I have tried to put it in more amicable ways bearing in mind trouble makers that reorganise the circulation of wealth during a recession because they have radical Policies and are free too at the same time and are also confident they can rush the job centres to grab all the jobs or work there to ensure only their stupid sons get all of it, do good to the economy as well by employing people but the damage they do will never stop out weighing such good bearing in mind those damages are all about destroying peoples business sales and market place in order to look their age mates in the eyes with eagerness and glee for their support over things that can be done to the kids for which except Politicians lie and lie until people are filled with so much regret they gag themselves over the matter as well is always all there is to it.

Ideas I am trying to tag along in a world where I cannot make things work do not help. Last I checked I gave them my property to play around with in the market, especially the stock market between 2003 and 2007 and as at 2007 I was being pushed out of my studies because it was such a madness everywhere; anybody in my position would have pulled the plug as well like I did. They always claim I gave them my work because they would have taken it if I did not but I did because if they can be given time, people can stock their warehouses with products for up to a period of a decade which means that when the recession is over, they can spread the cost of it over a period of about 20 years for the consumer which will seal recovery tightly and jobs for them too but they preferred to play games with their foolish Politicians and just like they mention places I try to tag along in where I cannot make it work, it has always been much the same story.

The bit they didn't like about me clearly was the one where I was allowed to finish my academic work and continue my job in a profitable way so when I get back my securities and equities no body will notice I have because they rather preferred the one where I got desperate and got my property back in order to ensure my books were being sold and the job was done which is the one I have preferred at this point as well.


Now everybody seems to get an idea of what they are looking for when I write my books and they report my life on the public news or with their rumours on the streets and when I have them published, turn up in public places to gag me, claiming it is what I must do before the books are sold, trying to be important; I just feel I can shop wherever I like and when they want a fight for that they will get one-besides which we are soon moving towards a place where they will stop following me around when they cannot be allowed to work in certain places like banks where I have my bank accounts and everybody knows it will not be safe if they have my personal details, especially when they are black and share an insolent skin colour with me by which they are my fathers. 

The idea my temper is what is responsible for all my problems has no bearing towards fact; I have no such damaging tempers. the issue is of course that there are people for whom the idea of me making a living, earning money by doing something does not sit well with especially those of them that come from specific corners of superior members of the black race and of course since I sell securities for a living we can clearly see where the securities for this will be acquired. Like their MPs do things to detach us from the juicy things that are going on in Europe for example-"tell the kids to do Politics" is the rhetoric-so every idiot in the land can get on their side seeking to control the finances of and get servitude our of a Royal Prince in the form of myself for his new found privileges but when the kids do the Politics it does not sit well either and the Royal ones do not want you to earn a living when you have done a business, just do it and stand by the profits waiting until they come round to claim it for some princess and keep their own cut-which has no way of happening in the real world actually, so the story of people for whom the idea of me earning a living does not sit well with is all we are left with.   

It does seem the only way to avoid having a brush with any of the things they do is to avoid watching Television all together but with that I have not got a clue where they expect me to get information.