I understand it is said that I think I am winning but I am actually losing – the truth of the matter is that I need to keep these people from investing my equities and public image instead of buying the Books I have written and set out as products; in any case of which its entirely usual for the Politicians to rip up the academic work and finances, give them a head start and ensure it is the very solutions I have invented for problems which constitute a much bigger problem due to the fact they want to own all the money in the world, which then adds to the business of looking like a character people love to abuse once I had finished with goons who started out with tales of how their money will never run out should I dare to start a fight that will prevent them from getting what they want from my career and finances and we all know that if I took it up, I would start out with their very abusive and insulting Local Shop Managers and then I will simply burn it all right back to where it all began.

The main concern at this point for me is the Media; their need to experiment in terms of being able to control me and my finances and therefore have somebody with some public place disposition whom they can abuse and attack in a way that draws attention to their problems and therefore gets it solved through industrial narcissism, offering them power they have never before experienced, hence it is usually always completely unnecessary, much the same way as it is difficult for people to understand how I had tolerated it all these years when none really should in the first place at all. They always tend to come through with these statements they make about it all being my fault, such that they tell so many lies it becomes a bullying that is so clever others cannot tell them off, but has not changed from the same old case of getting people off their religion to do bad things in the society, which has no meaning, reason or purpose – the whites are always on an angle that says I am some character that will be used to punish them and so you are usually left in no doubt that it will soon go off to do something very bad, get punished and perform pornography on your Public image, while the ethnic minorities have their own version of big brother abuses and insults which is more a matter of historic injustices that will go on endlessly around your concerns until the road that leads away from your home to let you access the world becomes the topic for conversation whenever they play up their foolish games and you can never leave your home without being made to smell of what you last ate on the streets. So, it is building up to a case where I solve my problems by getting into a fight with the media, otherwise they can get organised for their jobs and shut down the comments and abuses associated with involving themselves with mine.

What has really happened with this matter is that I dropped out of University so I might spend my time responding to local hoodlums who have their own decisions for living the way they do; white women will never stop running off stupid popular culture to make money on my public image and blame me for the problems of their race while their children claim to be out of my league and the ethnic minorities will never stop conditioning me for homosexuality; the outcome is that I have set up the whole thing as something they get to discuss and report on Media everyday as part of mainstream living and now the fact they want to depend on me instead of get organised for their jobs has come to mean its about to lead to a fight on account their behaviour bottoms out my finances everyday – the Politicians will be the ones that have to deal with it during election day, apart from which they have to contend with it all the time as these people want to know how their jobs work, since the main case made for ripping up my academic work to serve them was that they were good people who only needed money. The question that really needs answering as compared to the gimmicks we see them put out all the time, making out they would be better off if push came to shove like an old British public control issue, is whether this behaviour is a destruction of my property and at what stage would I have hoped to classify all these behaviour in that way.

I am not in anyway losing while I think that I am winning. They do claim people are sick and fed up with my antics but investing other peoples property equity without buying their Books is the real antic here and its been this way since 2011, the abuses have gotten worse and I have been living disgracefully on government support, tolerating what they dream they can make of their disobedience and so it becomes impossible to work hard enough to keep the career and finances above civil rights goons who want me to hand in a Book for publishing only to find its now making others a living and I had no prove that I handed it to them, the practical jokes played up with my property relies on me not to exact consequences and hopes I will remain on the side of freedom and democracy and pay the price for their stupidities of these sort until the end of my natural life – it is an antic worthy of an award. The other part of the story is that each time they see people who are older than I am take a liking to me and I to them as well, the result is that they band together, never mind those communities built up with ideas about what to do to their victims while they explode onto peoples career and public image and decide how I am meant to exist when they are nice, when not, they decide they will have sex all over it but now we see the reason I am not threatened by women who are more successful is that I can make my own and those stories about the Monarchy supporting me had never led to somebody starting me off with  capital that is meant to facilitate a process where I paid back by burning them out, so I have no idea why it comes up so incessantly either. They even claim there is a conflicting sense of operation that shows I am biased in favour of British businesses and not in favour of European Businesses which do not make any sense whatsoever, since what happens is that I am working Equity with a Company and they have given me a task but they turn up to condition me into protecting British interests all the time and it becomes a question of what I will do to them should they wreck mine for it. Speaking of conflicting interests we see the same disobedience at the Military as well; they have a problem with certain commanding Offers who have a problem with a need to handle people in ways that are counter productive bearing in mind the demanding and death dealing nature of Military work and how those who tackle them ineptly create outcomes in which their disposition is a gift to the enemy as well and in my case they hate my guts because of the slash and burn associated with their attitude to every aspect of National and Foreign Policy, what they want me to ignore is the need their Celebrities have to build publicity that blames me for the problems of their race while making money off my Public image at the same time to blow off the big mouth about being beyond my league as insultingly as possible endlessly, which leaves this one message coming from the Armed services all the time ‘you had one job.’ The theory then that I am getting around with Europe despite Brexit is utter nonsense as Brexit does not apply to any of these.

I am told that what happens here is that I break the unbreakable rule of getting tangled up with Media and Politics but I don’t break any rules, the reality is that the media spends all day experimenting on me to find out if they can use their media to determine whether or not I may have a livelihood, while the Politicians provide them the aid that allows them ensure the dream of seeing me do something violently with or about local hoodlums to ensure my public image was given up for them to feel safe with was fulfilled, which is set in stone and creates a condition that they wish to keep up all day, whereby I am dragged into that condition that lets me drop out of University every time; what this proves is that they are a handful of layabouts and I wish to ensure that it is either those insults and comments about my person and livelihood are shut down or there will never been enough hoodlums and criminals that want to get along with them as well, so I have already made it a part of their mainstream living with places an onus on them to get organised for the day job, an onus I can manipulate as much as I like each time they attack me. I do get asked if I am aware of the extent of crisis I have created here but there is no crisis whatsoever let alone one I had created; what has happened is that I rented a space from a white person with a Muslim as the Estate Agent and the entire Country or even the entire world is now aware of it too – the business of it is largely that of what I mentioned earlier, whereby the whites spend all their time making sure they ran off stupid popular culture that meant I was responsible for problems their race faced, the blacks run off stupid abusive insults that speak of historic injustices until my person, public image and idea of stepping outside of my door becomes their social concern, as stupidly as possible, while the Muslims do nothing but condition people into something they are not looking like the paedophilia they get away with in Asia was to be Celebrated and thinking there was meant to be no consequences for those insults that I walk about as if I had conquered while they were the real deal moving into my right hand and when I set up a business in which I describe myself as CEO, they tore it up to make sense of the nonsense they set up in the neighbourhoods that are not enough for two and exist to look over my shoulders. What then happens with it is that the main propellant for this nonsense being the stupid Politicians who believe any wickedness and insult and abuse can go on at government Office uncontrollably, have been setting me out as the thing people get to abuse in order to sweeten the deals that will allow them connections and wealth and how these idiots met with the Industrial scum that spend all day building up some narcissistic process of making sure I am experiencing suffering which then makes them feel superior enough to be the ones people wish to spend time with and thereby puts them in position to trade and get rich, therefore got to meet like that over my Bookshop has never really been explained, so the idea these fools have invented then that I am the one creating the crisis beats the imagination but all this nonsense will become part of their mainstream living, so I too might find out how they are planning to maintain that nonsense where I wind up somewhere to drop out of school over and over again, as they pass exams and get everything they need by being layabouts. They have suggested they saw these things being done overseas and likewise am I determined to make myself clear when I say I have had enough of them and that big mouth issuing threats at me like it was the answer to the damage their stupidities have done here, determined to ensure they understood my position on their need to chase money around my concerns irrespective of the effects on me becoming what they had described as a national problem – having had it all figured out that when they harm me they are happier and it places them in a better position to get rich looking nice when customers are interested, as if this is the correct way to run a business, do advertisement or get enterprise to interact with National economy, as stupidly as possible; they own nothing here and have no right here. As for their Celebrity culture, the very first start of what they are complaining about was the insult of me being a small man that goes around looking for big trouble and then grabbing the benefits that should go to big men who deal with big trouble – I took up the part of their culture and society that facilitated this nonsense and fundamentally set about shredding it, each time they look like a little part of it have been recovered like their foolish politicians, its all threats and insults and the idea I am going to get harmed soon, as stupidly as possible set to continue. I am lost as per when they mention my involvement with the Monarchy provoking them, if they were expecting that I was completely incapable of handling myself on the matter altogether, the less these idiots threaten me presuming any wicked thing they devise can run to any extent at Government Office, is the better it will get, there is nothing they can do and more so do about me.

They speak of how I work a certain way which is then picked up by Politicians who are given the right and rite of leadership by those who actually have all the power and that certain way I work decides how they want to lead, it is utter nonsense too as the idiots get into government buildings, fail to familiarise themselves with the way the arms of government operate and spend a decade and a half of my time tackling my personality behaving as if I am a piece of Meat and they were a pack of wild Dogs, while none has raised a question about it for as much of history as we can remember in the first place. So we find them claim that I see something wrong with the way things are done overseas while they don’t whereas none sees anything wrong with what is their cup of tea save the part where they cannot control their mistresses getting the finger up my bum for insults passed at me about being a small man that picks up big things and will soon get after apparatus that big people should be deploying to make money and if they cannot control these idiots that are really difficult to resist beating up seriously, I will control it for them. The Media and Celebrity ones will be the ones who boast all the time about having enough resources to take me down and how I am talker while they are doer, which feeds into facts about hating my guts as I am not in need of an exorcist, do not build it up and throw it around at people who are adults and I am certainly aware they are too old to grow out of it, acquiring help from Government building idiots that spend time helping them test peoples mercy to pieces, hates my guts but will not yet keep off my Books and stop following me about. As for the business of talking while they do; it was about the claim women get privileges and that they have to work for their own but will ensure they didn’t get any less at my expense; usually the hall mark of the reasons stupid liberal Americans are such a handful of abusive scum with a terrible history that they can only ensure does not take from them the stupid jobs that are the yardstick for their behaviour by making sure I cannot make a living until their public image was updated at my expense. With respect to the resources they have that will help them take me down, it was largely a matter of what they believe I think constitutes damage to my property when showing mercy had become a habit and nobody knows why they will not take the exit if they feel trapped, that I have offered by asking them to keep off my Books and stop following me around, on seeing that following on a Public image will mean I break everything responsible for this nonsense and when I had the last one they will get a feed back from me and live up to their big mouth thereafter – what they mean is a business where I had written a Book that solves a particular problem and there is a sense that if I am given a breathing space their problem solver that works while they fulfil their dreams will be gone for good, filling it in insultingly and making my life toxic even on social media, it is the sense of what is the exit that should be devised for a process where I want to handle them as well but also want the general economy to do well at the same time - there is also my party piece where they wreck mine chasing bottoms at Buckingham Palace on my account.