They do say I complain about people’s behaviour leading to me on one hand and their celebrities on the other but will change nothing about altering their existence into one that agrees more with religion but of course it is the big Church programme that agreed with the fact I was being bullied on account all I could do was build one for them to turn up and wee on, just to get me to stand on a pulpit to preach and save their souls and tell them how they can better their lives at my expense too, so now that they have seen it they are going to take their notion they are more modern than everybody else to a whole new level too which in their stupid opinions will likely improve things. They say I still refuse to respect the fact what I say leads to an outcome where people kill each other; I for my part was under the impression their version of equality was doing so all on its own – that said it changes nothing about their need to remain as they are permanently, so that my Books do not lose credibility. All they have left is that of what the US President is willing to do which does not make sense to me – since when he thought running the filthiest elections in American history was the bees knees it was at my expense and after years of handling his own personal and spiritual and economic growth as well as much as his idiots predispose themselves to do mine when he gives them the go ahead to see how I will react to find some personality to improve their victims club liberalism with, he has now deduced when they have reached a point where they have started to turn on him, that I have got a problem as well and in my mind he is thinking he is my personal God to that effect in any case. It’s an old story of wrecking academic work because certain black idiots want to be the most important in the world Mr Obama being at the top, makes sense when his idiots feel they can handle other peoples government operatives as they please and their media are still seeking to ride it to this day, so that what I do with my academics has become their main concern while we hear them speak of injustices all over the world – question thus raised being which degree exactly that level of abuse exist in when their claims of a lack of civil rights is being quantified in the first place – so personally I do think he is bluffing; the prognosis of criminal behaviour has always been hatred for women and those who have responsible burdens of leadership placed on them, so I did think the US President was an idiot but this is off the scale i.e. when we talk about it academically, otherwise the raw way to see it is about their abuses and when they get to stop it which is the part they really like so they can get to enforce their will on others, so they can approach me for it too if the US President is my personal God.

The part where I am said to be stirring problems by telling people not to issue threats they cannot back up being very well understood of course but it rather always seems that the British have not been there and gotten the badge for these kinds of behaviour yet like the Germans for instance; so it does not matter when I am inferior enough for people to deploy whole governments to wreck my finances and cause me to complete cycles of earnings over and over and over again while the money ends up somewhere else in terms of market equity – it rips up the moral fabric of society of course but does not matter since they don’t know what the price for it looks like, so I feel they want a piece of me directly especially the media ones and therefore know what I am talking about – question is if they know what they are talking about as well. It is not an emotive issue, it rather does appear too that every little involvement with the British Royals leads to Political crisis of global proportions, never mind the fact that when I broker equities with firms it means I have stolen pocket money from the inheritors of various establishments which has now come to a point where they are preventing me from earning money where I shouldn’t, all because Politicians and media feel like grabbing my possessions and tossing it somewhere a dangerous person that will prevent me from recovering it so they can find a way to make it their own and so it is a matter of how long I will allow these bone head fools continue to screw around with me for, not a matter of what I should say or shouldn’t. Besides which it appears that the fact the Monarchy exists means when they cannot beat people they will find a way to drag them into government where they will be forced to make compromises and share property with those who don’t want to share any with them and then talk nonsense about people stealing jobs – so it is possible when I tell them about not issuing threats they cannot back up I am actually bluffing when it is also so obvious they want a piece for me for their wickedness always ever leads down the money route and hence the telling me where I am supposed to be and getting me involved with government to share my possessions from a distance because I am too inferior to get the experience directly bit, meaning one thing on involvement with the Royals and quite another one the Royal Estate that is mine all together. It is never a waste of time what I do and they know it; they simply like to boast about the spiritualities and temperaments of Godlessness and lack of morals that are the essential criteria for being a business man but when they see a livelihood that belongs to a Christian write unwritten rules about those that are too moral to have a livelihood and then set about on media to claim it and the Politicians and Media fools are one story but the fashion idiots are something else –so as far as I am concerned it is ‘strike one’ with them. In their defence they do say it’s a matter of laziness and indolence but I used to think they only wanted to rip up peoples finances in order to build fame and fortune with peoples possessions and accuse the owners of being stalkers which will make them feel wanted and needed and so on but there has now been revealed this other element of power that concerns what is supposed to happen to you in terms of violence as you rebuild what they have damaged all the way to completion – so for me it’s a simple case of wanting business that belongs to a Christian when they don’t believe in God strike one: it’s never been a problem, it’s just me lamenting the time I lack for my assumptions about what they are willing to do and how far they are willing to go, where they are willing to start and where they are willing to stop has been challenged to the core – so they think what hurts them at present is really the worst that I can do i.e. I get told I complicate matters when it is rather so easy for things to be seen in my perspective aka there are celebrities who are people that have as a result of sheer fame gone out to perform celebrated services for others to make themselves a lot of money, there are also people that have been manufactured by Industry and these are the ones that bring it out of you the story where you have to tell people that if you see them around your office again there will be bodies and their families will turn up as it were – they said that money was their problem but now we know it is not enough. It’s when they find it ever more convenient to say it’s a matter of Politics and the rebels in it that the facts become more obvious, I always say I have no clue who the scumbag is that told them they were famous. So they say I am promising to sack celebrity culture and that it is a complicated matter which it is not at all – being a celebrity is like planting a garden and waiting for people to come and see it in order to earn you money, it’s the waiting bit after you had built yourself a life, the waiting bit for a big breakthrough that is usually the hard thing to do, these fools are not celebrities and sacking it is not the worst that I can do because of course there is nothing that justifies that process where I get about my Royal duties and some stupid girl walks into a studio to ask an idiot to make use of it which he agrees to no matter how many times I have made it obvious I don’t want it done. I hear them say that with me people don’t know where to turn but I am only just getting rid of the root causes of crime in the cheapest way imaginable, so they can get into a habit of telling me all Christians can do about those who offend them is build a big Church and tell testimonies – now they are living up to that old adage where the case is that of what society will become when those root causes of crime are completely eradicated but I can always take up years of their time to answer that question until they get it as well – again. These are all just academic facts, the realties are rather simple i.e. when you meet people at random on the streets and they make you understand they can do whatever they like with you of which out of curiosity you might want to know why they think that and it turns out they are your house and they are your career and you have nowhere else to go – so it’s a big bluff, the part where they made themselves ungovernable was the start of it and it is going to get a lot worse too.

I don’t need any support in order to finish school – the reality is that I have a Literary Empire and its intellectual space is government supported with security beefed up right up to the secret service, so I am only supposed to be concerned about getting on and settling when I want to do my academic work as I go along, not withstanding there are people that want to damage it and turn up to pay for doing so at the jobs market every time; the part of this conversation that I have omitted being the story of me getting bullied which is utter nonsense – I know that is the intention and will punish them for it especially that stupid parliament I really like to kick for it as it were but that said I do not feel bullied anyway and it is such a marvellous use of my time. What I am saying is that the world I live in is very different from the one where it is supposed to have been construed that I need help and support to finish school and so I do not need it as such; all I need is to feel that nothing is turning up on media devised by some self harming idiots with a need to seek out problems for which to sacrifice other people’s lives and possessions when they are not allowed to partake in or share or own it, looking for somebody to bully which then goes on to ensure I cannot get to my Company and feel that it belongs to me, that the roles I have given to the various people I associate with are not real or legitimate roles – this is what needs to stop and if it doesn’t they will be complaining again, seeking things I am scared of, looking for cowards they used to fear that they don’t fear anymore. I don’t care and am not interested in the popular culture bits; I am a Christian and it does not matter to me if it exists or not, they need keep it away from me to have it and stay away from my Books if the books are hurting so much (fundamentally clear when they accuse me of not caring what black and African culture does to people in the UK of which I don't because they have seen what their own type looks like from all over the world and discovered they are losers - the part where they made themselves ungovernable was the start of security for my finances i.e. they need to keep off my Book sales - I am of the opinion it’s all redemption at work. They speak of racism being something I will never talk about because it is not the easy option but I am not the one that raised a case for having revenge on the British Royal family for involvement with slavery and slave trade just because I had a feeling for my part - that was Mr Obama and it is up to him to explain it to the world, not his own victims).

I hear of those gaps I need to fill in where what people think about my position is concerned and I would never understand why they do it for my part either – what we have here is the incessant need of media idiots to sit with business men and tell people they have access and controlled ownership of my literary work and public life and that these business men and women can have it if they wanted, which always leads to that outcome where a business idiot is being reasonable by telling me he will try not to damage my livelihood like his good friend beside him is suggesting but always ends with the reasonable guy sticking the knife into you at the end since he has deduced that when he stands up to speak to his customers or associates or employees he cannot do without mentioning your livelihood, it must therefore mean that it is his own and I cannot take it back because I have neither the means nor the guts to. This is usually manageable as it comes down to what fans and customers hear me say, so it quickly develops into some claimed ownership and control of my office developed around a need to get on media and tell me what my responsibilities to maybe Ukraine or maybe Washington or any part of the world that tickles their fancy is and the reason for it is to express that although they need my help they feel they are superior to me socially, culturally, academically and financially while they continue to damage all these things in my life as they go along and find it amusing when they share the stories. So we regularly end up hearing them tell me they will be willing to stop it if I am willing to call it off when they are willing to call it off as well and I don’t know what it means since in my view they are not working hard enough yet first of all and also I do not wish to see them anywhere near my Books sales and hence do not care what they call off or not, considering the last time we checked I normally just set out 15 years of my time and throw it away in the interest of idiots with jobs on Television; so when they have started making themselves ungovernable like they are at the moment it tames that noise about how it is my responsibility to make the country comfortable for them to deploy anything they like to get rich with a soft and insolent racism that never knows its place as it were, it is usually the start.

So I hear of the reality that is not being faced i.e. that the Labour Party simply cannot please some people and that is how it is naturally; it is utter nonsense of course because what really happens is that they speak of oppression and civil rights and that is when you become sympathetic but the end product is always the realisation they are in their view better human beings that you are and therefore deserve a right to do things to you that those who hurt them did to them in order to recover from it and in order to have that will sacrifice absolutely anything, claiming the more important is the more powerful they will become at the end – so there is no way that anything they do on this platform can ever be right no matter how good it might have been. This is just an academic way of putting it, the rudimentary form is that they organise themselves into groups and speak of civil rights; this then gives them access to people and access to people’s emotions and immediate after becomes a civil rights of squander and corruptibility and destruction, they say they need to do things to me that they suffered, then they finish off with a need to make me see I am supposed to treat other young people in such ways as well and because I refuse doing so has resulted in a decade of abuse and unemployment that will ensure they rip up my academic work which they have and set out to make younger people complete their own and then that will cause me to understand how they feel about my successes –leading to this question of whether the damage is not going to be punished if I can pick on younger people instead as it were. So these things are some of the simplest examples that express the fact they are really stupid people and not just that but are always very twisted and very evil and lie a lot, just like American democrats who organise themselves into groups and seek a disposition where their civil rights means having other peoples personal lives and finances and personalities when and if it is something they have never seen before, in which way their leaders such as Barrack Obama can communicate with the world about poverty while keeping millions in earnings about which whether he has worked for is questionable in the most dishonest way imaginable; the problem with me being that their wickedness is always about money and my very person and nature seems to exist at odd with that, which I can do nothing about first of all, is a good thing as well and generally runs in the family too. I am just putting the facts in a concise way, to simplify everything it’s a simple case of waiting for black people to be done with partying and deviance and smoking marijuana and the parents and communities to raise a certain number of their children as criminals in order to create problems for the system and the government, then turn up to handle your property in a processes of civil rights and their Politicians to chase up your personal details at the civil service at the end and turn out at Parliament to mess with you so they can have the access and then everything they do and the lies and accusations thereof will be right and pleasing to you after that; so of course they speak of racism and how I never mention that but of course they do because they believe I will likely do so with everything else they have not been able to damage here within the process of pressing for compliance with their stupid needs over me. They speak of the culture and society of course which is not a new story as we know when you do not handle it, then you get killed over what you own but when you do then you get killed for handling it, so I do enjoy handling it and they might want to keep their insults where people appreciate it; I understand it is said I am not strong enough to handle these matters but that is not necessarily true, I mean I cannot measure my own strengths at random as such but I do know that people are not just going to ride over me if push comes to shove either - so what happens here is that when I rent accommodation from them, it means the part where they are my House and can move into my public life and lay down popular culture empire pipelines to whatever end they want is 70% completed and so for me its a matter of when they move their provocation outside of that nonsense about me living in their property to the bit where they clearly say they want a piece of me or want to get out of bed to spend my own and then we will find out how tough they really are as well - at the moment its a matter of Landlords that are more interested in whether or not they have had something to do in which they were your Boss that everybody needs to know, which means that you rent property but find it difficult to ensure what you do to pay the bills such as the job for instance is not messed with and it really shows how stupid they are and does not harm me in anyway - these are the kinds of stupidities that achieve things that they think are supposed to please others.