So do I have anything to fear from the media? Well the story comes up all the time but it never really makes any sense since the reality about the media is that when they hurt me and I ask why they are they claim that when people get involved with me and it is good, if I exclude them then I must suffer the consequences because they always get what they want at all times and they have promised me they will on this occasion as well. So that you might think it is not your business when it actually is, to think about how the way they live their stupid lives affects you bearing in mind they think their problems are greater than everybody else's and that everybody should always be forced to solve their problems for them on account they work on Television and can get corrupt with it. Hence this is what they turn out to implement all the time; gone are the days at present when I used to think I wanted to bend my career into such a corner as a process where I meet them for a fist fight is never removed or far removed from the general operation of my career because I was so furious at the time - now I wish to sit back and run my career better and more focused but these things continue and get more and more violent and more and more testing every day; especially the bit where they are working media power to ensure that I cannot get a job for they have media to make peoples minds up with, so they continue to turn up to make those slight comments and hunt every progress I make personally until they had destroyed it to satisfy a wickedness and hunt my books and property in the same way, talking nonsense I have never permitted them to say about my person or work at all at any point whatsoever, then we hear them complain that I attack the fundamental idea of the existence of journalism itself playing even more games whereas they are the ones that think I should be solving their problems like this was the 1990s or I am their equal or something like that; the threat to the fundamental idea of journalism of which is that the workers want to be able to think and speak like me the writer because people remember it over and over again and now they have a problem with the reasons that people tend to remember what writer say over and over again and why writers are the way they are, for the owners of the various media organisations it is about a corporation that is a broadcasting corporation that has a problem with another persons royal intellectual space - I mean there is no notice of the difference between a broadcasting corporation that is established as a broadcasting corporation all over the world and another person owning an intellectual property based intellectual space for his work and I put it to everybody here that the reason for it is pure vanity - it is the point at which they feel the most important aspects of your business is where they want to play their corporation power games. So I am not giving back the fundamental idea of the existence of journalism of which I have not yet begun to become a threat to the freedom of the press like they make noise about so far already; when they get off my book sales and I sell them and take a holiday from where I can solve their insolent problems, then they can get it back and if they wind me up further they never will either way; This is not the 1990s and when I say so I am not in anyway bluffing either - they do need to take a closer look and look again indeed. The Part about how they employ people and do advertisement and I think especially for the women anything that appears on media is my plaything will never suffice because the shred of truth is that is incredible since everybody knows that whenever people know or get involved with me they want to have sex first of all and then of course it is the precise point at which the process of their corporation power games is to be played out on the most important aspects of my office and business operations. So this is all there is to fear from media and they keep turning out to rip up my reputations and my book sales and prevent me from getting an alternative job or completing an academic endeavour and it will end as badly as it looks as well.

I have not got a clue why Politicians speak of symbols of culture and identity as the fundamental basis for talks over matters in Northern Ireland when we all know the problem to be a lack of respect for others first of all and the crushing ever crushing insolence that is supposed to constitute a barrier to employment and access to personal success. The lack of respect they will say is something I generalise but of course we all know what happens is that in society people want to be a part of a group or another and in that group some want to make contributions and some want to lead if they have the talent for it but if somebody lives their lives at an 80% circular society be it that he has been prevented from having any group or another, then it means that the crushing and ever crushing insults mean that he cannot say anything that anybody can understand, nobody is on his wave length and there are people who know and understand what he says and what he does and their only intention towards him is Politics and hurting him and asking him if when he warns them he is warning all of the Country. For me they say when I say what I say it is valuable and somebody else will do it for me with those insolent back stage nonsense about symbols of identity and culture when everybody knows that 900 years ago I would have my own right to acquire some foot soldiers that would shoot on sight any scumbag found on my royal lands – today it is much the same vandalism and trespass and the fun of it except its something new and they call it doing my stuff with a big mouth.