The story of picking a fight with those bigger than me which results in complains actually makes me so furious although there is considerable misleading to be had from the number of times it is mentioned by the idiots that do on media; as it stands I am the one whom it is said has a hold on an original provocation while they are the ones turning out to get Politicians to wreck my finances for them so they can stand up on my possessions and find what they wish to get used to all the time – so it is not an emotive issue either, as they are known for talking nonsense all the time and when you handle them just a bit they get the Politicians. They are obsessed with talk about violence of course because they want some all the time and it is something they need all the time and seem to get better by provoking me which apparently is the only way to milk it as it were and it is end as ugly as it looks too. As for the Politicians, there is no other purpose in their lives save ruining my finances for them plebes, so the complains they make is entirely deserved as well although they do need to shut it especially about picking a fight with bigger people and complaining at a later date. Bigger people as in tease that one they mean and it is never an issue of course since I am rather comfortable with their existence as they tend to remind me the Military relies on me for security and not me on the Military for security, one of those issues that should never come up but does as a result of their insults.

They do speak of the Americans that will come to their aid of course, the Americans that will come to their aid with a big mouth since each time every idiot thinks about witchcraft in the US, he or she thinks about somebody a Christian at Government office through whom to extricate some power; what I have done having failed to hurt them badly enough since they have media to express their stupid selves and Politicians to give them temporary means of putting forward something I will have to react to with a big mouth, it seems they have come to the part where they are more comfortable about the violent bits and of course I am as well and all they have with a big mouth and they can be teased as much as anybody likes as well as there is nothing they can do about it. We hear them speak of how well they will handle me if the UK is separated from Europe but the last time I checked it was because of the process of provoking me and getting into trouble about which Politicians dont want to be the ones to beat the retreat and hence their need to lean on the National front which they have for the last decade or so, which has led to the EU growing out of proportion in the first place: I mean an idiot can ask the gangs that have not yet been caught by the Police to elect him for the office of Prime Minister and then when he gets there having been he is given State Security decides to get off it to chase another completely innocent person all over the streets of the UK claiming he has a need to bully him because he stole beauty – now starting from Mr Blair every idiot from that Party and every leader they have produced like that their silly war in Iraq thinks that absolutely nothing will happen to them when their government provided security is not enough anybody because it is up to me with a big mouth; after which it is largely the fault of the EU and their gold digging takes a turn for a more violent worse. I mean nobody is dealing with the activities of corrupt perverts in Industry anymore because they are all over the face – no Interests in Cyprus and Greece and Turkey Holding as far as they are concerned in their view with a big mouth.

I hear them say the bane of all I do is to ensure there is minimum loss of life of course but the reality is that Syria is one of the best examples of what brings about such claims i.e. because I wrote a book, the fact that people have lived under the Assad family for years takes centre stage around the lives of those who had gotten used to living there the way it was and something happens at Politics and then international community and runs away very quickly – so the deaths are things that need to be rebalanced and we do have spates of mass shootings in the US while they call for abolishment of Gun laws in order to cover their backs like they do before they set out to find statesmen who do not earn money from the tax payer due to an office that is a product of a possession of theirs which governs the Country, having been they are not free from being beaten up by feminists yet but are going to teach such people a lesson, especially ones like myself who are Christians and have been able to ensure female society keeps up with the rest and there is therefore academic and professional equality without falling prey to feminists; that is after claiming they are more democratic than everybody else when we all know that if the problems in female society are left to them alone it will blow up in everybody else’s faces at a later date and of course they will teach those who finished such work before they can write their books and earn a living at Government office a lesson, provided they have school yard bullies on the right hand and gold diggers on the left who think they are violent. So everybody was there when Mr Obama was elected, they were all there when he travelled the world and toured Europe and Asia and nobody knows what his problem is with my leadership at this stage as well – all I can say is that his own isn’t enough and this one had better cost him and every idiot that is a fan of his everything. There is no way that my people will not integrate with them to create a peaceful world on equal terms and so the more living breathing people I have the better and so where reducing deaths applies to them on the other hand is more concerned with the need to rebalance their insatiable need to get out of their stupid country in the west and go about seeking bloodshed in other peoples own: not enough Americans are dying yet and that is why we hear their noise making all over the place.

The part about being bullied by Africans is all very well; it is a question of African scum having a process where I am bullied by them occur which I have not responded to which they believe creates a condition where others will likely get hurt without a process where they are as well taking place; I for my part have been helpful enough to mention how much I want to get better at curbing that nonsense about their stupid girls and those insults and the getting around with tyrants eating snacks and stuff – this is not the 1990s or 80s as it were anyway. With respect to the violent nonsense of which their work place envy rubbish is news to others in the first place, considering that big mouth is doing very well currently too and they are getting better off from a process of turning up here to school me about the fact the world is an evil place or maybe they have been able to pull off that nonsense about people pacifying Africa because my actions with respect to being schooled about how evil the world is and will stay that way has paid off on account I have not sold that one on yet as it were and we are not talking about media idiots thinking they have located those whose lives they will exchange with their messed up ones either. All that matters in my view is that the idiots make the link between the vanishing of those stupid cultures and societies that are the only things people think about due to their nature and hence constitute a means by which all I am and do and own was stolen from them, the vanishing of those stupid cultures and societies and a process of threatening me at some point in their very many stupidities.