed to exercise their talent for corruption building up the sense it could have been worse and that I need to allow them damage then work for more with that big mouth we see them get self improvement on media from and return to seek more violently everyday right down to the need to copy a renaissance of warrior spirit to get rid of present states of affairs and install a world they are in charge of all the time being expressed on the internet laced with a need to handle peoples possession; their Politicians now say it is as simple as being friend of those that are making money and enemy of those that are not, showing how detached they are as well. They say my business is operating at a loss which is utter nonsense; its all deferred equity, so that if I don’t want to dig the market and they go off to dig the equities for me and turn up on media to sell their own products, I have to do what I have done to protect those markets and keep them going until I am ready, my own means to an end winding people up as well concerning which they can go to hell if they don’t like it; so because they have low tolerance for not having everything that have never worked for they will build their spoof from what they have already handled and run really fast all over the place to do it anyway no matter what and that is why I cut that up because there is no difference between the spoof and the real thing when they have that stupid media and advertisement and twisted corrupt industry scum at back stage media to abuse people that they can get around with- it is that story about I ask and you give and because when I ask and take a yes or no answer from you it will make me inferior to you taken to another level entirely, they are now pretending they are so good at it, it is amusing how it has become part of a profession which means they can clothe themselves with three piece suits on it, which means others are lazy and a system needs to be changed and yet it is they that could have done so much better and we can see it leading to problems thereof way beyond their problem with the path I have chosen for a means to an end like it is at present.