We all know they say I think everything that happens in public is an update for my business but that is largely because they think they want to drive me into a state where I must beg them for an chance to earn a living with what I already own and we know the trail of problems for that never end. The reality while they complain is that they have worked out handling my possessions makes them rich for big riches or small ones and therefore based on their need I might want to think about giving it up all together with that big mouth. I am not saying it is a major issue; personally the society is made up of men and women and some men and some women have a version that is secret for all kinds of reasons – the way it happens is that some women turn out to abuse me and in a sexual context and then another group turn out to aid me and in a sexual context as well, so you can never really work out where these idiots got involved and the girls feel like beating me up or there are men that will do it for them – men like that who can never be seen to zip it at any point as it were, talking nonsense all over the place; we are getting really close of course to a point where I will issue an ultimatum and one more insult or abuse from those their stupid women and more so on that stupid media as well and it will be me and them locked and done until we get to the bottom of it as it were. Yes I know they say I use swear words but my swear words are not the same as their own which is largely about dealing with a life where they have to do very difficult and hard work for a living – mine is largely a function of the existence of cultural violence in the Country as an issue at my office and the fact I will not take further nonsense from them as well. The Political side where this is more relevant speak of how I stifle peoples development, whereas we all know they have no plans to work out a development that does not involve stifling my finances and destroying my property to see what they can become as a means of getting rich, regardless of how much warnings I might have put out there over the matter and how many times I have encouraged them to find alternative ways of making money and do so very soon enough indeed as well; it is a liability that does not cross your mind even if your job involves Politicians themselves i.e. one will get up and give an hour long speech in which he cannot say what he needs to say without ripping up my book sales and then another will get up and have a speech answering that in which he does the same thing for another hour over and over again with media idiots getting in on the actions and doing the same things as well and it happens 24/7 every day, then we hear them speak of somebody thinking everything that happens in public is considered an update of his company. I mean I don’t have any problem with rounding up that popular culture so I can police effectively a process of making sure those who help them with money see the dent in their finances because of course what they do with their own choices and possessions should have nothing to do with me, especially when it is about giving people lots of money that they have not done a days work for; those people did popular culture they say but nobody knows why paying for it has to do with my book sales, they did popular music they say but music is an expression of themselves and not an expression of me and it will go on like that endlessly, with their girls talking nonsense at everybody and pretending I am of the opinion they are that abusive and that insolent when they are with family and friends and therefore likely to let it carry on forever. These things they are meant to do with Politicians whose activities are more suited to supporting the idea that when you handle peoples property to get rich and the issue ends up in Court while it does, you are still getting rich with the persons property anyway, which is what gives them all that stupid confidence that if they die or they kill their family will rather tend to be better off owning what belongs to others outright and therefore encourages them to take the risks and disregard the deterrence. So that we hear them speak of how it is the case I have set myself up to distract them from work and from family life and from business so as to create a process where people do not have to engage in stupid communication difficulties with them when they can quote me directly instead on account they need to get done a job they have already been paid and dusted to get done as it were due to the fact idiots like these exist, this is what I mean when I say there is no point complaining of how I think that everything that happens in public is an update of my company and their behaviour is more suited to the Politicians since I am not having it anywhere near me the means to tolerate the fringe benefits of their nonsense as it were, more suited to the Politicians so we can hear the stories by the way. The cultures I am aware of but that is not what we are talking about, we are talking about how I think everything that happens is an update of my company – the realities of the cultures are that I have warned them I do not wish to see its violence anywhere near me and they have never listened either and so we have a three part issue where I am on one side and the job is in the middle of us and they are on the other and the job is there to make them nice and that is why they want me out of that stupid culture as well instead of stay away from me with that big mouth yapping all over the place as it were. I do not wish to see any of them anywhere near my books anymore and when I say I will handle them for it I am not bluffing either. Until then those who handle this Business had better been aware that media will not be an advantage as much as it will be a point where people hear them complain about me – I mean this fact has been common knowledge for some time now. I mean people show no signs whatsoever of turning up with the Christian at Church, only to deploy his income for their own aims about which they abuse him to a point where they get to abuse his livelihood as well; you can only sit back and say so much about the fact you don’t know them and what they do does not concern you when they also turn up to test you all the time to show the only way to get anything done for you is to handle them of which the big question is how you ever will before your retirement age arrives – piss up all over the place like that all the time looking for trouble and it happens every blessed day while they keep my book sales in absolute tatters to make sense of it on account they have some media to play around with. They say these things they do because whilst criminals and those who work criminalities deserve it, I am just too good and it is incredibly infuriating as well and they need take a hint or keep their stupid Political selves and media foolishness out of here either i.e. if there is a social structure that exists to perform a task that is similar to the prison service with respect to those that have expressed a proactively positive obligation towards the commitment of crime, it is to apply to Christians and Church goers as well on the other hand because I just don’t like them and they cannot leave people alone either as it were, so it happens as though there is nothing you who should be a proactive and not passive Christian so that you can ensure those who have alternative ideas about evil keep it as an opinion for themselves, cannot do anything about it.