Now there is talk of environment issues of course and it is said that production processes for renewable energy might having a bigger carbon footprint than leaving it as it is or just short-circuiting the industrial processes to go without plastic all at once for instance but we all know it will never work – in the open market it will, in a super market it never will as people will be expected to wash their hands after handling products if they are buying things during break time at an Office and then there will be further complications concerning water wastage. We have to get it done by the same industrial processes that became so sophisticated they could create plastic efficiently and thereby damage the ecosystem efficiently too and we need to make time to become sophisticated and efficient at doing so as well otherwise we will never get it done. They say its something about everybody expecting changes from the wealthy whenever things go wrong but its a simple statistic here; we all understand environmental issues as the need to live in clean and modern and environmentally friendly energy sustainable and renewable neighbourhoods but it is the wealthy that understand how the harmful chemicals shall stop getting into the sea. Its not all of the wealthy of course; simple process of the fact if you did ask somebody to throw some barrels of chemical into Landfill, there is no law by which you can stop them throwing it into the sea instead. Whereby I would be said to have found exoneration for the rich which is not really the case; we live in a Capitalist society and nobody has ever built a multimillion pound business by setting out some products and telling the local population to go to hell as he spills dangerous chemicals into their drinking water, it happens after the company has been built and some goons whose backgrounds you cannot reference have showed up to buy shares and expect leadership on profits. Here they tell me I am stirring up problems I cannot handle naturally which is utter nonsense; they have been warned enough times to stop clinging to the Natural environment and doing damage to it the same way they cling to my Books to make me breathless by which they blackmail me and delay my financial well being so they can chase my Royal Estate and churn my tummy but it will not stop and so it needs to start caring like those who cared enough to build the company it bought shares from did asap – apparently it does not like this very much considering it is as twisted and evil as they come. In the end people do not want to have their lives changed by the fact that bad things need to be rectified; society thinks it is the fault of Industry and should not affect them, Industry thinks it is the fault of society and should not affect them but these scum are the ones that have grown accustomed to threatening and handling me physically with that big mouth. They always say it is a problem I cannot handle but I am aware I can take them any time; what we are talking about here is building my Empire and brokering the Market with other companies because there was an economic crisis, bearing in mind I only needed one Book contract to recover all my losses for the time I have had to wait on them; what I have ended up with is these fools getting involved in what does not concern them to make the money that involves hurting me without getting the Police involved and has nothing to do with preparing to join industry communities or the work force all together, talking rubbish at me with that stupid media and the foolish celebrities all the time. They have this new story that foolish Liberals and Media scum have helped them develop where they say that Donald Trump will come to their Aid which I do not mind as long as they do not bother me as that will lead to me building their own up at the sex Industry too, such that if there is any threat to people I will advocate for animated Pornography which is actually far more effective. So it generally tends to mean I am at logger heads with Conservatives which I am not save the being so good you and your property is a consent not required one statements we see their insults make on Media and Public places as though they have a convention where they teach themselves such powerful abuses - talking nonsense at me about what I spend my money on with reference to where I am running a business to trying to extract an income from a service that I had provided, talking rubbish at me about proving I own an empire before I can keep the one I have already got - I mean it does not mean I am leaving the UK as such but its a matter of 200 students took GCSE and I was counted among the 60 that were selected by everybody to be picked on and abused and caused funny setbacks so that Politicians might become important idiots; its the things I am going to do to them so that nobody gets to tell me the British got the better of me while I have ended up in another Country trying to make a living as it were; so in terms of the main issues, nobody builds good business provoking local population, provocation comes later when fools with backgrounds that one cannot research have bought some shares and expect some profit for it. They like to say I am in trouble with Politicians and will never get out of it but it is an old story as we all know - somebody's idiot children got elected the other time and so it has progressed from sitting at market to pass around ageist insults that get toned down based on the amount of money they lost at the stock markets, to an expression of a need to secure power and influence over the fact they have no plans to put in anything near 40% effort for what they want, especially now they have gone off to the Public to secure a Government Office and are confident others will be bent to the will of their civil rights - I just spoke about the threats issued at me and they have just done it again seconds after and it is not linked to what people think of my Books for the day being deployed to develop the next modern and updated public Policy they want to be able to make for their stupid careers which can only be successful when I have no money; somebody's idiot children got elected the other time and I cannot breathe as a result of it;there has to be a way to stop them from squandering my finances everyday and we know they always blab nonsense about how if I cleared it all out Countrywide, they will go to Asia and Africa and bring in new unpaid responsibilities to address me on media and Public places with a Celebrity and yours is so good no consent is required society insults, telling me when I talk like that it could bring about problems. They would have expected punishment for wrecking peoples lives with esteemed government offices being used to play up practical jokes at academic institutions but not for me, not only am I a Christian who does not believe in tackling others, there is also nothing I can do and will get into trouble if I told them their stupidities only made sense if a curtain was drawn and I told some members of the public they had a problem that was driving their political insanity towards the prison service but I started getting persecuted right down to the religion I practice in my bedroom provoking them, since the last time I wrote a Book which helped and then people will laugh and then I will have made a career for myself as a stand-up comedian; these fools are making me a deal you see and its the one where in return for earning a living I must not respond to people chasing my bottom because they have a desire to perform sodomy on me while I have gone off to be a Christian lest their desire is fulfilled and that they will get the fulfilment in another way - their insults become unbearable when it shows up at University to play up practical jokes it claims is based on peoples right to be homosexual and how my Christian faith does not recognise consenting Adults, other times we see it show up at government to chase my bottom and fulfil a narcissism without the consenting adults it preaches all the time talking nonsense about how human beings are born homosexual sometimes. First I was persecuted because I did not recognise consenting adults, now I am persecuted because I am a Christian lest I give somebody an anal sex satisfaction and the insults continue like that endlessly at government office where they think their foolish cultural evils can be expressed with a big mouth thrown at me alongside their media scum anytime they wanted, those stupid insolent saloon cars all over London, its problem is paying for a Book and reading it if it can get me stuck with the case of peoples offices being the place where decisions have been made that affect the lives of criminals chasing my bottom on account I had created a way of protecting my people from it.