It is usually wondered whether I am struggling and I should take this opportunity to clear up that I am not – what is happening is a group of people I tolerate who show up here to pass abusive insults at me as a Community and then once they had become important realise their own reputations are so bad they can only preserve the life they want to have by destroying my property and so whenever they destroy anything I have this gut feeling that they should be paying for the insults that got their stupid minds looking like it is in the first place – particularly applicable to those who always want to do these insults then hope to marry into Royal Families and some have actually succeeded in doing so, now stuck with this business of not being able to keep pace with me at Royal work while wanting to be more important than I am, which makes sense of my behaviour towards the matter as well all together.

The effect is that I cannot step outside of my door without people wanting to see what will happen if they churned my tummy with insults, familiarity and bad habits and yet if these are friends of Royals, it has nothing to do with me as it’s a matter of how they want to run their Offices, except the gimmicks largely involve destroying my Books to get a response which leaves me wondering why they keep complaining to Politicians and Media about my attitude, as in complaining about my attitude with that big mouth they have got when they are well aware they have not been losing friends and allies when insulted like I do when I am but it had long become their main preoccupation which none may detach them from all together. I have had to wait for over 4 years so far, just to ensure I do not smell like what I ate every time I step outside of my door and no human being is supposed to wait that long for what is habit that people may not exhibit in the first place: it means I am unable to complete my academic work and this is what creates the sense that I am struggling as it nags at me that I am not supposed to be so lay in the first place. We have seen this develop from something that has nothing to do with me and this Office, into something that they follow up as a matter of claims I had offended them and their sense of freedom by writing a Book which causes nostalgia, which had soon given way to one about something I have done to offend Celebrities and is deserving of Punishment and has now given way to something I had done to ensure Armed Forces were looking to me for support instead of their Gay selves who have no plans to get organised for the jobs that they do. Why exactly ordinary civilians on the streets would contend with an Arch Prince over support for Armed Forces will never be explained in the first place but it is not an unusual stupidity, what is unusual is the fact that I have had enough and these facts would satisfy the supposition people have that I may be struggling. We know that their need to make a mess of everything is what gets Armed Forces people overthinking what they are doing which is the biggest source of Mental illness in the security services but they never get better, they get worse every time and for me they say I know these things however live in a terrible mess over it; the old case of the reasons I am going to tear up their Celebrity culture as well, since we can see their main obsession in my case is that culture and society trouble makers do not take me by surprise but they will ensure the effect if they took me by surprise must be extricated and enjoyed anyway everyday i.e. they are about to get a response, about to complain about my bits too.

The dilemma is that these things are never unusual – be it Royalty, Celebrity or Politician, when they have a popular culture and celebrity culture attitude towards life, its always a business of getting around inventing stupid things they want to insert into other people’s lives and careers but having realised that I can only find somebody fitting to forge a relationship with in a career environment, had started a gimmick they will not give up, about how I will shut down access to my personality and rob them of opportunities to make fame and fortune with it, if I completed the academic work and ended up in an Office – so the question of my struggles ultimately comes down to the fact that they will never stop doing this, filling in the realities that encourage them to stop with questions and accusations that encourage them to continue, they will never stop until they get a response that is aimed at stopping it and we also find them claim if I got anywhere near the hoodlums and criminals I claim to control it would be the end of me but we know the same way they want to beat me down for having careers they should be having is the same way I want to beat them down for beating me down over careers that do not belong to them and it might simply just grow and grow until they start to show me what they are trying to preserve by exhibiting this behaviour and then will I get after that too. As I mentioned, the most remarkable part of this like the new relationship forged between Royals and society trouble makers has nothing to do with me Books which people damage to get a response from me that I am about to give them as well, there really isn’t a clear reason why we are doing this, yet the reality is still that once they can see the price they will pay for such nonsense will be so terribly low they become rather convinced as stupidly as possible, that others deserved it. I have been made to understand the damage done to my academic work and finances is so that people might find it easy to push me into condition where I may try to make a living physically getting into a case with people who are bigger than I am – it is an example of the incentive for their behaviour which the society have taken to a point of buildings a community on for instance but I don’t know what has convinced them that since they have brawn and no brains, I might just prepare them and push them into one where they did not have the advantage and then the tit for tart will never stop as well. They speak of some clingy behaviour I have which is utter nonsense as its largely a matter of these gits and what they will never stop doing while they think I am not going to rip up their popular culture but if I point out I have no clingy behaviour the other incredibly stupid women will continue their madness about me being stopped from taking a free ride on peoples property and if I can stop their connections, their men and industry gits who also take part in the glass ceiling cannot keep the hands off my body parts behaviour and come up with a new stress for me in every turn of my work from investing my equities or taking money from my market and do a beauty as well by making sure they did not follow me around at the academic institutions, all will be well. I have never really expected people who do these to think about the fact that Books I had written have titles and descriptions to them which will have shown I am not taking a free ride with Companies that are either owned or managed by their relatives, as it is such an incentive to get others doing real Mans work while they put the feet up and made money they could not account for; hence we find they want to talk about my sexual habits and the only sexual habits which have interested them the whole time have been what happens when women play with me for being worried about sexually predatory behaviour from Men because it is the one that facilitates this nonsense the most and yet they will speak of having taught me a lesson over it endlessly in the same way they are now out of their depth, fighting for their lives and blabbing about a sexual habits that do not exist, once they found out they got themselves involved with a relationship they don’t like on account they do not take no for an answer and have reached a point where they cannot actually back up their big mouth. So we find the ones in the Military enjoy doing things to people that make people feel tired while the same are being asked to do something demanding, it always been easier to give people information and tools that help them keep off gangs and criminals than it was to tell them they needed to do it and the Sierra operatives have always taken a very strong position on this, what is now coming through to this Office all the time is that I had one job to do while things are falling in, hence it seems I am going to rip up their Celebrity culture in the process, about which I must save my Books from being the constantly productive go to place as a bargaining chip for these idiots.