So do I regularly climb in and out of character with the Unions? I am now the one climbing in and out of character with the Unions. These are people who see other change their working practices to the point where it is not favourable at the tills and to the process of looking after their kids but prefer the alternative it has given them of having people to pick on and cause pain to feel good when they feel bad, therefore do absolutely nothing. The reason being of course that they will soon be off doing strikes to ensure their pay is not affected but that inflation is pushed up which of course is passing that buck to others.

I cannot make out what their problem with Mr Jeremy Clarkson who said they should be lined up and shot in front of their families is anyway. I mean if Mr A is known to steal honey when everybody else goes to bed and Mr B is know to steal bread and I return home to administer my life saving honey on myself then realise it has been eaten, whom do I suspect first Mr B? Who is going to shoot the Unions, motor show presenters, the media? The joke was reticent of what happened during the Nazi era and now that the Unions have again gobbled up the poor mans apologies they will go home and become what they are anyway.

A typical example is the NHS; you wonder what is so difficult about subsiding a government department known as the health service even when people are paying extra National insurance for it and there is your answer. You could have you GP visit you at home if every year but that will be degrading for your GP so what you have instead is huge sums of money spent on gathering information about your health after which you are left like sheep without shepherd, so that you might until something goes wrong with your health and then it is time to stand in a queue after you take time off work and do not get paid for sometime. It has always been a fundamental problem that these fools have with the NHS, the idea that managers will have risen through the ranks of hospital staff as it were. I mean if I know I could be promoted to GP manager or surgeon manager my professionalism in my work would be different but why on earth would that happen when people can set up managerial departments and get together to steal government money with it? it’s the same everywhere, each time they should spend money on efficiency drives and better management they pocket it and Nationalise.

Who then was responsible for starting all these if not the great Mr Blair and his spin doctor government run by Alistair cambel? See what I mean gobbling up peoples apologies to add to things already gobbled up, then return home to be what you are anyway?


They do nothing with their time these days but take hold of government departments to use it to steal government money in order to wreck my finances and seek sex with me looking for favouritism as if I am their mate, which I am not too bothered about too hence the reasons I have detached them from those things that help them to live together as a community so that the stupid job centre can one of these days become my prime target and when I am finished I will get a job as well because the world revolves around me which is why people take a look at me and move into my right before they then tell me to move left

Of course they say I interrupt people while they are trying to have a conversation which is precisely the point. They talk so much rubbish and cannot unhand my book sales while they are at it and refuse to ever get anywhere close to the main issues then tell me to join a gang. At the end of the day before then they sat down and watched Politicians set up departments from which they can steal government funds, now they share some with them until an economic crisis is the result and they are on strike because they don’t want their money affected. I am not stupid we may not be living in a country where Politicians overtly steal government funds but we do have our own brand of corruption. I can say whatever I like whenever I like in anyway that I like.

I mean they are not talking about capability are they when they do things all the time which suggests it is a fucking civil war around here and their Politicians are always winding me up over nothing because they were the ones who got into the job market first and had time to save up money that will give them confidence to attack me with no real damages to their ego when they do. it is not as if I don’t want to take over peoples Unions which entire purpose is to see somebody in suffering to make them feel good, which has now become their downfall because of their obsession with attacking people who have faiths to please Politicians that want to move into their right and will extend their period of unemployment until they have without reason and without even knowing their names for them, it is not like I will not show what it means to mess around with my office like their Politicians do because of money they have saved up from being at the work force longer than I have, nor is it that I don’t want to ensure people feel my powers as the Nations intellectual property author as it were so they can tell me I speak as though when I criticize MPs so badly they do the wrong thing and then back again to the right thing because they are my bitches and I am not theirs, it is the only thing I have done and therefore talk like I do expecting people to make concessions on that. It is not that I am angry about not getting a job from the job centre it is a place full of jobs that businesses which get government help offer, so if I create my own job because I will never get one from it and have it attacked and destroyed from what actually originated from finding out what is most important to me to interrupt it and insert the need to have sex and social activity which is worked with connections to my parents while they ask me for respect at the same time and somebody damages it all the time over a period of decade to keep me poor; then his point must be that if it takes me years to save up to run my business he has won a great battle and so after his insults I will loose my privacy as well which will therefore end very fucking well like it is going at the moment. We have not even touched on the fact they wreck my job I create for myself make sure I never get another one following me around to wreck my life and then the economic crisis came along and they set off to damage any chance of recovery rushed the job centres and took all the jobs to tell me I am not going anywhere until they have what they want from me with an evil dirty mouth. I have to work out therefore what my problem is and that problem certainly is every institution in this country which aids them because it was never supposed to take sides in the first place nor were politicians supposed to get involved. They moved into my right and kept me unemployed until they did before telling me to move left where they think I belong and are now teaching their children to dominate mine, so the Politicians should not have gotten involved.


Its like the sovereign debt crisis we have all over the world where they tell me to say something as if they don’t know I tried to provide leadership if we could not grab our assets and hand it to other countries to protect ourselves from their debt problems and having been they have been wrecking the finances it turns out they cannot do it themselves. So now I must start again but this time it will be a private service offered to each of those countries so I can sell my books. The work till you drop Policy I am said to encourage is a load of rubbish as well, it is not the work and it is not the seeking out and digging deep for inspiration that brings heart disease, that just brings satisfaction of helping another person do a job and then earning money from it as well-it is other peoples stupidities and other peoples incompetence, especially other peoples laziness and if they barge into your life to apply it then what are they complaining about? Its not like it is any civil war they like to wind people up and dominate them as if is going to happen any time soon, its just my information overload thing.