So we do hear them say that there is now more activity in my world as a result of sustained and violent prejudice and insults based bullying which means they can rest easy but I wouldn’t know, all I know is that they are not my responsibility – we see them do it all the time, top civil servants like Politicians, Politicians like Media, Media like Popular culture and popular culture like the neighbourhoods etc all with their own group of idiots that attack me because I behave as though I am more important than they are playing up the bubble that exists between them and the prisons and it gets to a stage where it happens like some kind of normalcy like some kind of right that they have but it is a question they need answering, not one of whether they have had some of that my sweet stuff anyway no matter how hard I tried which has made me inferior to them but one of whether they are my responsibility or indeed who seemed to have set out a message that he requires a conversations from them around here when they have not yet fixed the finances they have damaged. It is not an emotive issue, it began years before from a point of hatred for those that are introverted than they are because they are supposed to be more introverted on account they are superior and the fact it has taken up a decade of my time for their foolishness is not something I would have had an imagination to conceive for my part as well – so it is worth reminding the idiots about why they wind me up and why they should not regularly tend to assume I want to have a conversation with them; only one question to answer – are they my responsibility? It’s not an emotive issue either, the whole process of creating problems for them as well is developed around this one single issue with that stupid civil rights of vandalism that does not know when it does wrong. They do say I speak that way but with my Books I maintain an advantage but the books are there as things I will sell to people I will protect from them and set out to punish them for doing the right thing – people get involved with an author to buy his books not dig him for information they can deploy to make themselves superior to him on media and of course the bigger the business the more the moral imperative for people to behave properly considering the number of people on the planet that know whom it belongs to – you cannot just bend people’s minds and souls and confiscate another person’s empire stifling his finances for decades because of how you feel like the media and government office is your personal and private property; so they are all over the world at the moment doing the wrong thing and it is not the reason they should be punished, when they start to do the right thing will be the time to be as well. They do say a test needs to be created as to whether if they stop I will stop as well but this is not the kind of stop that makes me stop – the kind of stop that makes me stop is the stop that is stopped with hands held up that it has stopped, a stop that is stopped with an apology attached so that we might know they do not intend to stop their own stop or stop when it suits them or stop when the quality of life of their victims have been altered permanently so they can feel superior, otherwise the road leads to the part I will teach them lessons and show them things they will never forget as well.

Now there are these two part questions on their part of what my position on the EU is and what my problem with black people appears to be; of which for the former we always knew what the problems associated with being part of the EU was and those who were able to look into it had to weigh the cost with the advantages and it paid off, so if it did it was good and if it didn’t looked elsewhere, until the Politicians turned up to damage the finances and then do absolutely nothing about the disadvantages of living in the EU, now what they are doing is not apologising for it if they can offer to get us out and get seen in public talking nonsense about their need to do something arbitrary all the time as well and that has always been the question for them as well i.e. what are they offering in return for the advantages of living in the EU? The other side of the story being that Germany runs the EU which is a lie because if that were true the need Germans have to exist as though others do not would not have been causing a clash with the UK for instance – so if they want to consolidate and accommodate the UK in order to feel they run the EU that is to be decided by the referendum and this is where I am like everybody else looking towards what the Politicians will put as content manifesto for the referendum. As for the story of black people – it seems that those names their girls and popular culture idiots call me which indicate I am a thing from which everybody gets to have a bit is the one their parents gave them as it were and so since their insults and abuses and the Politicians fingering my bum and grabbing my penis to get rich and important had long become an open secret among their bone headed children school they have not yet been aware of the fact they had started a war as it were – they expect more reason so they can get attention which means they are continuing to wreck finances and build a life at media and international communities which suggests they are superior.

So they do claim there is a controversy about me which says I am a sex manic and that it is deserving of some punishment with their big mouth of which as far as I am concerned it is an old story of how they are evil because it is their civil right of which the test is always whether they will practice it on their stupid children or want to give their own freedom by targeting other peoples kids instead alongside the question of what exactly those who have things they don’t do to offend them. As for the punishment bit, it will only take this matter of being unemployed for a decade because I am being forced to have sex to another level over those stupidities and how it means when they are angry they can do things they don’t have the right to do like touch people with a big mouth. So it’s all anuses and penis insults to show me what it is like to be dead and when they start to make out that is an advantage in its own right it has to go which is what is happening at the moment. However on earth people are supposed to be unemployed until they have sex because it is an evil and none religious world anyway according to consenting adults; this is not the only rumour about me in any case either. It started from you are talking on the phone now but from what we heard you masturbated today so you do know in your heart that you will never get this job and it soon gave way to the opposite i.e. you didn’t so you know in your heart you will not be getting a job and it goes on like endlessly all over the civil service filthy idiots with a sense of themselves and a very pragmatic temper that can touch in expectation there will be no consequences – nobody runs a business that suffers from perpetual image problem fixing it which will give them something to copy for their more superior business because they can talk, so it’s on borrowed time. It’s never really been a problem, only the great old story of where I fit into the UK plc thing; so they are haters of my work and the Industries know all about it because they have been getting connected without an ability to keep their hands to themselves, so when I say talk I am referring to their need to turn up on media and steal a career and tell the owners its already done on account it’s their popularity homosexual alternative lifestyle gay culture and this is why I have been unemployed for a decade and a half and will not go unpunished, not least due to the distant prejudicial violence that comes with their laziness too. We hear of my lack of respect for elected authority of course which is utter nonsense too – there is no such thing, only the fact that it’s a matter of their disobedience and that of their society, so that when you have a little difficulty and are unto it they will notice and their problems will become so important that they must be able to ensure you are defined by that problem and what you have warned them about doing becomes their main preoccupation with media and popular culture and regular attendance at Parliament for public attention, while they complain about civil rights successfully to cover their tracks – so it eventually comes down to the fact it is the Offices of the Politicians that society gets to use in that way and hence for me it becomes a matter of their disobedience and that of their society alongside it all round – eventually culminating in the fact treasury funds is not my money and the fact a Politician spent it on a fool should not become a reason I have to be unemployed on account he wants to create a fundamental difference between me and him – this is the point at which I get to make time for them as well. 2001 to 2004 was when their Politicians having a need to own peoples personal lives and playing up the bubble that exists between their Offices and the Prison services reigned supreme while they made sure they got all I had without asking because either that or being thankful would make them inferior to me which they knew they weren’t, 2004 to 2008 was when they ripped up my academic work and from then on was the reckoning a matter that had to be settle to this day, so we are long past the origin reasons for it at this stage. We see their women express the fact they think I am the soft touch big spender they can manipulate all the time; so when I set up an Administrative renaissance system for the Royal Estate, they will get to change it with media pressure and handling my income to make me behave with distant prejudicial violence if the purpose is to control blacks and Africans and ensure everybody else at the Royal Estate is comfortable while what becomes of them is offset at the Office Show Business section and I have no idea why any sane human beings would expect me to make time and do such changes to my concerns to suit them either – but we see them all the time 18 year old fashion model with 8 million pounds in savings and has no plans to work for it and if I ask why I am always the target the fucking idiots are being ruthless at doing business telling lies all over the place.

They do say the British have a view of the world that is primarily based on colonialism which has no basis on the truth in any case – I have spoken of the matter before i.e. these guys are ever so stupid and have over time worked out that a combination of that stupidity and a corruption of involvement to yield dividend of making those who have responsibilities to work for them to any end that they desire by the back door and it is the reason they want it all the time, so colonialism was based on going into those agriculture based economies and turning them all into White Collar jobs because there is no way they will let your office be if they know where your private parts and body parts is located instead, until somebody does you favours with racism. We see them hard at it all the time, no acceptance of knowledge or understanding except it means the part of you they had collected which you must give up so they can use it to be superior to you on media is the main catch, we see them at it all the time and the acceptance of knowledge and understanding makes people weak, encourages homosexuality and causes men to live like women but after which you soon discover a certain percentage of everything you own and work for has become their own on account they have made up their own version of you and that version is weak and anything you do about that will tell them what to do to copy and get a short cut to money while short circuiting everything you own because there is an added wickedness and violence involved, so having worked out their corruptions of involvement leads to such an outcome they have become better and better and better at it and so when you say that it is all so uncanny in the most insolent way imaginable, then you are sucked into the idea of racism being a good thing, so you have to settle realities and seek out what you wish to do about it which also makes you a coward. It comes to a head for me when they do it and then rob it in my face – it is the point at which I want their Hyde for my part as well because of course there is ever any need to get after the health and the energy that is working for these things about which a certain percentage becomes their own by magic, I mean it is not as if they are too stupid to understand that by the way either, thus the culture that has developed from it being that if they can just make money from it then there is no way that they could ever be said to have done the wrong thing; hence the bloody clowns are ever on the media at all times coming up with their own version of the truth that is also concerning the British and making out it is supposed to be the truth because they have said it and that it is said on media.

The question therefore becomes that of how I know these things but it’s an old story where they say I have been beaten down and crushed and cannot even breathe for a second unless I act in a way that makes them comfortable and it was all simulated and fostered by their provocative and stupid media friends and has no basis on reality i.e. that everything they do here has a page on my websites which deals with it but the top ones are stupid socialist women with rackety small businesses they want to plug into my life to make sales and insultingly and violently as possible and those cannot keep their fingers off my anus and tummy or their hands off my penis and head claiming they are softening me to ensure I cooperate, while the stupid fashion girls are supposed to have been a product of the influence of the Germans and the French – who love to play their ugliness that brings a curse on everybody games until war breaks out and then they can claim the bad guys are after them on the right and those who do not live in a Country that suffers or is currently suffering the same fate as they do are after them on the left and the way out is collaboration with evil, the bloody idiots, while the socialist community women I mentioned earlier can only continue until they are populating some victims club at the international communities.

We do hear they now know what to do to confiscate my empire of course and none of it makes any sense – they say they have taken it anyway and there is nothing I can do now to scare the politicians at Westminster but none of that is actually true; what is true is that if what I have achieved in the last 15 years if placed alongside the fact they have spent all their time hounding me over the last 15 years reserving none for how they are going to pay their bills, we can see these are a group of people that will be heading to the IMF really soon and we have to brace ourselves for the sad bit that happens when third worlds emerge – for now it’s their big mouth suggesting that in order to avoid heading to the IMF they will have mine instead. So I do not think it has the effect they intend, only reality that when you are white with a business in a none white Country they cannot leave it alone for some excuse they make up including wealth inequality and when you are black with a business in a white man’s country they will come over to hound you because civil rights exist – so there is always that sense they have at all times that things belong to them in a fundamental way endlessly and there always a part media plays to ensure they can target peoples possession and commit crimes that are above the law to make money and end up in a condition where they are never wrong then seek government office at the end. It does not mean I am giving into Politicians here either – as I have mentioned before, there are aides of The Queen who decide which part of my work gets exported – I am only speaking of the reality about HM leadership here in case somebody has a business overseas, the facts on the ground being a state of affairs they fabricate which means things always belong to them at all times when whites own businesses overseas and when blacks own businesses in white countries and of course where that story of how they have had some anyway actually fits in. They say I have little or no respect in the UK but we will never know what the prove of that was meant to have been anyway; takes up back where the whole conversation started out i.e. we have a view of the world which is primarily based on colonialism and we are not a Country if we can be an ally of the US instead. They do say most of what I say about myself are all lies but of course it will be until I take that media away from them to ensure what they say ceases to be the truth no matter how stupid explained away with my work as such - but for now warnings about people arranging Music Tracks and News to spend my public work and bed chamber to help them with their daily grind will lead to a total destruction of that popular culture right up to the US as well - their German Friends I hear is the great old story and I am blown away too, they are inferior because they feel that way as well and now they know-its time out; to get out of it they will have to come up with a complex web of lies considering it is their own disobedience causing them the problem - they will likely say people have said so before but I am supposed to lock them in an engagement with them until it is too late for them to make money and then when they have none can turn up for a fight, the only way out of that is a behaviour that is usually true to a character we are normally conversant with, so they can get off my Book sales and clear my space.