Now I hear experts have concluded that I am suffering from Stockholm syndrome and I can understand but if I got around explaining every fact surrounding the reality that the only problem there is around here is people wanting to make use of my work without paying for it and blabbing rubbish at me led by their Politicians which suggests I have all I need since I am Royalty, I will only end up with another group of people who think that whenever I lose my temper I am justified. So I suppose it is largely a question of whether if push came to shove I would have expected women to defend me and not the other way round which answer I have always made quite obvious and applies in this case as well i.e. those who are inflicting this Stockholm syndrome need to show up here to buy a Book or clear my Public image space and stop being so stupid and of course they will say its all talk but its largely a matter of ending up in a very dark place where each time I am lazy my main concern is their muscles and the usage of it, while each time I build my own muscles my main concern is their laziness showing up here to blab nonsense at me about how their stupidities all over my business is the only thing I will ever see them do for money until my dying day and then the outcome will be one where we find out if culture means they stand somewhere and their family somewhere and when I hurt them their people can hurt me as well, which as we can see the incessant need to insult and abuse and provoke and sexually harass me tends to suggest they can prevent such things by being really big. I mean its impossible to explain the real meaning of a behaviour which involves picking up information that another person has placed at Culture and society in order to run his Book shop, just so as to show up on media to claim people need co-operate with you as you have stolen an important career that you can deploy to make fame for yourself and others and then show up to issue threats after you had made some money from it because the owner wants to you have all of those social and cultural issues you think are a toy all the time. The ones that like to claim I am in trouble with them because they lose money on my account have never really listened to anybody in their whole lives; so I need to make the facts clearer here i.e. they do not spice up their sex lives at my expense and expect no consequences, need to stop making claims that I sleep with their wives as it tends to conjure an image of a group of fools with very strange behaviour that involves having one room in the home that nobody gets into because its where they go to do strange things associated with money and of course not only would I fancy their stupidities stop showing up all over my Books and Public image, I would really like a situation where each time they wanted to beat their wives they do not beat up anything on my public image, it takes it a step further while they already fit into the picture of culture is, he stands over there and his family on the other side and when I hurt him they can hurt me as well, blowing off a big society mouth at me endlessly. I hear the Stockholm syndrome thing is what I do to women which is utter rubbish; they cannot have a conversation with a person because they are perverts and so it is surprising to them to see somebody that can walk up to another and request a second opinion about how they are running a life. The rest of the time the focus of people having an insatiable appetite for making use of my work without paying its celebrities and entertainment directors continuing with the behaviour of having decided that the purpose of my Books having solved certain problems associated with their chosen trade should be to get me stuck somewhere dealing with even more of it without financial support, while they run off with my Public image to become even bigger celebrities than they already are and so if I find them around my film and entertainment equity now that detachment has been complete I will rip up their pride and joy for my part in this matter as well. The general idea has always been that I have a history of them behaving in such ways towards me but that they would not actually do it on patented products; now that they have, I am left in horror and must now come up with a plan to teach some scumbags a lesson that will fit with a process where I had enough time to drag them as a society into a Law Court and the things we find them complain about all the time is a good start – these are not me suffering Stockholm syndrome, its a group of goons finding out what could happen if these kinds of incredibly rude and abusive behaviour that can take a perfectly normal person and make them into an animal, was developed to the extent that we have seen them do especially in Hollywood USA. The insults are such that while I am busy the sexual context abuse is an outcome where a thousand pain is felt in a delicate area all day long and I am unable to concentrate on anything important so a message can be conveyed to me of how I seek vanities that are too much for my age or financial standing an Industrial espionage but of course when I am not busy I want to play a man and his environment practical jokes with them as well and its more a case of whether I urinated in the Bushes or something unexpected happened in my backyard, so that even those who always do what their stupidities desire and only ask questions later to anybody they wish with a big mouth are now saying they cannot play football that way or they cannot do backstage media that way or cannot run clubs and bars that way etc, hence we are here because I made progress.