They have no respect for the fact I have a right to get out of bed to attend my affairs without having to contend with the evils of their society – so they need to ensure one part threatens me and the other is the biggest beneficiary of how I react and so no sane person would react to it but if they must spend tax payers money to ensure that my finances are in bad shape to secure that reaction it is what they must do – which is how we have ended up with these things being said on Media all the time about something I am supposed to do that then gets violent as well with that big mouth and when I mention the problem to be that because they have a Country and a culture and a society everything I do appears to them to be a toy their reaction appears to be that I am saying I have come to their marvellous country to work and need to be given a real job and for it I will kick them since it makes a mockery of all these ideas that they do these things on account they seek a conversation as it were.

The Politicians however I don’t think are spending tax payer’s funds wisely by having time to think of other people’s jobs as toys and or indeed making public speeches about somebody who does things about things that just happened and now thinks it is his possession. They think Politics is an easy job they should get involved with whenever they are as lazy as hell; so the idea it is actually ideology based but the job is difficult to the function that the ideology must be streamlined with leadership of communities whose needs must be met by law and finance – so when they want to get off and turn up here to live up to their big mouth we will find out which is which as well anyway.

The part where each time I mention their big problem to be that they never listen to what other people are saying to them and are incredibly stupid and it is a job here not a toy and they tell me I need them first finished off at a case of how tolerating their City insolent identities will work, this time it will move straight into violent matters as well all together I suppose. It is another inability to listen to what I am saying apparently since my view of racism is a matter of those who flatter people that are ugly to a fault so that they get to a point where they seek things they have never had and become mentally disturbed on that. The biggest problem is still that they have cultures and societies and countries and that means that my job is income is a toy. The second biggest is of course the old case of how much of me they think they know and when I am out of this they will find out as well – since it appears to be the weakness of government work – so people can wind you up and have access to you whether friend or enemy and sit around doing what they like while staying alive for it at the same time.

The story of how I live in a world and more so eventually as it currently stands which makes no sense to me but makes sense to everybody else is a claim they make with their silliness that has no foundations on reality. Since I have made it clear to them the problem with their culture and society is that they think all I say and do is some toy to play with which it is not – so to actually think that they go home regularly to sit in company of their friends to regard those things as funny is almost unbearable a thought. The way this works out is that they think the wickedness of their society by which they do those things they do are fun and underestimate what I feel about it and that behaviour as well all of the time. It makes perfect sense to me that all I want to be involved with is my books and the sale of it, my Office and anything else I have to do with the Royal family – anything besides those three points I will never cease to cut to pieces as it were. The part about things I should worry about such as my academic work being the one where they need to make me keep my academic work outside of the Country in which I study and which I hail because it is their own and to that effect have appointed their stupid selves unto a role and I want to put to the test what it is exactly they can effing do when I don’t. So it all makes absolute sense to me like nothing else I am involved with: what they mean by a life I live that makes no sense to be but eventually makes sense to everybody else as a function of my lack of co-operation with them is what their community croons have set out as the reasons I am the way I am and look the way I look which they turn up on media to run with and exasperate me with everyday to make money on my back in the most violent way they can conceive and this constitutes a barrier therefore to everything that matters with that their big mouth that can only enforce anything with media and the civil service but we cannot see the end of as well and I said anybody who is infuriated for fun by such things and the fact those that are doing it think it is funny in private would have enough as well – they think they know me, I say they think the wickedness of their societies and cultures by which they do these things are fun and I will get out of here and limit the extent of access that government work gives them to get around my property and stay alive in order to continue so that they can know me properly and we can put it to the test as well.

The story about gender issues I will speak of at this juncture because the basis on which people raise them is that I say nothing and people make up their own facts about what it is i.e. I have chosen to live my life in the company of women and have no reasons to believe I should in anyway be vilified for that – it is my life and I live it how I want it, it is not their own and they need to get out and move on and stop keeping up to talk rubbish all over the place. I mean they never listen to anybody especially the blacks and the black women are something else all together – they start me off with violence from day one and now I want nothing to do with them are using whatever of my life others share with me as well because we share a skin colour – they never ever listen to anything anybody says to them and I have said enough times they need to get out of here and move on so it does not become something a lot more serious than they ever planned it would be. I don’t think these matters are a serious issue for my part, it exists in the same family as the story of how afraid of black women I am that they always tend to influence and put fear into me but if men do not give me  break very soon enough and get out of here while it is still early, I will ambush them around everything that is important in that stupid lives of theirs as well and I will show them something they have never seen before, just like only they know the importance of money and why people want to earn it which blows me away completely as it were with a big mouth. Eventually it does come right down to another wrong idea about what I think of these issues i.e. it is incredible to many that what I really think is that only I and the women I get around with have the right to exist and that is how my mind works most of the time, people think it is inconceivable but in actual fact that is the truth – besides what politicians want to spend a lot of money to Iron out in a consultative way, which we have need is expense without end to deal with what is actually the attitudes of these idiots (I mean with the Politicians eventually what you do does come back to bite you anyway but the cost is incredible) – they do say if it were up to me lots of balloons would be squeezed but isn’t it what these fools say they are good at? Violence? They are good at violence and I am good at money and we are here because they are covering their fucking tracks - here in the UK they do claim they are linked to prominent members of the Royal Family but I believe that I have also warned them I share this office with none and it is the same issue about how they stay off the Royal property and the public work and its public life and stay off my book sales.