So I get these threats all over the place worked endlessly about how one way or another in this life I will get beaten for the times my tummy smelled in public and I could never make sense of it anyway. The way it happens is when I am being chased around by power and control seeking mid size gangs who want access to me and my public image to work popular culture and celebrity culture with, so if idiots who enjoy making me susceptible to their gimmicks will not keep the dirty mouth shut about who will get beaten up for what their tummy does soon enough, I will likely get the big gangs and the small gangs that kill for pleasure and crime chasing them as well – we all know this happens each time these mid size gangs catch my tummy unawares because other things are taking up my attention and usually I am in such a position because the same fools issuing these threats are damaging my academic work and any personal relationships I have to develop their own self advancement, a behaviour that they can easily stop instead of issue threat at somebody that can find a cure for it and then the community croons will not be bothering him anymore and they will be ready for a fight too.

So far I have shut down their Celebrity culture and popular culture the same way they all want to control me and want to build up an insulting community around me and claims I am none the wiser about it, so that even though I am they can get on anyway and decide what the Public thinks on Media, especially the Industry ones that show up here with their equally big mouth issuing those threats and talking nonsense about respect as well; clearly a group of goons that cannot control anything properly doing what they do best when these sorts of things escalate all together as it were. Hence they are now vulnerable to the mid size gangs as well and while the complain about hurting bottoms have no wish to change the behaviour and stop bothering me but instead prefer to continue throwing around those foolish threats they have for months about what my tummy does.

Its frustrating for me that my tummy does these things even though it is not my fault that each time my attention is turned to something else save mid size gangs who get good feelings from it, it is taken unawares but I do not see that my frustration being a function of the fact at 15 I had already decided I cannot afford to have three meals a day if the sun is up for only 12 hours as that will mean that I am taking a break for food every 4 hours, only to have gasses escaping from me unawares at 38 because these scum cannot stop leaning on my personal space 24/7 and trying to extract an income from the public image as well via insulting and busy body opportunism that they believe they are working really fast – but I do not see this is to be a frustration that has anything to do with or is shared by any fools with a behaviour they can easily change instead of being the last straw that broke the camel’s back around here all the time, talking nonsense about what my tummy does with a big mouth.

I mean the Media ones are a typical example, where they claim its my involvement with their concerns but everybody can see the idiots are still able to get through to me watching my telly in my own home, they are still able to talk through to me when they appear on the telly while this was all a system specially meant for journalists that were female and I had a relationship with and this is my side of the story – on the other hand is their side of the story being that the only reason we have found ourselves in this position is that the bloody idiots have decided they must get what their colleague gets, issuing those stupid threats alongside when the problems arise; never mind the fact it usually starts out as a case where people expect them to fight for everybody else’s rights instead of get on with a Job but at the end they will have destroyed a persons life and dumped it on you to get around with Political and Industry fools claiming they have shafted somebody who will be getting into a fight to make everybody else comfortable - had decided that what it wants it always gets and soon a problem without purpose or reason going on endlessly for me, we will find out it has been working along side with Industry goons to ensure if I am a hero I am beaten down by villainy and if I support women that are having a hard time I have my whole life destroyed and every opportunity skewered by women but of which it is the supporting children meaning the need to find somebody that will get me feeling the way they feel when I am more successful than they are, in order to make me like them, which beats my imagination - I mean it will never make me like they are as such as the Church teaches us to ensure what happens to us does not happen to others but it is annoying and troubling because the children would have had a better future, because it was not their decision to make all together, because it explains why we are always having public policy forms of paedophilia in this Country made by Politicians, especially the bits about being forced to have sex first before getting a job, having my whole life destroyed by the sexual advances of community croons because it is getting support from Government and Media at the Civil service especially and then any property I have left destroyed because we are a sexed up people who are backward facing as far as modernism and politics is concerned - all of which when not paid for sets a stage for an impetus of immeasurable proportions that such things will never be punished; talking nonsense about being in possession of insults that can stop me accessing my public image and how I will not sell anything at my Business if they did not want me to with a big mouth.

They do say I have made my point and will have to back it up but I do not see what the backing it up problem was anyway, they are supposed to be a handful of very stupid individuals that are not yet convinced they are since last their Liberalist and Socialist parties helped them pass exams in school, about which it is not clear their need to judge me and ensure they have a community at their disposal which makes a rubbish of all my response so that they might be right the whole time, why they cannot see it builds up a sense that my front door is concreted shut each time I want to get to work and my academic grades goes to hell while they have their fun, so if the Politicians helped them pass exams in school, no idea what their problems is with my grades all together; I am sure apart from these idiots everybody else can see there is no connection between having a need to judge people and make out you are right with a media on your side to enforce your will and what is supposed to happen in an academic environment. The Liberal America ones lead from the front on this nonsense all together but it will always be a case of tall, stupid men claiming to be dangerous and running pyramid sales nonsense all over my Books to tell me I will not earn anything until they had approved my little brother behaviour and we can see what will become of this need to convince them they are cracked up out of my league very stupid individuals when I had built a public image on it on account they simply will not move on and keep off my Books and Royal concerns at the City Centres and stock markets, looking like they want to make the damage they have done here far more serious. We see their stupidities every where turn and when somebody is asked to run a big company the way he runs it is to tear up my Asset equity and put lightly dressed girls on social media and expensive boats to give him time on his hands to mess about with, then blab which part I think is a good thing but is evil in their eyes concerning somebody lose a 6 figure salary – while reality is that when I get through hell to build some equities for a company that for instance wants to make cars for single mothers, they tear it up and like their Politicians that complain of bottom hurting when I want them to look like they are dealing with some real problems setting me up for hoodlums and gangs as well, rip it up like so and get mid-sized gangs chasing my bottom, hence clearly does not want to leave the job for somebody else that really want to get it done as it were. All I can say is that they need keep off my Books and My Royal Estate and the Literary Empire attached it, lest we have to find out how it became their own to handle more so in such ways.