So we hear that society hates my guts of course and I have no idea why it is being communicated anyway – the plus side is that Politicians have stopped lying and are looking the worse for wear for it too, these society goons are supposed to have been the absolute scum that our Country has produced, especially those that work in Public transport and have money to spend as a result but at the end of the day it is nice to see them deploy their abilities for something that matters to them and everybody else – that said, when I take public transport, all I want is to move from point A to point B not end up with a painful tummy at work every single day. What they say as a result is that they hate people who show the religious piety that people practice in other peoples personal lives as such and that whenever they feel that they have cleansed the Country of such things, something pops up very annoyingly somewhere and so it increasingly gets violent. That said, being told that hate my guts and there are issues associated with them communicating it to Politicians and Media sounds like a threat and I have always warned that will open up a whole new kettle of Fish. I am an Arch Prince, I have a history with evil and this is just one type of it, I have it communicated to me every single day, that they hate people who show religious piety but at the end of the day, when the Politicians and celebrated idiots issue the threats as such the worst that can actually happen is that black Women spy on me to cook them what I eat so they can feel like Kings, while Homosexuals suck up to them in order to be able to infiltrate my Royal renaissance at will with some backup muscle in hand – the rest need to put their money where their mouth is but on the whole people are starting to find their level as well when it comes to their hate for those that show religious piety. I hear talk of the Conservative party of course; those travel overseas to bring home some twisted culture where there are some Royalty that will show me where I really belong for getting involved with their prized Royal systems they want to get rid of and ensure it all ended with them at some stage but the result as it stands was never that we have never before seen the Party itself being this disorganised before, yet it is not the worst I can do – that if I followed would end up expressing itself at HMRC all together as it were. The Liberals and Socialists have this recurring history with me of course and it seems everybody is sorted in that way. I mean my average day is that I can walk into a crowd and meet a younger version of their insanity that does not like those who show religious piety along with normal people and then that will be the good one but if it was the bad one, it will be about the females they use for whatever twisted nonsense we all have to put up with everyday and then me talking to some woman that is old enough to be my grandmother like she was just a Woman as a result of the fact she must get into my personal space and solve all her life’s problems there and then, while they watch and threaten me in case I do anything about it; so they have only just realised they hate me and I need some time to ensure nothing holds shares in Public transport systems in this Country without being an ally of the way I think things should work first and if they are not willing to give me that time need to zip the threats up. In the end there is nothing stopping anybody from picking a stick and beating up somebody else’s big muscles – it is what it does to you when you get into a fight with people even when you know that you are an adult and the problems of our uncontrollable thoughts and life’s issues are one of the biggest sources of waste and destruction that there is i.e. somebody wants to get into that stupid living room of yours and secure some conveniences for the fighting as well. It’s an old story, figure yourself out and move on and try to ensure you do not end up talking to women old enough to be your grandmothers like they were just women to you and you end up in trouble with them over religious piety, do not and the trouble will be happening because when they have problems they hit you and when you have problems, they hit you if they find out and then become really intolerant at the other end for it all together.

They do say I set myself up for women to deploy as a tool for fighting others then complain when I get some of it back as well – this has never been the case; just the other side of the evil concerning women mostly where the Christian has his space cleared, so he who mucks it will have power and the Christian is just an item that has no feelings etc until it becomes more real than they can handle. There are several others like peddling my Christian temperaments to make money and so they would prefer to turn out to fight me for it for five years rather than learn to suck up to customers for five years and the only reason they will flout any rules I have made about listening to the gospel first of all to get away with it will be because I have allowed them and we religious people tend to – so I will make an exception of myself here because these ones want some form of evolution of this behaviour on account I am too strong to be s easily corrupted in faith and it has to stop, stop my way or their own, too; no gospel, no deal. At this stage they say all people wanted to hear is how respectful I want to be of people that are older especially when female and it is utter nonsense; when I want nothing to do with them because they look like Women when they are Women and involvement with them means I am unable to control my temper, the Politicians will claim it is discrimination on my part and when I explain they will claim I have put forward some positive discrimination, so I had to let it run its Course; in the end when I don’t want them in my Court they will create their own involvement and find out how important they were by making me pay attention to them all with media and if I create any project stating where they got involved I will be sued of libel and when they do not live their stupid lives out in such destructive ways causing me intense distress like so, they cannot be Journalists or Celebrities. I do not think that it is a problem as such, just as I get told its the men infiltrating my Court that creates the problem and it has always been the same no gospel no deal story of how I am not their cushion or spare leader, especially so they can strip off the morality their parents taught them to improve themselves on my income. It is the kind of insult which is guaranteed to wind me up by reoccurring at some time in future and they do say there is nothing I can do if it does but I think it is the profitability of violence which will never end the way they want it to if they handle me physically as well. People should not get all drawn out on what I say and do, it’s largely as matter of the alternative explanations these fools give for violence they practice in my direction being turned into some kind of property which belongs to me for the keeping as it were; otherwise its mostly their perversions and the fact that the ones they can have sex with should be treated well while the ones that are likely to threaten them because its far older or married do not actually exist. They do say they have spent that my stuff anyway and now I am unable to keep promises of being respectful towards people that are older than I am but this is utter nonsense too; the reality is that they want to get involved with me right up to what my number 2 looks like but are not interested in what I am interested in and in like manner the last thing I want to do is get involved with them when they already think they are more successful and more important as well but I am never the less having such a blast with this process of owning the bit where all forms of violence expressed at me has an alternative and more acceptable explanation while running with absolutely every aspect of their publicly expressed disobedience for it. Their whole lives are about a state of affairs where they abused me with insults that suggest I need to shut up or I need to move on or I need to leave it behind and that has become their state of affairs too and it should noted. The blacks especially love this idea of something to say or do about how I adjudicated situations like somebody does not want to kill me basically for thinking that I rule over them but adjudication is just a tool for a job as it were and they are the broken dreams and stolen ideas and stolen fame people of which given the right tools and methods can actually leave people alone and keep their hands to themselves as well. As for the question of what my problem with people generally is, there is no problem; the younger ones behave in ways that suggest when you provoke them you will travel the world and return to the beating that awaits you even if it has to be a distant violence and so they are completely used to their own ideas about why things happen and love teaching people lessons in this way – the result at this point is that those that can beat me up and lapping it and those that cannot are in some kind of personal pain and when they blow off the steam in my direction I do want to crack them all the time for it all over again as well. The other is the Media; they love to make themselves into the Gods of the aspects of my career that concerns where the patents said that something I did somewhere and the facts and figures involves thereof, is actually my property which safeguards the means by which I put things down in a Book and the Books become a product for the customer and it is beyond annoying, which is why I have decided to play up the part where if it were the case that all the Nations of the world sent out delegates to decide where the possessions of Media establishments they work in  begins and ends, it will turn out that the name for their arrangement is what is known as a corporation, not a sole proprietorship like mine is and that it does not do publishing rather broadcasting too – so what these fools do to my earnings is completely uncalled for, entirely unprecedented and although they like to make out they must do their programmes and news reports and all that nonsense on the platform of my career in order to get some meaning into their role as scrounging journalists, they have not been seen with a copy of my Books which means it is all about ripping up my public image and then the indignity will be the bit where they can actually write Books as well considering they communicate with people better than do as journalists, which pays no attention to the level of misogyny that writers have to put up with, except that now they are suffering it as well, there will be some violence practiced on me. So they do say it is the same way I use their female staff which has no basis on reality as what happens was an awareness of the connection between female journalists and society and the kinds of eventualities that can lead to murdering of journalists etc and the fact some idiot in the studio while this matter had not yet resulted in them exploring the misogyny writers put up with, would basically come and go as they please at the ladies hospitality and then those will be all over my case as the Arch Prince that knows most about the Moral stuff; so I ended up creating this world I share with them and they have to set out their work in such a way as ensures they have a job and a cause and that cause is interlinked with that world; so it seems that the male colleagues that make all these trouble have been making my Court free for all and the more I tell them off is the more it becomes a main preoccupation as well and if their employers did nothing about it, there is nothing they can do about my Court as well. As for me, I will never grow tired of them Media corporations at each other’s throats and will never stop playing it up for that considering it makes sense of the daily destruction of my income by them.