I hear I am always getting into one trouble after another within a condition where they are being paternal which then ends up on media too; it makes me so angry since we all know what really happens is that I was never tolerant of that stupid city identity in the first place where people are selfish and immoral and generally want to have somebody they control and use in order to make riches and fame and it must therefore exist in a condition where they have control of that person if it is to become a career to save themselves from work and then ensure the person is always in denial or that if he is not, he exists in a condition where he can do nothing about them. The part where journalists have become fond of talking into me and talking into me and only giving up when they make me breathless as a result is usually my favourite and I have no idea how these cowards that are scared of the truth got to fancy their self harming selves bullies in these ways as well anyway but it is a matter about which especially on account of their stupid women, should a story about me getting into trouble not end soon enough along with seeing them disappear from everyplace in which I have put my books, their case in their mad city will become an objective for me as well and it is always all very well to talk nonsense about kicking against the thorns in an immoral world, which I promise we will put to the test as well. I mean I know I am a Christian and the last thing I want to do with my time is get about with girls and women that know what they want from life as it is reported in fables – they don’t make good family, they don’t make good wives but a media idiot and popular culture idiot feels like handling my books and helping them to my income all the time; it is not something I believe I can make go away by talking to them, it can only go away if they see that the choice to handle my possessions is worse for an outcome than any other lesser alternative and we all know that, so I cannot imagine what they are after with that noise making about me in trouble endlessly we hear anyway. They claim it is the way I stifle their living of course but before then I was the coward they were afraid of but have now worked out a process where I am afraid of them instead and it goes right up to those stories about how I get about with communists to make life in the west difficult when we all know they are the ones that sleep with anything to have the government over a barrel in order to get rich while saving themselves from any work and having said that the problem remains in the sense that they do not make their popular culture out of the business interests of their fellow scumbags that have those interests in communist territory if they can make it out of my literary empire instead and hence I have no idea what exactly is going through their piffling minds when the story of me getting into trouble with their paternal stupidity if concerned either and cannot make out how it is supposed to resolve a condition where they are being racist either but it does show they really need somebody that will beat it out of them seriously and steadily as well. You can go from making it clear you want nothing to do with men, considering all that nonsense about doing me favours we hear all the time that fills them with resolve for these stupid threats; and it can instead develop into a case of pushing me into a bubble that they can get involved with at will using their democratic corruptions of involvement and now it has moved onto threats and I am making a promise here as well for my part. I hear it is about something I said concerning HM Mother, which I wrote in what is a personal achieve as it were, something about my thoughts on the fact I believe it was wrong for her to override HM to raise The Prince of Wales like she did specifically but it does appear the way her work plays out is that she was teaching her Children not to cling to the Crown if it came to the worst and this is where these fools claim I fit into the matter, the one about how I show the Royals how to hold on no matter what when we all know I am the guy the marked out to make deal with Politicians on, deals that meant I was going to be royal or demi-royal so that they might set me out as the guy whose life they will confiscate for their media stupidities when the revolution is successful and hence the excuse behind their need to be seen around my company and products and income all the time well played out with layers I have to peel off every time and so it is the process of communicating to them too that I will soon have ended up doing things to them that lead to an outcome where they have to kill me and have my heart in a jam jar before they can ever get to do anything about government considering the fact I see them around my book sales all of the time that has led to this point as well and now the corruptions of involvement has given way to threats on that stupid media laced with a need to help me all the time and it has always been the same old case that they cannot leave people alone as it were; one more occasion of this matter and I will find out how much of them I can get as an objective too and not staying off my book sales as it were will soon have proven to create the point where it blew up.

It’s what they say all the time; that I am vicious and unforgiving and spare nothing when I lose my temper but of course it has always been as simple as getting a book into the hands of a customer, so that it is never clear why the good part about my life must be damaged or owned by others to create equality and indeed why I must be undercut somewhere in that process of getting books to customers which then creates lifestyle for others and what indeed might have been so amusing about it; these fucking idiots have created a crisis with this here in the UK and they have ran around their media creating the same form of crisis overseas as well and now it seems that when I don’t kill people I am a bad person and every time the books are not sold in this way there is popular suggestion that organised criminals have the support of the general public because they are loveable rogues; so it isn’t clear exactly what I am supposed to as far as their stupidities and opinions are concerned but another occasion of working for my markets and having it taken away by a boy or a man or a stupid girl or woman talking nonsense on media with popular culture and popularity will set a new stage for this from which we will never return.

Of course I am aware it is said there is nothing normal about me when people talk to me which is why they get so offended but I have no idea why they become so concerned about being scared of me when the primary prognosis of forcing me into a gang to steal my public life and deploy their media to have things they have never had with it is that I am supposed to be angry all the time until I am so ugly I am no longer good enough to tag along with high society. However on this matter in itself of being a nice normal guy when people speak to me I say somebody was always going to have to teach them a lesson about it here in the UK and a bit in the US as well at some point – the one about their need to compete with others over who is aesthetically the best man and has got the best thinking space in town and at present while they complain they have not done anything about Industrial corruption or indeed racism or for the females violence against women all together either, it’s all talk and more accusations and more of a need to get away with it; it has been a contribution that Germany makes to the world time and time and time and time again – the one about how if there is 100 rich people and 200 poor people the answer to the problem will be to capture one of them and torture the future out of that one which will then make it alright and it was never a surprise to anybody who know this and the lies and cover-ups that it was likely to be a country from which racism will originate and have a knack for growing in time and time again. I mean even now it’s the same story at Industry where it’s a game of I want to play with you cutie pie over handling your livelihood and when they reach this stage where their fans think they can manipulate others into serving them and they get to buy companies themselves, they buy these companies and do not pay attention to whether or not people might despise the fact they are able to make a success of it anyway.