I have no idea why the law and not the attitude of those who request assisted dying is always being discussed, for my part; I mean we do hear them say for example that people are allowed to make mistakes in their lives, which I fail to see the relevance since the real problem was that of handling peoples possessions without permission and of course for me the result of each case is that whatever job had to be done will be done by them while I supervise and will be done the way I want as well. It is already difficult enough that they continue to chase me around and have in that way wrecked my academic work so they can have a decadence of doing my stuff and hence in that was wrecked my finances as well, so that I am now working with the trio of academic work and job and career all in three different places and all at the same time requiring maximum attention from me while they make themselves into every increasing pain in the backside who claim to control me – the last thing I would want is some idiots handling my work and doing an inept job they leave somewhere for me to bump into all the time as well like they get off to do on a daily basis with their media. So yes we understand their confidence in the claim I love to brag about making them do my job the way I want it which I cannot enforce but of course we all know that is what Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown after him said and so do we know what the outcome as well as the fall out was too. The part where they say that the way Black people hound me is a fine example of how I will need assisted dying at a certain age being utter rubbish of course since I will not as it were – what is happening is the same old case of sales man one and sales man two and then three and four get together to create a community and that community comprises of their family members and the friends of those whom they give pocket money and so you have this entire community that is dedicated to selling products for Industries but some as specifically created to steal people possessions regardless of the corruptions involved with all of them; so it is the same old case of the back I am going to cut it up and largely do not care what their complain are as I have made it clear many times I will rip up that stupid culture each and every single time that I tend to see it around me in anyway. the solution remains the same – they stay off my books and leave me alone and do not handle my possessions and they are free of me so that I might be free of them too; what I cannot back up according to them therefore can only be measured by what history testifies to as it were. On the matter of assisted dying in its own merit however; the reasons people refuse to end their own lives rather than ask others to do it for them is never clear and yet if I do mention that they will say there is a trigger in them put there by society which prevents them from doing it each time they try and yet what they are saying is that there is another thing that gets rid of that trigger inside of other people which prevents people from doing it for them as well – the attitude in context as it were. I always say it is a matter of the fact some people are happy about being excited for my existence and the way it affects the world, others are angry because they have had to be excited about it: in the end the reality is that when you go up against people and it makes you nervous there is every possibility they are leaders it’s just that you simply do not know them but we all know such principles do not apply to the way these fools want the world to be. I do not set out any idea that people do not have the right to make mistakes; it’s the story of how I will need assisted dying at some stage in my life because of the way black people attack and hound and use me and persecute me which is not true; the truth is that the fact they have a culture of evil in which they are rooted means that they will not let me be a living breathing human being instead of a dead one and a memory and so I have no more stomach for their culture and the way they want to live their lives with it and am off with a case of them doing something useful with their stupid lives while I supervise with my big Church effect on a global stage. Their case of how I put up with things they cannot being because they are superior to me and I had better deployed my know how to fix their problems which are bigger than everybody else’s or get into trouble is as far as I will ever go tolerating them – the other part about getting it and going off to make more problems for themselves in order to return for more and pretend I can be handled like an item will always get them into trouble; like the old case of how I steal women’s beauty and the personal lives of men that can do violence for everybody to keep them safe leading to the loss of all that stupid clubbing and partying life they had which they do claim never happened of course because media will decide for everybody what happened and didn’t happen as far as they and their Politicians are concerned. So some may ask if I do not think that when people are rooted in a certain culture which believes that human life should be treated like the assisted dying story, laws should be made to allow them have that right? Of course I do but that same culture which has not openly turned up to declare such a fact also has a state of affairs within it which says that if one or two are selected for the rest of society to bully and do whatever they with, it would not matter if everybody were Nazis: so as far as I am concerned, at this stage it is all an attitude issue and has nothing to do with Law making in this Country. I mean I do get asked what I expect people to do but it has always been as simple i.e. I am a Christian and I know when my relationship with God is good, I know when it is fuzzy and I know when it is cut off, so if it is fuzzy or cut off as a result of the activities of a certain group of people about whom staying away from causes me a great sense of well being, then it is not clear why assisted dying is being discussed in the Houses of Government in this Country as a matter of law – it is a waste of all of our time.

They do ask the question of how on earth we know what religious faith involved in Government is when we cannot see any of it and there is nothing new about the story either; these things have developed from media seeing a Christian that makes them and their cultural wickedness nervous seeking to make the Christian possessed with demons, which then gave way to needless abuse and attack and persecution, which then gave way to somebody they can make into a tortured soul so that they can get rich and famous which will make him possessed in the end anyway, which went right up to the highest places in Government and provided a means by which we ended up with the biggest deficit in the developed world during the recession: so when these are Politicians that over see and advocate and work for and provide for and give power to a group of idiots about whom racists if we pick out some few extreme people complain of all the time – they say my snot in your throat is something I am doing to you to make you understand what black people do to me several times every single day and it turns out such things along with dog poo in your throat down to your tummy and you swallow it along with anus banging and penis banging and tummy banging which ensures that you are open to being insecure about your metabolism so that they might have maximum effect, are all designed to ensure you are stuck somewhere being messed up because it is how they make progress in life opening up the left hand side so they can be rich and famous – so that these are the same Politicians asking me what religious faith in Government is when nobody can see it, is quite baffling as we do know they get out of bed every day to find ways of making directives and statutory instruments and legislations designed to operate in ways that attack and abuse Christians especially in this Country so they can open up the left hand side and get rich and famous with it – they know religious faith in Government and Politics more than most people, hence my wonder if they are actually asking me. It is nothing new when there are examples on our door step like the Gaza Strip: Israel says we have settled up on the fact that the only way we can look after ourselves as a Nation is to be respectful of countries bigger than our own and we have answered all the questions necessary and have realised we need to have a foundation basis of a tourism economy and then we can think about other areas of diversifying – the Palestinians say they are the boss and they want a Shari a law and the Israelis say we have been there before and should have had a Jewish state all over Israel and Palestine in the first place and we are not going back and the Palestinians are the boss and the result is of course segregation and devils in the midst of both sides and a 50 year war which is ongoing. Hence they do say my words are contradictory as I attack those that are respectful of countries that are bigger than ours but justify what I think about it at the same time, which is again utter rubbish too since the reality is as simple as the fact that their indolence does not do anything for anybody and for the UK to look after its financial centre and its manufacturing Industry and its tourists, they need to be kept under control – I mean it is not my fault that people want to travel to the UK to spend their money and enjoy themselves so as to mean I should be punished for the fact that these idiots always want to be the ones travelling off to other countries to enjoy hospitality not have their lives messed up by a process of providing it at home – so for me, I must be able to show at my Intellectual Property Administration business that I can handle absolutely every single thing they come up with and if I work for the Queen I am going to hide them and I will hide Scottish Nationalists in the same way as well: those talk nonsense all the time about how when they rip up this one Scotland will be a richer country in the future, having realised Scottish people will not pay attention to that nonsense had since decided their Scottish Nationalists competition was going to be all about me while everything I say falls under what they advocate people should ignore. They need to stay off my office and my company and my books and my public work and then they can be free of me and I free of them as well.