There is too much smelling around because there is a mental health epidemic they say and I am quite prepared to work with it if they say – am prepared to work with a process where people no longer have community croons that hang over others for power from insults that their stupid young people have passed around concerning the part where their mates are supposed to shut it, take it back and swallow it so many times that their silly parents can gain fame and fortune with peoples public image by it, I mean I have never been in doubt that these things can only be resolved if their lives are used to fix them – I am ready to work towards it if they are when they are the ones who run media that coaxes celebrities into giving them photo shoots with other people’s public image and unleash idiots that consider themselves socialites on other people’s livelihoods and public image in very abusive and publicly insolent and silly ways – I am ready to work towards it if they are ready to stop being local idiots who take advantage of gawping over peoples public image, right up to a stage where they are leaning on flesh peoples tummy to sleep well and then complain about a bad smell that is messing up their opportunities in life, bearing in mind we are here because we are somewhat tired of the waiting for the bit where we find out what it is exactly they are going to do when finished – I am ready to work towards it if they are prepared to stop being the TV Media fools that cannot let others keep a career and Radio media scum that cannot let others keep Industrial employee based jobs without having something nasty to say which is associated with their need for popularity very sickeningly everyday – I am ready to work towards it if their big mouth will not get around threatening me every time it strips me and the ladies at Court of the personal life defences we have created for these things to express further stupidities about what they did to prove we do not care about each other as much as we have made other people’s lives uncomfortable for and show up around here wearing suits with insults to talk nonsense about a bad smell i.e. I have never been in doubt it was always a contribution they needed to make to society and not up to the rest of us to stop the bad smell epidemic.

It’s a question of whether I and friend or foe as a result of my cowardice whenever anything happens of course but we all know that coward can always go to the gym to beef himself up and set about controlling the lower classes as well as it is rather really easy i.e. every time the community croons hit me I cut up the celebrity culture and reduce propensity to get sexually abused by get rich quick freaks who are taking things they think their stupidities are powerful enough to – every time I get abused by scum that want to ensure I feel like the weight of the world is laid on me, tackle the Politicians to get side by side with me to rip up my finances and create somebody who has a personality that can be used in that way for them when I have become an introverted personality around whom politicians are making a case for their offices being a place where decisions are made that affect the lives of criminals and then after all that mobility find they do not want the scum to show up at Parliament but if that happens they have somebody they are already oppressing who will fix it starting off really well all together and every time anything I do to defend myself means I am being oppressed by opportunistic scum that can beat me up the media and popularity fools get it too. Has always been the story of these fools sitting about dreaming of controlling country and military to a point where they make their own and get on that stupid Media for it too but so have I warned them enough times about threatening me with it as well; we hear them say the leadership of Monarchy does mean we do not need Police but what is real about it too is that it means when the Country is a more exhilarating place for people to live in we need less Police, which when I first realised was what they were saying made me think it was the funniest nonsense I heard all day – feeds into that case where calling them clowns provokes them but should I be given an alternative word I would happily accept too. I mean right now I am talking about the bullying of older youths who are so stupid and think that they are such manly men they have no need to show regard or respect for others, pillaging my finances with such things as a statement about how nobody knows if I am friend or foe when bad things happen because I am a coward, just because they have run out of controversies that they would love to roll out news bulletins by but what will be the end product of it is that I think I am in charge while Politicians are which was not a difficult matter either; since there is no need to put up with idiots setting out your whole life to pillage and push into their challenges because they would have liked a Political career that you had which they look over, which also feeds into that nonsense that after getting rich via racism the older folk are now trying to deny them and the advice here is that they should try not to set out a battle line after 15 years unless they are actually stupid enough to.

I mean we will sooner hear I am not worthy to be protected but I have no idea who is asking them to protect me anyway; the prospects of being abused by racists on the streets used to look better for me before they got involved and so have I warned them if I come to harm it would be because I have neglected it enough for that to happen and not busy body cracked up out of my league getting off to all sorts and does not want to stop an insulting attitude of helping stupid girls that get past the problems of women to sit around peoples public image saving fools like them from the male community, to feel comfortable on my finances. The insults are what they want to do with their time alright but it is now taking up all of mine as well which is a problem for me - I want total silence concerning this Office and my Books and that all they need to give me and move on. If my so called lack of respect for them that does not let them get rich and important and famous at my expense is to create public insecurity and civil upheavals, I am lost as to which one of theirs after 15 years has created any so far - seeing them around the Royal Estate of which is going to brew a whole new problem for them as well all together.

So, they say I am in a mess when I want to lead while my finances are not in the same par as most members of the Public but we all know if you have an empire and are given a Royal Estate as well, it thrusts you into the lime light and everything you do is scrutinised. My problem is that of every fool who gets elected into government Office working with their Public idiots to rip up my finances and none are bold enough to say it is an Office space fight between them and an Arch Prince for some strange reason. That said the real way to handle it is always to go straight for the structures and systems that allow them to function financially and then it will not become the ill effects of their stupidities being seen around big business but never behaving like it, with an outcome where they just feel like they want to get away with messing up other people’s human rights, creating an outcome where the primary way to work is to find who has been taking mine so I can take their own too; what has been happening over the years is that it is really bad with them and I have been losing my temper in public too but the reason for that is that I had also calculated it and made it possible to get away with doing so because I never wanted to do anything about them during that time i.e. I get emotional about cutting their own financial support systems to bits so that I might get into a habit of getting Politicians and their vandals out of work and flung onto the streets because I want to lose my temper in Public and get away with it. It’s never really been a problem; the right way to handle people who will only get connections and climb social ladder in this way is to get them complaining all the time about losing a job that was valuable, while I know that it will be hard to lose mine considering I am protected by the state but as a whole however it is still a matter of their twisted evil and barbaric nature that understands Royalty are people who only get a job role when their parents have passed away and therefore likely only to find affinity with people who are facing the world by themselves – so there is nothing the Politicians especially, never mind nostalgia champions on the right and self-seeking scum on the left with their media love doing best is beating people down when they have no parents and making excuses for it. 

So, as a matter of being fair minded, it is usually said people find it impossible to make the same comparisons the way I do which shows class but to eliminate the class, the reality is still that even when they get jobs as CEOs of Multi-million pound businesses, it is still managed by criminality expressed with girls on Yachts and Popular culture canopies, whereby there aren't another group of people that are as destructive - showing up all over my Books everyday I should assume its because they think I wrote it for them.

They are rich because of the number of times they put up £15,000 advertisement and have somebody to mess about and create processes which facilitate the means to pile it high and sell it cheap and make a lot of money very quickly – so the story of all I have said not making me rich instantly because I have not actually got any money and was never successful enough to have any to begin with is utter rubbish; ethics do not exist in their world, all you really have to do is realise the same way you may rent a venue to teach people about the Bible is the way they make plans for getting rich and I think I serve my purpose better by leaving certain aspects of my life that allows me not to lose touch with the poorer people, so that unlike they do it, it’s not about showing up to spend money on people, leaving a mess for everybody in the process. In the end their biggest problem with my case is still the need to stifle my finances and thin out my sale numbers by threatening every person that is interested in me while sending out stupid community croons to pillage my health as well, like some massive identity theft rubbish that fools who are full of food and popularity and freedom are very good at exhibiting and so I accomplish nothing but getting all emotional along the lines of doing bad things to people, when I must cut to bits their jobs and finance structures until my mind is unaffected by the violent and abusive distraction to begin with. 

I do not think it a crisis as such; its an old question of whether I can protect what belongs to me and the idiocy is usually whether I want to protect the sanctity of the Office while I think the Warehouse and Logistics do not matter letting their socialite and Fashion fools and celebrities exhibit all kinds of stupidities all over it on media to rob me of an income - so in the end, the only way to keep a straight head is to cut their own to pieces until I am absolved too. So they are always either seen around everything to do with the systems that handle my manuscripts or put it into Print, or they are seen around the systems that store it in a warehouse while making sure their music CD ones they make on my Public image disobediently is protected or they are just seen around the sanctity of my Office all the time, given half the chance of which will be a case of the fact they were able to bully somebody in their life time as well; so I am able to protect what belongs to me, such that its bad when people lose jobs but when I look at my account Books after telling them off and issuing warnings a million times over there is no point getting emotional about it.


Time and again there is this sense I cannot be free from the sense that whenever crimes are committed I should have a role to play in some way; none of which makes any sense whatsoever when people spend their time performing sexual abuses on other people randomly, whereby we know I am taken unawares every time because its not what I was raised to know or how I was raised, in the same way they issue threats at me when it gets too much even when they know their family members are responsible for the smell – so we also therefore know that there are certain things they do with each other to ensure that they were vulnerable to the distant sexual abuses and that this is the source of the violence, which is actually very far away from where my whole life and concerns are located, being brought into it by stupid media and Celebrities all of the time. I mean I do not spend my time making money by working on peoples bodies and health for instance and more so even while I know I am lending them a huge amount of distress for it; it therefore goes without saying that these idiots are not in charge even though they are in love with telling other people how to exist and the crux of the matter is still that when people had failed to integrate it is usually a sign of a flawed sense concerning an understanding of what is right and what is wrong, therefore that the ethnic minorities have integrated while the Country will only burn if none of that rubbish about wrecking peoples lives to prevent a process where they were forced to integrate, which then also meant others could integrate with them as well was not controlled. The idea I am going to get harmed by them is still their big mouth wagging after 14 years of daily narcissism that has helped their stupidities recover the villainous health, I mean its perverted everything associated with supporting those who have the energy to work for money and could make themselves wealthy through work if they wanted to, due to an existing economic crisis and will only rest when its stupidities had gotten to enjoy the ultimate wickedness that will destroy all the religion in the world, in the form of war and I suppose when they had confiscated my Royal Estate all the reasons people become homosexuals on this planet will have vanished alongside it, a cracked up out of my league talking nonsense all the time that it had not backed up in 15 years and needs to stop threatening me. I want their distance from my Books and other concerns, especially now they have run out lies to tell on Media.

They seek privilege of injustice against me all the time but I never remember meeting them as a Minor, they did not pay the Fees at the University when they wrecked the academic work over the pleasures of their industrial narcissism and are equally not paying the fucking bills now for exactly the same state of affairs. I mean people will think fucking bills means I am swearing but I am not; its descriptive – as my point of view is that Socialist Mistresses passing insults at people in Public places has never been how advertisement is made; they have had their run on these matters and every part of life is now permeated with an abusive nonsense associated with their sense of importance and if the idea here is that they have no plans to quit while they are winning, I am going to sack it. I do get told that the situation was my creation and yes it was, as the problem had always been that the best of my achievement involves government and I am never free from being bullied by them unnecessarily, get to University to study and pass exams for a qualification that will help me Manager a Royal Estate and I end up dropping out for those who were there first and the kids that came in after me, as stupidly as possible – quite impossible to keep them away from Government which also involves culture, society and history apparently knowing perfectly the fact they are very important at Industry is not compatible with most of these things but had connived with media to decide who is responsible for all problems; the part where they get into government with a mentality that never works for money to claim that they got elected by a large crowd and if they had turned it into customer service will make them rich, is when you drop out of school, the part where they set out warehouses they have no time to work on and bully people to get rich on account their stupidities had taken up government office recently, will be when your whole life gets flushed down the loo, I had to ensure they could not permeate both world and sit about pretending that both were the same thing at the expense of either myself or the general public and if it was about me alone then I would have had the license to do whatever I liked as well, this they are very well aware of, especially their counterparts in Europe who are likely the most insolent in the whole world, although that big mouth tends to dispute it.

I do get told I know where I am heading but nobody knows what my outlook is and it is rather very simple: dropped out of University because of their Industrial narcissism focusing on the fact I paid attention to the culture and society trouble makers on account that it is what you do with an academic environment, except the University is not like school so you do it yourself and acknowledge that the student who fails their exams might not necessarily be something to look down on, as he could be the child of a wealthy business person that has never been to school and it only gave way to the business of making sure people cannot study at work or at school once done making them all dropouts, set about making stupid people rich, employing criminals in the neighbourhoods and once it was done spending its money on the Celebrities to make trouble for everybody, it immediately became convinced it had to get the money back from somewhere and if I see it around my market place or some political gimmick getting its stupidities near National treasury I shall try to teach them a lesson they will never forget as well but if they follow around at the University when I attend it again, I shall do my best to ensure they had seen that Celebrity culture and popular culture for the last time. Its therefore all paid for at this stage; the Celebrities are rich because people cannot be allowed to study at work or at school, I am on benefits because their Politicians get to University to pillage my academic work and generally tackle me to get the kind of respect I am giving to God and thereby win elections with it all the time on account they saw me attend Church and I heard HM wants payment for the damage done as well and some think I may be blabbing now but will have to do my bit but then again, I do not suppose these goons whom none could tell off over any of these issues didn’t think it would be a walk in the park.


Where we are at present is the part where fame freaks from white Communities cannot stop making use of my public work and abusing me to ensure they get to keep it for good with their celebrity culture and media appearances, while their Politicians pull my legs for a living and black people cannot seem to try to get involved with or control the public lives of people at their size and level - both sides understand that the blacks are having to deal with more racism and the whites are having to deal with more insecurity which I personally take responsibility for to prevent the violent people from having to sacrifice themselves to take care of the problems while those who could have done something about it get decadent, like they get to make use of the public offices of their Politicians as well such as Barrack Obama or Tony Blair or in the notorious Labour Party currently Ed Miliband etc.

 It is a rather familiar story – what I expect is an average person who does things that are classed as sins, to tell the good news of the gospel, not abused and general angry people whose sense of reality I need to save all the time and to consider they were angry at my expense that there might be no truth; hence what I have done is not hurting badly enough yet which is why we continue to see them around. We all know they do love to lift other peoples saying about when right and right and wrong is wrong and everybody knows the difference to seek a sacrifice goat that they have no respect for but there is nothing new about the fact there is a time to play and a time not to and not everybody would either be deceived enough not to dominate them to protect themselves from having all they own taken away from them until they break down and renounce religion and follow money and deviance and popular culture like they think they can do and undo with all the time and nobody would have noticed they are pure evil because they were working civil rights or indeed be uninterested in doing so as a very important part of existing; we will never see them attack poorer people unless they wish to handle my possessions and deploy poor people as collateral for blackmail while they cling to media as leverage because that is where their wickedness is shown in its full light before they had profited from it and that is why Barrack Obama is insane and nobody knows why he continues to pester me as well, knowing fully that it is by attacking those that are important that they tend to forge excuses for their wickedness that people have no choices but listen to while they come up with new ones everyday to carry on while people regard it with wonder which I find really insulting as well. 

The Journalists however are simply one of those things you leave as an example until a set time because they are really good at working deceit to operate their inventiveness at the creation and fostering of mob justice: they speak of certain problems that are shared if the really big problems that threaten me as well must be solved so they can enjoy life and if that is not the case the swear is that the problem never will and all they need do is a few minutes on my TV or radio and they love to think it bothers me when it does not since we all know a Country must first do things in a moral way before it does in a political way and that they are Political people and cold heart twisted fools; so it really comes down to how much of the senseless and pointlessness of that violence to create the idea there is meaning to it, which I must tolerate, however which the one single fact that stands out at all times is that they do that when they feel that with respect to those they assault they have reached a point where the rules and any rules that exist do not apply to them.


 Of course the claim I am keeping hold of other peoples company equities is not based on truth or reality – when they are being horrible it is a case of handle my company blue prints by pillaging my person to find out what I think about for every 24/7 due to obvious facts about what is seen of my personality, and this starts in my early 20s and in my mid 20s their greed has damaged my academic work to prevent me from shutting it down creating me ca cash flow crisis and daily violent and very painfully nauseating feeling of hunger and need 365 days of 24 hours of every year which is full of celebrities pillaging my personality to get famous - tempered only by their Politicians beating up a boy that messed with their power using perversions and sexual abuse while their idiots they give money to at developing and under developed economies have a thing for my penis and anus and their girls feel that I need a headache every second, to make more money than they have already got on account my work clearly revolves around them and by the time I am in my 30s we had reached a stage where media has me under its spell and there is always something I need to give up everyday – when they are being nice however I am some kind of game, whereby they handle my equities and sales to make their own money and hunt down everything I do to avoid being hurt by it to corner me and take that as well and it becomes difficult to work out if the first behaviour or the latter one is worse: so they must be saying I handle their company equities every time I am prepared to trade at my company or raise funds for it because of their activities of their women on my finances. 

When I say the media thinks with respect to me and all I own rules do not apply I do not mean it is a problem, it is not: it is an issue that needs to be resolved, that is what I meant and not a problem. It has always been something that twisted evil Godless people with a need for some City centre underworld witchcraft, clubbing and sex drugs and rock and roll do – so you cannot stand them when you are able to protect your possessions and now you will when the idea out there for them to run with is that you cannot and they have got their hands on it and they know what you should be doing and that things have gone to those who neither deserve it nor know what it should be used for and that is why there are problems that need solving everywhere.  The men love their violence, they say it makes them feel good about themselves and their women love to take it up from there because it is a means by which to damage your possessions on grounds that they are nursing the idea they will have sex with you some day and the ones that appear on media know I am not one of their mates and need to keep their insults where it is better appreciated too. I hear they say I bring it on myself because of the way I handle their possessions and women as well, which I would have liked to accept was the case to extricate enjoyment of the part where I annoy them but it is not so I simply have to be myself and be content with that too. However if the issue must be answered, I do not offend them in anyway, its a same old case of pushing my ideals out of me in order to sit about seeking trappings of power by being corrupt and unjust with it as usual and it is the same they do for their civil rights idiots talking about democracy and how it would have had an exclusive tyranny entrenched in it just for them so they can ensure that certain problems do not continue to follow them around; the problems that follow them around as a function of extricating superiority over the heroes that take down the villains because being bad is the best way to make progress in life and the part that does work the temper really hard is the part where they want their own wealth inequality as well; preferably extricated against those who are upper class but good people. I do not share the office with them and it is an issue that needs to be resolved and not a problem that beat an imagination - typical confirmation of that being that if I lived in my own life I would not have been complaining about them but that day will only come the day they get off my finances at a good enough point for me to get on with my own life as comfortably as I have worked hard enough to deserve and I am not of the opinion that is something they can be reasoned with to bring about and hence do not push myself into such delusion: I mean an example is the US Administration i.e. I do tally some of the really difficult challenges I have had to contend with and have linked them to things they can been doing to damage my finances during the days when Mr Obama was not yet a face of Politics in the US, so that as soon as he became a Presidential candidate the usual of the filthy big brother that can easily find it amusing if you have really impossible financial problems to contend with so he can be important ensued: he will therefore get what he wants the day he gets off my books and he can let American racists play with that too if he likes, I am only going to raise the bar higher and higher - they have the same attitude all of them and love to think they are Gods gift to the world, right down to Church people whose nonsense I am no longer willing to tolerate as well and they have known that for a long time now: I said this was an issue and not a challenge they beats the imagination, I can always do something and provide a leadership somewhere, its my decision.

So they do say the Men are clinging to relevance and importance hence the reason for their behaviour and I wouldn’t know anyway, I just know there is connection between a state of mind that says that when they have an imagination, the possibility it can feed into mainstream reality is high and a resulting condition whereby other peoples do not have the right to feel good etc – its the same question I ask regularly i.e. whether it is poverty that makes them such an inconsiderate collection of idiots, never mind the fact it is a state of affairs brewed on that stupid Media and its popular culture from incessantly getting involved with me and my concerns at this Office and the Company.


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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, April 25, 2019,

The case of me being a coward that is afraid of everything that moves, which then makes the source of all people see me do beats my imagination in every case every time – I mean it does not make any sense while the reality is still that the gits involved in telling this story always need to set a stage for me to get involved in a violent situation and never listen to anybody because its all about what they want and even in terms of setting a stage for people to get involved with violent sit...

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Now I am said to spend most of my time inventing ways of doing things people have expressly shown displeasure for and I could never make out where the ideas come from anyway, not that it needs to be resolved, as it is mostly a matter of the fact that some people have access to the tools that can help them decide what other peoples reputation was. However to chase the issue in its own right, these people are the ones spending time doing things I don’t want to me, while I spend my time tolera...

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It is said that I am provoking a lot of people, making enemies and being hated in high places and it is all utter rubbish as no such thing is actually happening – what is really happening is the usual business of goons with Media to play with failing to acknowledge that no needs of male population is worth another person dropping out of University so that he might become an ingredient in their plans to get what they want when he spends his time reacting to the stupidities of their society, ...

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Fun and the moving-on Advantage 

 When we hear them complain we easily think it is the end of the world already. I hear they say my activities lead to a condition where women feel there is no more fight left in them and having become disillusioned are turning to eating and putting up weight – the reality of course is that those who cannot control their eating cannot control their eating but the birds that you cannot catch being the birds you cannot catch and the birds that are out of your league being fat is not something that my actions have created, people are just being lazy: I mean the Americans and Africans can handle people’s lives the way it shouldn’t be we hear but can their own be done regardless and can it be done after all no matter what and can it be done whether or not there is a UK/US relations? So it is not a matter of fat on the beach and fat on the summer outing because of my actions, I mean I have set out my method for selling the space they occupy in life and existence itself and really like to think I am solving a problem when I sell it to those who buy those abusive products they create and that is just one of many – the most effective when you are talking to others and they get involved or indeed when you need some career and professional alienation. I hear their Politicians say there is no point anybody listening to me on account I have got a website but for those ones it is always a matter of how paedophilia is right when practiced on those that are not children, the prognosis being when I kid messes with your power he needs a beating and so when you make sure they are fundamentally terrified of you and their idiots in Africa and the Caribbean can only rely on insolent spying to build up false confidence of a beating up that will happen in their dreams, you dont have to give them consent to do it on account you can pass the whole thing off as some civil rights that you have got: naturally once done we will see them on media and around public office government money all the time which is what is happening at present and each time they have been able to determine what people think about them are back with those insults and audacity again which is why I will take that public office and that media away from them too. I am not a victim of wealth distribution created by those who care about what happens to people who cannot stand up for themselves in the world, I believe I have warned them when I create a public life for these things it will hurt like hell and nobody knows what they will call it considering it is not being done by a white person as well.

Now I am aware of all of the complains people make about my repressive actions but I really dont care – everybody knows that whenever anything wrong happens around my books they are 005 responsible and when it really comes down to it the reason is that they had so much fun that they didn’t notice when they damaged it. The reasons they do it is what they want to get from people all the time which is utter nonsense; everybody knows there is only one reason i.e. to ensure that each time they want something from those whom they have marked out for squander they always get it and once they feel they have got that my life becomes a hot bed – I mean an example is what we have here, they have continued to have so much fun that they didn’t notice what was being damaged everyday damage for the last 14 years so far. I know they do say when I speak of it then things get better and that has no basis on reality either – everybody knows what happens is that their Politicians hate what they regard as goons such as myself turning up from Church to pretend they know everything about anything but before then it was a case of deploying government funds to hold me down academically and financially for them, so that even when I am a grown up, their civil rights fraud will be applicable to me and my finances as enforced from the highest levels of government. It does go without saying that they do need to stay away from me as we are not mates or stop complaining.

It’s the same old story; politicians and Popular culture are responsible whenever anything goes wrong with my possessions and now that they are, they want to get all over the world taking the glory for every contribution I make in it cleaning off their filth on me and linking that to making fame and fortune – that also means that upon realising the result is that I will turn up in public to make myself heard which they expect from everybody they target, then of course I can have my personal life confiscated by them as well; so I have not got a clue why they always believe that finding out what I think will determine whether or not what I want to do changes anyway: it’s a big party that they have created with their power, that they have ensured those who do it are open and kept open so everybody can jump in and enjoy one – sounds like sex abuse and tourism power and it will end very well too. The fear and threat bits are all very well – I mean it’s a case of whether these things are real provocation or not.