I hear the clash between US Police and people on the streets is a matter of governments being forced to allow middle size people the freedom to pick on those they are bigger than such as myself and this of course is what the whole prognosis of their anti gun campaigns in the US are based; I wouldn’t know for my part, I only know that whom they are bigger than is an illusion they entertain since we are all aware by now they are still as predictable as ever and anything that does allow harm come to me will have been a matter of what I have not done to them and followed up with three times as much if they as much as twitch, so they can pick on those they are bigger than from there like we all know they normally do – it is therefore remarkable to note how big it grows once you give it the slightest lease as it were and thus the decisions that the Police have to make as a result.

It beckons the need to set out reality about how little of what I think about them they know i.e. when I set up my company even the way they spend their money on what they need is provocative, designed to desire my personal life and hence help a psychopath to turn up and buy shares in my company because they are spending money on my products and so on before we hear this sort of nonsense about governments preventing them from attacking or handling those they are bigger than when we all know they find it difficult to get off the Television screen as though I buy my set so they can talk through to me with it on what they would otherwise have taken care of physically – so I really do feel the next time they tempt me I will make an example of them and I will make it fun and exciting as well in the process.

Other facts in the matter will include how women that do not give them beauties they can peddle to make fame and fortune get raped and those that are abused become a tool for the benefits of abuse victims on my finances because they know where my books are followed by all the things they are seen doing these days because they know where my book are and considering they are lovers of freedom want to show how they feel about those who have something on their heads which gives them the right to lead; it’s as though it is a war that they are out there to fight claiming they are leaders in everything but idiots like me would not recognise it and it’s a war on all front including Islamic extremism and yet we all know they cannot keep their insults and fools errands to themselves either bearing in mind the problems people get caught up in for not recognising the leadership of the United States and their powers of freedom and democracy.

I know nothing I have said here will change anything and since what I have done is not hurting badly enough, I will from here take up the case of how we British mess with people because we have a long standing relationship with their Countries – so this therefore applies that I will help them invest the benefits of abuse victims and it’s not about messing with people as a result of relations countries have – so that case of being able to push chess pieces into people’s territory they speak of that makes no sense whatsoever is what is being considered here – I am not playing chess with them and have warned them before I will have both sides as it were i.e. when I set out information to make people move on from a certain reality that has emerged due to what the recession has exposed of the way we live to these trouble makers and they do their own as well in terms of a job I have that they will take away from me talking nonsense about a Royal commission they want to confiscate partly because they are claiming it is their own and partly because they hate royalty and their right to lead and need to show their fans a point that must be proven: they do not get to lay down the law on account they are committed to violence and perverse existence then expect the rest of us to live by their rule like that, all it does is remind me of their violent orthodoxy that does nothing but equip twisted evil women to set up a state of affairs that rivals the laws of the land itself and we all know abuse is based on a prognosis of the destruction of some very stupid people whose involvements have never been required and or requested and they will not keep off the anus and penis and tummy and head and chest games they love to play nor is my warnings doing anything to deter them if not encourage them to tell the state to stay out of preventing them from bullying those they can handle and I will start by investing their abuse for them as well – so I know who I am and what I am and will have theirs and this is the start of it.


Now I understand it is said I am a threat to the functioning of Parliament as the only means by which people speak to their government and government speaks to the people and it will never make sense since what we are talking about is less than descent governments helping idiots who will turn to crime if they do not have my public work and finances to what they want from me day after day and then pretending I have to feelings about it. The normal state of affairs was always that they need be allowed to turn to crime if they want not given anything they need at my expense because they are having rights – when it comes to rights these kinds of idiots playing such games who like to look as though they made promises to themselves before they got into government to do these sort of things are always their worst enemies because I will peel away everything that ensures my actions are regarded as taboo so I might handle them for these things because I would rather they were criminals than famous and popular culture rich – I mean we all know at this stage that the Political scum that spend tax payer funds on them to help them make millions with peoples possessions before they retire at 65 have never really asked exactly why they need to know where Swiss bank accounts are so that when other work and pay their taxes to facilitate the riches of their laziness they ensure they pay none themselves on the other hand, never ask either when millions are not enough for them. The reality however is what it is i.e. they need to stay off my books and off my public work otherwise a day of reckoning between this office and their own is coming fast and soon enough alright: there are rules in this matter, you can rally people and damage other people’s lives and livelihoods from government office if you wanted but there are rules: if you do damage a legitimate and lawful business because you have not a clue what you are doing, the best case is when the victims raise an issue about their rights and you may have to pay them some form of compensation, the worse case is that you make friends with criminals – these idiots right down to their friends in the US like to think they are so powerful the criminals that become their friends because they lead them on by wrecking legitimate and lawful businesses will become my problem while they will profit from that even further while the criminals know what they do is wrong as equally as everybody does and have no problems if government damaged it in a real sense unless they are insane which is for the better for these kinds of Political idiots who will soon have to face fact around me about whether or not parliament is their personal and private property with which to subject me to their will with a big mouth only as it were – of course I am not being subjected by them, they have not even got their rights sorted out they want to help their barely criminal fools to rights on my income and it goes without saying they will all never be free of me; I own that culture and they can come round and get it if they want as well; I mean I intend to teach them lessons they will never forget right down to those radio shack radio stations where nothing goes on air without an abuse in my direction concerning the powers parents should have over me and so on – we understand black women control me on one hand and yet on the other they want rights, rights that do not recognise I am allowed to be so different as to regard homosexuality a sin for example, they want rights they can have with my income and with my public work with the help of their politicians who ensure when I keep them out help them simulate having it with media anyway, so talk even more nonsense about subjecting me to their self harming will through parliament with their less than decent human beings rubbish they are convinced absolutely everybody wishes to tolerate. I have never really considered it a problem – it is simply fact that there is a certain way that these political idiots look that help criminals to other peoples income to keep people from being criminals on account I for example am a Christian and Christians always believe in the gospel and the process of people turning a new leaf so that if I have property to spend on that it should be beyond my choices and will what happens to it and it has something to do with losing everything else.

It is never true I have been taken over by black people – it’s just reality that black women and their toy soldiers can make any excuse to attack and persecute a Christian and on this occasion it’s about white women fucking white boys while they nurse the hope of the day they will have sex with me – so self harming less than decent political idiots need to have their own rights sorted first so they can keep their hands to themselves and work out from there how they sort people’s rights on my earnings – I have not been taken over by any stupid black people.

Yes I understand I pretend people are not hurting people for me but it is an old story about how we are not mates and they really need to stay off my books and my public work to that effect as well: the world is not about them and they are not the only people who speak of turning to criminal activity if they cannot have another person’s property – it’s the old story behind how easy it is to sell books when people like to pass insults in my direction concerning royal estate they have got as well since it largely means I have got common peoples fame and fortune as well and since I have got my fingers on that they can come around and get it back too: the reality is as simple as the fact my enemies cannot just get made and talk nonsense all over the place – these fools need a lesson on what it means to be somebody’s enemy – all I know is that they are either going to leave me well alone or they are going to wonder and worry about what I am going to do next for all of their lives, for now I own them and own that culture and it stays that way and they can tempt me and find out what I will do with it too the tolerance of their insolent psychopaths. I mean being the most abused statesman in the world which plays out in the sense that journalists and media fools and get rich quick popular culture idiots can get on media and lay claims of ownership as a matter of power play to my public work without reason or provocation from me because it is fun is a new standard but not unusual – when it comes to rights they are always their own worst enemy as it were.