They have latched onto this situation they created on Media where people cannot say what is to be said lest it gives me an impetus but while that continues the very insulting habit of abusing me and telling me I will have no money is I had pushed back continues, just as it can be seen that this is likely to get ever increasingly bolder as long as I do not get about blocking their sales and incomes and finances as well; in the end I get told that I refuse to set out what the main central issue was all together which of course is utter nonsense as I have made it quite clear that what happens is not just a process where they chose poverty and set about conducting tribalism based raids on peoples lives, to seek the help and support of another group of fools in government Office who tackle the finances of their victims to show some dedication to the cause like the cowards they were, then complain when the victims start to think that each of their civil rights agitation has a perfectly logical reasoning attached to it as well – the point being that they are prepared to pillage my academic work and finances, just in order to get into a position where they copy everything I do to stand up for myself when bullied which they can then deploy as their own and its very insulting stuff where I cook mine and they breeze in to take the Lion share every time I do. So, we still hear them use those insulting languages that led to an outcome where the kids they raise to attack people on claims people have done their stuff all over the neighbourhoods ended up with less rights than they have i.e. that my financial well being will depend on my attitude, concerning which I have never actually met any of them as a minor and its been 18 years since we met, nothing therefore ever being serious until it is physically made serious. The Celebrity ones make use of the same language as well and we all know they would be the idiots who made popular culture from my public image to sell £1.50 music tracks and leave me with difficulty selling a £20 Book at the end; apparently of which they reached millions of people and got used to sitting in their living rooms watching music chart numbers and talking nonsense that distract me from my academics and Office to create this sense that I need to get off an Arch Princes office and travel down a trouble makers route and take some action to ensure that they understood I was more famous than they are and that the only thing which will send a clear message I do not need their opinion or their support or help around anything I do will involve seeking out a means of getting somebody to take over their shares and leadership positions at those companies they have recently bought or set up, followed soon after with a process of gaining access to those stupid customers that like to put up that foolish bargain that concerns how they will buy products if I am treated a certain way by employers and so on. I do get told that I hate Industry but am heavily involved which involvement of my part is largely to do with some business I have concerning economic recovery; of which I am doing very well by the way and we are getting closer and closer to the stage where their lives will be all about working for the money they need to buy Goods and services produced not ripping peoples lives to run around Industry backyard seeking some of its power. Its an old story where we hear them claim their civil rights is directly linked with Industry backyards and then we have to try and find out what it means and its usually a “Dad, there is a Monkey in my closet” situation, where there are some individuals that actually deserve it but its not necessarily what we are all looking forward to.