I have a very strict routine and strict contingency when it comes to my involvement with the entertainment industry, for which we all know at the background operates the manufacturing industry where I broke my equities heavily as well. 

 I have never authorised people who do not have a problem of being trapped in culture after trying to hide themselves with it by those who intend to harm them, to make use of my securities through entertainment to get rich because of their desire to be flash and modern and get treated like Princes and Princesses via measuring up to insulting and abusing me as much as they please.

And so I want my securities in this very respect to be left alone by them and the tangibles ones returned to me and will not stop until I recover all of it.


As for businesses affiliated to or owned by them; those never do anything for anybody and consider themselves to be my rivals that will actually take over my life and all that makes me famous and then thus get around doing the things I do; in fact they feel they have worked me so hard all I do exists only in essences that anybody can copy as well at this point, while they are the ones who have the businesses and the fame and likeability to get to do it for good (all for themselves as it always is with them), sometimes boasting about scenarios they have found offers the chance to be me at me when they appear on public media.
And I have always been clear I don't like mad crazy evil business men by the way as I prefer climate change matters for power. 

 It is nothing but an obsessive game of stealing my ideas and then my income, making out it is theirs with media and internet and attacking me thereafter to pretend it is playing an insolent game of I am clean and white and the big boys have you and you better not mess around doing so or black and stupid when they are not white, speaking of which is what created the problem for me in the first place.


Everybody knows its mine and all I need to do now is stop them earning my income or earning perks with jobs they have already got using my job; it is an old mob based robbery story.

It is never to be settled with getting members of the Royal family to say something about me they can then later get embarrassed about by hunting them with media all the time, in a bid to earn my income claiming to be me, which is always derived from the recent relationship I have with them for the purpose of my future using that their evil violent bigotry as it were; when I say Fashion for which I have my own league and class anyway they always respond with "everybody" as if this is their own life and just the same way when I say friends, they respond with celebrity culture and waste my earnings with it while pretending it is their untouchable civil liberties which if harmed will be protected with retribution and it goes on like this on and on and on as it were. I for my part have the best Private and personal life around here and they have been moving in on this as well because I have not been doing anything about the rest of the things they get up to or to protect this record so far; hence the attitude and habit of ripping my securities and intellectual property to pieces to get rich with media everyday, just to celebrate the process of keeping me cash strapped.

Next time they touch my finances they will feel me as well over the fact I have the best private life around here.