It is always assumed of course that One is likely to set out preferences around the Book sales market but of course that largely comes from a group of silly people who always think they know everything when they have not got a bloody clue and simply cannot keep their opinions to themselves and go off to the market to buy themselves novels they can read, instead of pick up on stupid Authors who speak of the books they can carve out of each paragraph of my work that was created to for Royal Estate Creative Equity brokerage and not to help people write books as it were, which they can buy and read and keep their opinions to themselves as such: I know everything - when the Rich have no perfection in their lives we end up with bad products wrecking our quality of life and when poor people have none we end up with conflict; they need to mind their business and let me get on with mine, we all know they have not got a bloody clue about anything in their sordid little lives. This is the last opportunity with these individuals and their need to have a Christian in a condition where he criticises people who want him to leave them alone and let them get on with their own work and lives - so one more occasion of how I could do better with my books and they will have started a fight around that area as well - then the writers can have more and those who want to read another person’s Royal Estate Creative Equity brokerage can be at liberty to buy and read them.

I hear they say when I say such things it jeopardises my position, which is utter nonsense too since the real issue is that nobody is actually preventing them from going out there to trade with everybody else as it were; so they can tell people they are giving it to others the way that they are getting it hence the products have gone through extensive testing and stay the hell away from my books. I for my part cannot have enough of doing this anyway and I thought they should bear that in mind too. The Nationalists say I am an enemy of self determination and it makes sense of all that time where I must be dominated before I am allowed to do my academic work which will help me get jobs, they mark people out condemn them and complain about ex enemies pretending they have not made any as well in the process and are here again talking even more nonsense that they will have to be violently and pragmatically destructive with which I don’t mind very much as the reality has never changed: people speak of self determination because they are very useless and worthless people and I am not there yet – you can either be talented at what you do which makes you good at it or you can study hard and be good at it because you know a lot about it, these idiots have neither of the two hence they speak of self determination because they want to get to grips with people and it is because we live in a liberal society where you cannot just mark people off and write them off because you are trying to be successful but we have also come to the crunch point where if somebody does not take a stand on what is right then the result will be that the liberal society will backfire. As for the celebrities, the reality has always been that when you do not give them the benefits of their arrogance, they are nothing; I mean their currency is their problems, when they have those they spend your finances and they are bad news every single time, bad news 24/7 and it beats your imagination all the time as well. In the end leading to the question of whether people really can be like that of which the answer is obvious – they can and these guys are like that 100% 24/7  every single moment of their time; for me personally I like it the way it has played out as well i.e. your friends get involved with you because they like you, celebrities do because they can stand up somewhere and admire your work and use their problems to spend the finances so we know what is what and how to get about dealing with it as well. In the end it has always been the same way all the time i.e. before the second world war, during the 50s, during the 80s, recession and economic crisis signalled the end of the party but as ever not for some, they always say they are spending their own money and it is not their fault they are rich until there is a problem with how sales works because you are doing all the work and they have no plans to do any of their own. Then they tell me I have celebrity friends as well which is not an emotive issue since I know my friends and when they are in my service they are in my service, when they own anything they own anything, so that should not be a topic for conversation unless their intrusion has meant they will push this matter to the next stage which I am happy with as well for my part. The Politicians help a lot with these matters of course; those are trying to ensure they are friends of industries and those they think should end up on the consumer side will do so as they determine and so will those who should on producer and rich people side but it can only go on until it does not work that way and you are good at what you do because you are talented for it or have studied hard to know about it; they are spending their own money and it is not their fault they are so wealthy, the fucking pricks have wrecked everything here and cannot stop getting on media to talk through to me and talk rubbish all over the place.

We all know they like to say it is the one rule for the privileged and another for everybody else story but it wasn’t and will be very soon enough as well anyway, since they are educated enough to understand what it means when you say the party is over but will extricate the proceeds of their arrogance and destroy everything here at all cost; when they do not have it especially the celebrities, they are nothing and I am not prepared to give any.

There is of course that their favourite story about standards in schools which will never be fully understood, since it is a matter of setting out criteria and parameters to educate people to a certain level and it always begins with educating them about everything at the end of which they get some qualification and then progresses to the part where they decide they are strong in certain areas and want to push towards jobs and careers that have to do with their strengths or are strong in certain areas but want to push towards other areas they have a strong interest in and therefore want to work harder for and it eventually culminates in University where they are educated to do a specific job which is where it ends. These Political idiots speak of standards in schools all the time and each time they do it means their stupid children will get ahead of me in life and for the children themselves there is no progress and nothing whatsoever changes; instead we hear they are a problem for me which we tend to hear all the time when the reality is that a certain money they have in their Banks are a problem for my Royal Office and Company i.e. they might have some £50,000 and then decide anybody who wants to deploy their careers or steal their fame will see them deploy £10,000 to create some popular culture product from which they will lay waste such persons lives and get really rich in the end with the process but of course we all know there is nothing they love better than to target me with it and the reasons they give today have all been made up right from when they decided to start their provocation to this very point; so that I tend to put it off because I have not got the time for it every occasion where I mention something about turning my concentration on them with a sense of an objective that must be met and perhaps finish it off with a case of coming from a larger Country in Africa while they come from the Caribbean and each time they handle my possessions and I want them to pay for it they always will. They do say I have reached a point of no return of course which is utter nonsense since these matters are just a small part of black people daily provocation and attack and abuse in my direction minus the part where their Political idiots in parliament are being shown their place every time they turn up around my concerns; they started this years ago with sending their stupid girls out to secure me as the man they will bully and turn from his Christianity to homosexuality so that women can be powerful and important and it has taken so many a form of abuse since then that we are now in a condition where they have a need to follow me around and have the same things my friends have on account they have the same skin colour as I do and deserve it more than my friends do and so nobody knows how they could go from abuses that enable them to describe me as a little shit to wanting the same things my friends have or do anyway even when I have openly declared I want nothing to do with them or black people nor am I surprised they come from parts of the world where civil wars never ever end since this is supposed to have been the liberal and political versions of their stupidities and I am going to kick my version out of them as well a certain point of no return with a big mouth as it were. As for the abuses themselves, I have already mentioned before that being a little shit is possible because The Royal Office and the Church activities were already a full schedule before I picked up the part about books I will sell ripping up their deviance and of course the books I must make money from as well – I have to, I need to.

There is no need for anybody to go into those tales of where the richest family businesses in the world are and so on, we all know the using people’s property just because it is there and telling lies which one belongs to them to secure the prerogatives of the oppressed, that Industry is where Political tyrants feed and play out every single one of their fantasies; it is the same story of how I will only have revenge if the British Establishment lets me out and more so to that extent because the vandalism of my Public Office and Literary empire has been pushed onto a point where they have made enough noise on global media to ensure that it becomes a habit laced with lies of their own that they have come to believe. It’s not a matter of new world order, it’s about those whose Literary Empire and Property Equity Intellectual Property Space Emporium that is supported by a Government and funded at Great expense right up to space level technologies was instrumental to making the 4th richest economy in the UK concerning which we are now at the 8th year into a bare faced Industrial espionage in Europe and South America which implies that it has not been degraded enough to a state where they think might be respectful of their power. It feeds right into that need people have to tell me I am history and they are now in the public light which makes no sense whatsoever because it was the same old issue behind their complain I get in their perspective while they really have no reasons besides the ones they make up when they have already done it, why I am not out there enjoying my own life if I can be made to clean up the violent areas of society and culture instead and it is the same old story all round about the fact they cannot leave people alone and this was done for exactly such reasons as would mean when they say I am history there is credibility to it and it is indeed really provocative as well, I bet what they mean is that one celebrity, reporters included with a Photographer and a camera man etc whose whole operations are done at the Royal Estate for certain brokerages that are mine being mine thereof when they are finished which has also come to mean any one of their foolish girls and people can on their own determination do the same with my possessions as well whenever they want because they will be protected has come to mean I have become history and they have become the main thing and you would be hard pressed to find such provocation as a matter that is common place but it is not a matter since it is largely concerned with people that want to own and run a sect of society that is largely concerned with being responsible for the fact people have stories to tell about misery because they are bullies and there is probability that people may be scared of them so that they might inflict such things, so that having ripped up the previous ones such nonsense do indicate they are building new ones and it is a matter of whom they feel they want to bully with it which makes sense of what I mean – so the details will therefore include these kinds of things happening because they think I should not exist and that is built up from a prognosis of me being a person whom every aspect of my life concerning the idea there are things people do that can offend me as a person is completely removed and does not apply at all, somebody whom they do nothing with themselves around except ensure they build an existence of insignificance and I understand it happens because they think they are way off my league but what are they doing around my books and around the Royal Office especially, never mind being seen in no time around anybody with whom I am engaged in an activity that is linked with paid employment; hence their complains make no sense whatsoever and they can keep blabbing how much of history I have become and it will end well too. I understand it is mentioned so because people have lost touch with what I am getting up to which is utter rubbish as the reality is that the kids are growing up; the older ones want to be female Politicians and Business women and the younger ones are coming of age and getting jobs – so the whole pornography and Popular culture and media thing has completely gotten out of hand and if they do stay out of my Intellectual Property Empire Space and what Industries and manufacturers are doing with it, then they will not have to say anything such as somebody becoming history to get themselves into trouble.